Ryan Lewis (Reporter)

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Marion County board approves tax adjustment for overlapping properties

Published Mar. 5 2018

A 1992 mapping error led to two would-be property owners paying taxes on the same 35 acres of land, and...

Marion County commissioner examining arming local teachers

Published Mar. 4 2018

With school safety a top priority around the country, one Marion County commissioner said he's interested in the idea of...

South Pittsburg, Tenn., board approves TDOT planning grant to study traffic issues

Published Feb. 20 2018

City leaders are looking to recruit new businesses to the town, but to do that, they'll need to open access...

Jasper, Tenn., officials continue to have problems catching, prosecuting litterers

Published Feb. 19 2018

Littering in Jasper continues to be a frustrating problem for Mayor Paul Evans.

South Pittsburg board approves TDOT planning grant to study traffic issues

Published Feb. 18 2018

City leaders are looking to recruit new businesses to the town, but to do that, they'll need to open access...

Kimball, Tenn., board alters annual scholarship to help local students

Published Feb. 5 2018

It's hard to believe that graduating high school seniors wouldn't be interested in available scholarship money, but that's exactly what...

Kimball extends air ambulance coverage to volunteer firefighters

Published Feb. 4 2018

Since 2013, the Kimball Board of Mayor and Aldermen has voted annually to provide special coverage for city employees and...

Marion County Commission reverses decision on declaring bridge surplus property

Published Jan. 29 2018

The Marion County Commission has reversed a decision it made in November regarding the old Ellis Cove Road bridge in...

Marion County board approves court fee for victims assistance

Published Jan. 28 2018

When a representative from the Southeast Human Resource Agency came to the Marion County Commission meeting in November to request...

South Pittsburg, Tenn., flooding discussion reveals lack of communication among city leaders

Published Jan. 15 2018

Flooding in the downtown and Richard City areas of South Pittsburg has been a growing problem for 20 years, but...

South Pittsburg eyes new body cameras for police

Published Jan. 14 2018

New police Chief Wayne Jordan has already identified some much-needed upgrades at the South Pittsburg Police Department.

Kimball, Tenn., aims again to recover past-due franchise fees from local cable company

Published Jan. 7 2018

After more than five years, city leaders in Kimball are tired of haggling with one local cable company to recoup...

Little Free Pantry coming to Jasper, Tenn., if city insurance approved

Published Dec. 17 2017

The Little Free Pantry is an idea that sprang from the Little Free Library concept to help address food insecurity...

Jasper mayor, police chief clash over proposed officer hire

Published Dec. 17 2017

When Police Chief Billy Mason recommended hiring a new police officer to the Jasper Board of Mayor and Aldermen last...

Jasper, Tenn., board votes to purchase used fire truck

Published Dec. 16 2017

City leaders have approved the purchase of a used aerial fire truck for the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department in what...

Marion County board approves employee lease agreement change

Published Dec. 4 2017

When Marion County entered a 1993 agreement with Solid Waste Disposal Inc. in Jasper to run its landfill, one provision...

Aetna Mountain Road troubles brought to Marion board again

Published Dec. 3 2017

The battle for control of a 6-mile stretch of Aetna Mountain Road once again has been brought to the Marion...

Marion group aims to clean up Sequatchie Mountain Road

Published Dec. 2 2017

A push to clean up litter in Marion County has been underway in recent months, but now the monumental task...

South Pittsburg city leaders concerned about library funding requirements

Published Nov. 20 2017

Only moments before the South Pittsburg City Commission's November meeting, Commissioner Samantha Rector found out the town was not meeting...

Jasper sidewalk project delayed again

Published Nov. 19 2017

A project to build a sidewalk connecting Jasper Elementary School and Marion County High School with the downtown public library...