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Kimball board lowers retirement contribution after further examination

Published May. 14 2018

The Kimball Board of Mayor and Aldermen decided last month to examine further the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System's recommended municipal...

South Pittsburg garbage fees almost certain to rise next year

Published May. 13 2018

When South Pittsburg's current garbage service provider informed officials it would need a rate increase in the next fiscal year,...

Marion County commissioners concerned about skyrocketing medical costs for inmates

Published Apr. 30 2018

For the second month in a row, the Marion County Commission had to approve a budget amendment to cover the...

South Pittsburg board approves parks grant application despite mayor's lack of support

Published Apr. 16 2018

The question of whether or not to apply for a grant if a municipality is not sure it's going to...

Residents' complaints spur potential road opening and repaving in South Pittsburg

Published Apr. 16 2018

Residents who live in the area around a recently completed multimillion-dollar expansion of Lodge Manufacturing Company have been complaining about...

Doxo website founder disputes 'negative picture' portrayed by Jasper officials

Published Apr. 15 2018

When city leaders warned Jasper residents last month against using third-party payment websites to pay their water bills, the co-founder...

South Pittsburg, Tenn., board moves to remedy slow beer permit approval

Published Apr. 14 2018

Kenneth Jordan hoped to have his Base Camp 222 bar operational before the National Cornbread Festival on April 27-29, but...

Jasper, Tenn., officials concerned about future of pension plan

Published Apr. 13 2018

The employee pension plan has been an increasing liability on Jasper's financial welfare in recent years, and city leaders say...

Kimball, Tenn., board terminates local cable company's franchise agreement

Published Apr. 9 2018

After city leaders voted to file a formal complaint with the state in January over a local cable company's failure...

Marion County jail medical costs heavily outpacing budget

Published Apr. 2 2018

Several unexpected expenditures have created an overall $150,077 decrease in Marion County's general fund balance, but $131,000 of that is...

Marion County, Tenn., board votes to fund SROs in each public school next year

Published Apr. 1 2018

Marion County has taken a major step forward on the issue of school safety.

Jasper, Tenn., officials warn residents about third-party city bill payments

Published Mar. 20 2018

One of the main reasons city leaders began offering online bill pay on Jasper's official website last June was a...

South Pittsburg, Tenn., leaders consider revamping downtown streetscape

Published Mar. 19 2018

Residents of South Pittsburg have developed a love-hate relationship with the downtown streetscape project that was completed in the mid-1990s.

Jasper follows Kimball in seeking overdue franchise fees from local cable company

Published Mar. 18 2018

City leaders in Jasper are preparing to join their counterparts in nearby Kimball, Tenn., in trying to recoup years of...

Marion County board approves tax adjustment for overlapping properties

Published Mar. 5 2018

A 1992 mapping error led to two would-be property owners paying taxes on the same 35 acres of land, and...

Marion County commissioner examining arming local teachers

Published Mar. 4 2018

With school safety a top priority around the country, one Marion County commissioner said he's interested in the idea of...

South Pittsburg, Tenn., board approves TDOT planning grant to study traffic issues

Published Feb. 20 2018

City leaders are looking to recruit new businesses to the town, but to do that, they'll need to open access...

Jasper, Tenn., officials continue to have problems catching, prosecuting litterers

Published Feb. 19 2018

Littering in Jasper continues to be a frustrating problem for Mayor Paul Evans.

South Pittsburg board approves TDOT planning grant to study traffic issues

Published Feb. 18 2018

City leaders are looking to recruit new businesses to the town, but to do that, they'll need to open access...

Kimball, Tenn., board alters annual scholarship to help local students

Published Feb. 5 2018

It's hard to believe that graduating high school seniors wouldn't be interested in available scholarship money, but that's exactly what...