Mark Jones (Reporter, Photographer)

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Mark Jones is the audience development director for the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

This new device can help determine why your Wi-Fi is running slowly

Published Jul. 1 2016

We all know the blinking light on our router is a bad sign. An LCD touchscreen explaining what's wrong with...

Rivalry Returns

Published Sep. 30 2014

45 years is a long time. So long, in fact, the last time the UTC Mocs football team traveled to...

Trail Beast

Published Nov. 1 2013

Local trail runner extraordinaire Tom Sell has some very big shoes to fill later this month when he steps in...


Clean Water Act, Part 25

Published Oct. 1 2013

On October 5, nearly 1,000 people will once again turn out for the annual tennessee river rescue, scouring banks as...


Published Oct. 1 2013

The last time I had driving lessons I was 15 years old in high school driver's ed. class-way back when...

Police Cruiser

Published Sep. 1 2013

Were you already a cyclist before joining the bicycle patrol and if so how long have you been riding?

Outdoor Focus

Published Aug. 1 2013

Kevin Livingood has turned his passion for photography and the outdoors into a thriving endeavor that makes every moment behind...

Fit Advice

Published Jun. 30 2013

She may have time off over the summer while her students enjoy their break, but that doesn't mean Noel Reagan...

Creative Approach

Published Jun. 1 2013

Chattanooga native Sam Silvey may spend more time seated at his desk than on his bike these days, but he...

Shear Tradition

Published Jun. 1 2013

When I was a kid, going to the barbershop was a rite of passage. It wasn't necessarily about the actual...

Pedal Power

Published May. 1 2013

If you're a cyclist, or you want to get into the sport or even if you're just remotely interested in...

Best Medicine

Published May. 1 2013

As the 2012 Chattanooga Track Club Female Runner of the Year, Dianna Leun makes a great ambassador for the club...

Therapy Session

Published Mar. 1 2013

All runners want to know their strengths and weaknesses, their physical abilities and how to test their limits. As a...