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Shawn Ryan is the features editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Mind Coffee: Cable TV testing the limits on ratings

Published Apr. 27 2017

I doubt that I'm the only one who has noticed, but has anyone observed the drift toward R ratings on...

Mind Coffee: Will Starz shoot new miniseries at Rock City?

Published Apr. 20 2017

In 2001, "American Gods" won the Hugo and Nebula awards as the best science-fiction novel of the year, as well...

Mind Coffee: 'Logan' is grim, raunchy, bloody ... and quite good [trailer]

Published Mar. 30 2017

The last time I saw Charles Xavier, he was being blown into his individual atoms. Literally.

Mind Coffee: Avoid regrets later -- don't pass on a favorite band now

Published Mar. 23 2017

I read a list the other day that ran down the Top 10 things you'll regret when you get older.

Mind Coffee: Too much attention deficit for binge-watching

Published Mar. 16 2017

About once a week, some of my Facebook friends will post that they've just binge-watched (insert a TV show name...

A guide to the do's and don'ts of St. Patrick's Day (plus a few facts about the man himself)

Published Mar. 14 2017

They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

Nonprofit Breast Cancer Support Services celebrates 25 years of helping women undergoing treatment

Published Mar. 10 2017

Early in January 1989, Elaine Hill was told she had breast cancer. A couple of weeks later, she had surgery...

Mind Coffee: Newsflash! Parents may not be as unhip as previously believed

Published Mar. 9 2017

The room was packed with sixth- and seventh-graders, black lights transforming clothes, hats, pants, shoes and teeth into vibrant shades...

First classic by Dr. Seuss turns 60 -- and still charms both kids and adults

Published Mar. 5 2017

Cheryl Haynes remembers loving to read Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat in the Hat' as a child and that love carried...

Mind Coffee: Horror shows at the Oscars through the years

Published Mar. 2 2017

And the winner of Best Picture is: 'La La Land.'

In the zone: Find out which plants will thrive in the Chattanooga area

Published Feb. 28 2017

'Oh my gosh that's a beautiful plant! Won't it look great in my yard?'

Chattanooga chapter of the Junior League celebrates its 100th anniversary

Published Feb. 26 2017

The Oscar-nominated movie from 2011, taken from the 2009 bestseller, focused on two black maids facing racism and condescension while...


Mind Coffee: Whatever happened to the movie musical?

Published Feb. 23 2017

For decades, movie musicals were the bee's knees, hitting the screen as comedies and dramas, as fantasies and sometimes as...

Black Jacket Symphony channels Queen's 'A Night at the Opera'

Published Feb. 23 2017

Black Jacket Symphony will spend 'A Night at the Opera' with Queen tonight and Friday, Feb. 23-24, but only tonight's...

Healing, Not Curing: A hospital chaplain's job is much more than comforting the dying

Published Feb. 19 2017

In a darkened hospital room, Katharine Howe Toledano sits in a chair next to the bed. She reaches out and...

It takes patience and perseverance to get just the right shot, photographers say [photos]

Published Feb. 19 2017

Brenda Ross once spent three days, 12 hours each day, on an iced-over lake. In 3-degree weather. Trying to see...

Mind Coffee: Are the Grammys the best music or just following the herd?

Published Feb. 16 2017

Grammys are over and Adele won big — as expected, taking home five, including Album of the Year (best artistic...

First kisses: Sweet memories last forever -- even if you forget the person's name

Published Feb. 14 2017

He was the best kisser Debbie Ewing has ever known.

Faith-based groups crucial in homeless help, report says [photos]

Published Feb. 11 2017

In Atlanta, the number is 49 percent. In Indianapolis, it's 77. In Seattle, it's 63. The figures reflect the percentage...

Mind Coffee: Some bands just don't know when to quit

Published Feb. 9 2017

You got to know when to fold 'em.