Pam Sohn (Reporter)

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Pam Sohn is the Times editor, representing the left-leaning side of the Chattanooga Times Free Press opinion page. Sohn has been reporting or editing Chattanooga news for 25 years. A Walden's Ridge native, she began her journalism career with a 10-year stint at the Anniston (Ala.) Star. She came to the Chattanooga Times Free Press in 1999 after working at the Chattanooga Times for 14 years. She has been a city editor, Sunday editor, wire editor, projects team leader and assistant lifestyle editor. As a reporter, she also has covered the police, courts, health, education and environment beats. She specializes in investigative and project stories, and currently is a general assignment reporter. She has won dozens of writing and editing awards in both Alabama and Tennessee, including first-place honors for breaking news, investigative news, public service, features and reporting without a deadline. During her tenure as Sunday editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the paper received the 2002 first-place honors for Best Sunday editions and Sweepstakes Award — best paper in the state. She has been married for 33 years to photographer, Louis Sohn. They have a grown son, Mitch, as well as five dogs, a cat and two grand cats. When not working, Pam gardens, researches family roots, plays piano and floats on a very old houseboat named Dragonfly. Contact her at or 423-757-6346.

Sohn: Remember Earth Day - every day

Published Apr. 22 2018

It's Earth Day.

Sohn: Is school safety worth a quarter a day?

Published Apr. 18 2018

Would you spend $90 a year on your son or daughter's school safety? Your grandson's or granddaughter's school safety? The...

Sohn: Be afraid for America, very afraid

Published Apr. 17 2018

We worry for America.


Pam's Points: Hang on, America; the Trumpster fire rages

Published Apr. 16 2018

Last week and over the weekend, we found ourselves drinking swamp water from a fire hose, again.

Sohn: Online privacy can't wait on Facebook or lawmakers

Published Apr. 15 2018

Last week, Congress made a show of appearing to grill the creator and chief executive of Facebook, keen on making...

Sohn: Politicians better start carrying a muzzle

Published Apr. 13 2018

Wow, if you're a candidate for any office in Hamilton County, you'd better be walking on eggshells.

Sohn: Cohen search, Trump rant ignored by GOP leaders

Published Apr. 11 2018

There is radio silence from Tennessee Republican leaders about the FBI raid on President Donald Trump's longtime "fixer," as well...

Sohn: Tennessee lawmakers need a work requirement

Published Apr. 10 2018

We've become accustomed to hearing from our United States congress members that many matters — gun legislation, health care, abortion,...

Pam's Points: Only seven shopping months 'til the midterms

Published Apr. 9 2018

The midterms are coming! The midterms are coming!

Sohn: Time and the Tennessee River

Published Apr. 8 2018

Rivers are the water of life, and the Tennessee River is a mighty life giver.

Sohn: Times endorses White, Gravitt, Brown

Published Apr. 7 2018

One candidate in this very important race brings a great deal of experience and expertise in family law and mediation.

Sohn: Times endorses four Hamilton County Commission candidates

Published Apr. 6 2018

It's easy to complain about taxes, schools, roads and public safety.

Sohn: Do we really want to buy more gas?

Published Apr. 4 2018

What is happening in our country when our government acts more like a Soviet regime — lining American oligarch pockets,...

Sohn: How do we keep not fixing homelessness?

Published Apr. 3 2018

How many tent cities must be demolished or forced to relocate in Chattanooga before we understand that both the city...

Pam's Points: No gifts, no swamp, no collusion

Published Apr. 2 2018

Rather than getting his own place in D.C., EPA administrator Scott Pruitt for six months in 2017 lived in a...

Sohn: Republicans, where are you?

Published Apr. 1 2018

Where are the sane Republicans?

Sohn: Gang arrests signal new milestone

Published Mar. 31 2018

After years of fits and starts — and not inconsiderable controversies — it appears that an initiative born in 2014...

Sohn: We're taking shortest of baby steps with opioids

Published Mar. 28 2018

Finally, doctors and dentists are looking seriously at their own roles in creating America's opioid epidemic.

Sohn: Forget Stormy, watch Trump's environmental policy

Published Mar. 27 2018

It's hard not to take our eyes away from all of the Trump shiny objects — from the Russia probe,...

Sohn: Kid power makes us proud and safer

Published Mar. 27 2018

Once again, it was impossible Saturday not to be proud of America's teenagers.