Ryan Lewis (Reporter)

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Jasper, Tenn., police to upgrade outdated Taser equipment

Published Oct. 17 2017

Tasers have become an important piece of equipment for law enforcement officers in recent years, and in Jasper it's time...

Plan to use Army Corps of Engineers for flood prevention collapses in South Pittsburg

Published Oct. 16 2017

Every time a heavy rain occurs over South Pittsburg, residents hold their breath in fear of another destructive flash flood.

Jasper, Tenn., gets half-million-dollar grant for sewer work

Published Oct. 12 2017

City leaders say Jasper has received more than half a million dollars in grant money for a sewer expansion in...


South Pittsburg board demotes police chief; TBI investigating police brutality allegation

Published Oct. 11 2017

After just eight months on the job, South Pittsburg Police Chief Ryan Meeks has been demoted to sergeant and the...

Kimball, Tenn., board approves $93,000 in paving work

Published Oct. 9 2017

City leaders in Kimball planned a little too well for some much-needed paving projects this year.

Kimball, Tenn., leaders consider options for nonprofit, for-profit vendors on public property

Published Oct. 8 2017

Town leaders are wrestling with the question of whether Kimball should allow for-profit vendors to use public space or allow...

Jasper, Tenn., resident says city not enforcing property maintenance ordinances

Published Sep. 18 2017

Six years ago, Jasper resident Marty White began complaining to city leaders about a property next to her sister's house...

South Pittsburg board approves emergency repairs for fire truck

Published Sep. 17 2017

When the South Pittsburg Fire Department's ladder truck failed two tests on a recent inspection, officials scrambled to find a...

Jasper, Tenn., board approves $110,000 in road paving projects

Published Sep. 16 2017

Many of the roads around Jasper are in need of resurfacing, but officials have different ideas about how to do...

Marion County delays contract for hauling dirt near Regional Institute of Higher Education

Published Sep. 4 2017

A local firm has offered Marion County a seemingly good deal on moving dirt near the Marion County Regional Institute...

Marion board approves matching funds for $150,000 clean energy grant

Published Sep. 3 2017

Marion County leaders delayed a discussion earlier this summer about the required matching funds for the Clean Tennessee Energy Grant...

City leaders urge residents to sign up for air ambulance in Jasper, Tenn.

Published Aug. 21 2017

Since the Jasper Board of Mayor and Aldermen bought a citywide membership in the AirMedCare Network just over a year...

South Pittsburg hires retail coaching firm to help recruit new business [photos]

Published Aug. 13 2017

Retail business in South Pittsburg has been on the decline for several years, and with the recent announcement that the...

South Pittsburg board finalizes lease agreements for popular rental sites

Published Aug. 12 2017

City leaders have flip-flopped on pricing structures for various rental sites in town since March, but now the South Pittsburg...

Pay raises for Kimball, Tenn., mayor, vice mayor fail again

Published Aug. 7 2017

The fourth push this year to give the city's mayor and vice mayor a raise went down in defeat at...

South Pittsburg axes ginkgo trees on Cedar Avenue

Published Jul. 16 2017

June was not a good month to be a tree in downtown South Pittsburg.

New South Pittsburg administrator sets goal to clean up unsightly properties

Published Jun. 19 2017

Residents in South Pittsburg have complained to city leaders about unsightly, abandoned properties for years. Now, newly hired city administrator...

Jasper alderman criticizes condition of fire hall again, offers help to chief

Published Jun. 18 2017

One city leader in Jasper has reignited his criticism about the condition of the town's fire station, and he's offering...

South Pittsburg board reverses recent decisions on employee hire, Princess Theatre rental

Published Jun. 17 2017

City leaders in South Pittsburg have decided to reverse some recent decisions involving an employee hire and the Princess Theatre.

Jasper board approves controversial pitbull ordinance

Published Jun. 14 2017

A controversial ordinance placing restrictions on pitbulls and their owners has passed despite last-minute pleas of opposition by some residents.