Mark Kennedy (Reporter, Photographer)

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Mark Kennedy is an editor and columnist whose work appears in several sections of the Times Free Press. His human interest column "Life Stories" appears each Thursday in the City section. He also writes the "Test Drive" automotive column in the Saturday Business section and the "Family Life" column in the Sunday Life section. He is assistant editor of the Edge business magazine. Kennedy has won the Tennessee Press Association's first-place award for column writing six times, and is also a five-time winner of the newspaper's Best of the Best contest in the columnist/reporter category. He has also been the newspaper's features editor, Sunday editor and opinion editor. Before the merger of Chattanooga's two newspapers in 1998, he was the coordinating editor of the Chattanooga Times. Kennedy lives on Signal Mountain with his wife and two sons. Contact Mark Kennedy at or 423-757-6645. Follow him on Twitter @TFPCOLUMNIST. Subscribe to his Facebook updates at

Kennedy: Work and self-worth forever linked

Published Jun. 17 2018

I was leading a building tour of the Times Free Press the other day when a little Hispanic boy —...

Test Drive: Mazda6 turbo gets fun infusion

Published Jun. 16 2018

Over time, the knock on the otherwise-excellent Mazda6 sedan has been the lack of a performance-oriented version.

Kennedy: Vine Street property transformed into Jewish spiritual center

Published Jun. 14 2018

At the corner of Vine Street and Central Avenue sits a splendid 104-year-old house — a mansion, really — with...

Kennedy: Risk vs. reward: The parenting dilemma

Published Jun. 10 2018

A few days before our family vacation to the Florida Panhandle late last month, The Weather Channel blew up with...

Test Drive: Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in makes it to U.S. shore

Published Jun. 9 2018

The long-awaited Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in crossover has finally hit American shores. A much-in-demand vehicle in Europe, the 2018 Outlander PHEV...

Kennedy: Summer is a great time for parents to hit reset with their teenagers

Published Jun. 7 2018

OK, parents. It's time for some straight talk.

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union deploys 'banks-in-a-box'

Published Jun. 1 2018

In a third-floor suite inside the old IBM building at 535 Chestnut Street in downtown Chattanooga, workers at the Tennessee...

Kennedy: Yammering Yannys and their broken ears

Published May. 27 2018

You've probably heard the phrase "a flash in the pan." It has been defined as "a transient occurrence with no...

Test Drive: Kia Niro proves nifty and thrifty

Published May. 26 2018

OK, admit it.

Kennedy: Greatest Generation dwindling fast

Published May. 24 2018

Quietly, in the solemn gray type of the obituaries pages, a proud generation of Americans is disappearing.

Kennedy: Good-bye elementary school

Published May. 20 2018

On a drive to school one morning last week, I asked our 11-year-old son if he's going to miss elementary...

Test Drive: Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid the future of family transportation

Published May. 19 2018

True story: I was with my family at the Chattanooga FC soccer game last week when an acquaintance tracked me...

Kennedy: Mother, daughter share in WGU success

Published May. 17 2018

Tennessee's state-backed online university, WGU, is quietly building momentum.

Kennedy: Slugs the size of Hostess Twinkies

Published May. 13 2018

In most families, the smallest person controls the TV remote.

Test Drive: Hyundai Kona designed with millennials in mind

Published May. 12 2018

Hyundai's new, entry-level crossover, the Kona, is the snubnosed revolver of small SUVs.

Kennedy: Piano holds the 'keys' to love

Published May. 10 2018

Oscar Kosarin, a Broadway conductor and music teacher, loved his Steinway baby grand piano so much that in private moments...

Kennedy: Yes or no...stop or go

Published May. 6 2018

Two of the greatest sales pitches of the 20th century give comically opposite advice.

Test Drive: 2018 Buick Enclave combines plush ride, tasteful styling

Published May. 5 2018

The Buick Enclave has always radiated upper-middle-class affluence. It's the official SUV of soccer grannies who pick up their kids'...

Kennedy: We're slaves to our cars, but help is on the way

Published Apr. 29 2018

Prediction: Fifty years from now, driving an automobile will be a niche hobby, like horseback riding or hang-glider piloting today.

Test Drive: Buick builds first wagon in two decades

Published Apr. 28 2018

Subaru sells more than 150,000 of its all-wheel-drive Outback wagons each year — enough to attract the attention of competing...