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Pam Sohn is the Times editor, representing the left-leaning side of the Chattanooga Times Free Press opinion page. Sohn has been reporting or editing Chattanooga news for 25 years. A Walden's Ridge native, she began her journalism career with a 10-year stint at the Anniston (Ala.) Star. She came to the Chattanooga Times Free Press in 1999 after working at the Chattanooga Times for 14 years. She has been a city editor, Sunday editor, wire editor, projects team leader and assistant lifestyle editor. As a reporter, she also has covered the police, courts, health, education and environment beats. She specializes in investigative and project stories, and currently is a general assignment reporter. She has won dozens of writing and editing awards in both Alabama and Tennessee, including first-place honors for breaking news, investigative news, public service, features and reporting without a deadline. During her tenure as Sunday editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the paper received the 2002 first-place honors for Best Sunday editions and Sweepstakes Award — best paper in the state. She has been married for 33 years to photographer, Louis Sohn. They have a grown son, Mitch, as well as five dogs, a cat and two grand cats. When not working, Pam gardens, researches family roots, plays piano and floats on a very old houseboat named Dragonfly. Contact her at or 423-757-6346.

Sohn: Lawmakers' 'blood money' means lockdown training for us

Published Feb. 19 2018

Something is sadly wrong in America when we have to have "active shooter" lockdown training in our schools and churches.

Sohn: Taking a President's Day measure of 'chaos Trump'

Published Feb. 18 2018

So much for anyone thinking that President Donald Trump would eventually find his footing and turn on the "presidential" switch.

Sohn: Trump ignores the big picture

Published Feb. 17 2018

Another round of indictments in the Russia probe was handed down Friday afternoon by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is...


Sohn: Evil doesn't kill people, people with guns do

Published Feb. 16 2018

How many more times do we have to mourn people — especially children — killed in mass shootings by unbalanced...

Sohn: Trump thinks we're dumb, and maybe we are

Published Feb. 14 2018

Donald Trump's "stable genius" act ratcheted things up a notch Monday when his White House released a $4.4 trillion budget...

Sohn: 'Especially women' see the emptiness of Trump

Published Feb. 13 2018

The headline brought a smile.

Sohn: Russia and GOP wage war on voting

Published Feb. 12 2018

Voting is among the most important of American freedoms.

Sohn: Ending emissions testing would threaten jobs

Published Feb. 11 2018

Lonely Planet, which calls itself a leading media company and the world's No. 1 travel guidebook brand, just ranked Chattanooga...

Pam's Points: Chattanooga's best, worst and usual

Published Feb. 10 2018

Racism races its ugly head

Sohn: Click to support our 'opportunity' schools

Published Feb. 7 2018

Crowdfunding, where have you been all our lives for Hamilton County schools?

Sohn: Tax-free gun safe bill is a good start

Published Feb. 7 2018

Tennessee last year ranked No. 1 nationwide among states with the highest number of accidental gun shooting incidents involving children...

Sohn: Chattanooga City Council takes a seat at 'gang-fix' table

Published Feb. 6 2018

Sunday's front page story about the Chattanooga City Council and Mayor Andy Berke's office deciding to work together to resolve...

Pam's Points: Trump's Russia 'hoax' is on us

Published Feb. 5 2018

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on Friday summed up the vastly overrated Nunes memo.

Sohn: Innovation thrives in 'new localism'

Published Feb. 4 2018

It's been a long time since real change came from Washington, D.C.

Sohn: What's so hard for school board to understand?

Published Feb. 3 2018

It seems our school board is confused again.

Sohn: With Nunes memo, GOP is grasping at straw

Published Feb. 2 2018

Remember when the GOP was beside itself with concern that Hillary Clinton, with a personal email server, might have put...

Pam's Points: The 'State of our Leadership,' et al

Published Jan. 31 2018

Maybe Donald Trump is onto something.

Sohn: Shutdown's message is simple - vote

Published Jan. 24 2018

The message of our government shutdown - the one mostly for show - is a perfect profile of our country.

Pam's Points: Women, immigration continue to snarl Trump's Washington

Published Jan. 22 2018

There is at least one thing in America not shut down over the weekend.

Sohn: About Trump's button

Published Jan. 21 2018

Imagine your state of mind. Nuclear alert sirens all over town are wailing. Your cellphone and the Interstate sign ahead...