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Shawn Ryan is the features editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Zoned out: Do you know which plants do well in Chattanooga's Plant Hardiness Zone?

Published Feb. 28 2017

'Oh my gosh that's a beautiful plant! Won't it look great in my yard?'

Mind Coffee: Whatever happened to the movie musical?

Published Feb. 23 2017

For decades, movie musicals were the bee's knees, hitting the screen as comedies and dramas, as fantasies and sometimes as...

Black Jacket Symphony channels Queen's 'A Night at the Opera'

Published Feb. 23 2017

Black Jacket Symphony will spend 'A Night at the Opera' with Queen tonight and Friday, Feb. 23-24, but only tonight's...


Healing, Not Curing: A hospital chaplain's job is much more than comforting the dying

Published Feb. 19 2017

In a darkened hospital room, Katharine Howe Toledano sits in a chair next to the bed. She reaches out and...

It takes patience and perseverance to get just the right shot, photographers say [photos]

Published Feb. 19 2017

Brenda Ross once spent three days, 12 hours each day, on an iced-over lake. In 3-degree weather. Trying to see...

Mind Coffee: Are the Grammys the best music or just following the herd?

Published Feb. 16 2017

Grammys are over and Adele won big — as expected, taking home five, including Album of the Year (best artistic...

First kisses: Sweet memories last forever -- even if you forget the person's name

Published Feb. 14 2017

He was the best kisser Debbie Ewing has ever known.

Faith-based groups crucial in homeless help, report says [photos]

Published Feb. 11 2017

In Atlanta, the number is 49 percent. In Indianapolis, it's 77. In Seattle, it's 63. The figures reflect the percentage...

Mind Coffee: Some bands just don't know when to quit

Published Feb. 9 2017

You got to know when to fold 'em.

Historical Heritage: A few facts in celebration of Black History Month

Published Feb. 3 2017

Carter Godwin Woodson, historian, author, journalist and founder of The Journal of Negro History in 1915, began Negro History Week...

Mind Coffee: In the TV marketplace, you have to find the jewels among the junk

Published Feb. 2 2017

Is there any television network that doesn't have a fictional series these days?

Help pick the Best Biscuit Sandwich in Tennessee

Published Feb. 1 2017

Got a favorite biscuit in town? Here's your chance to get it some national publicity.

Kane Brown featured on CBS' Super Bowl show tonight

Published Jan. 31 2017

Break-out country sensation Kane Brown, who attended schools in North Georgia and Chattanooga, makes his prime-time television debut tonight when...

Workout newbies should carefully choose the class that's right for their goals — and not be embarrassed

Published Jan. 30 2017

The woman was determined to get in shape. She'd even joined a gym and hired a personal trainer.

Chattanooga native has a hand in Oscar-Nominated Film 'Moonlight' [photos]

Published Jan. 29 2017

Imagine the pulse-pounding moment when your name scrolls across the screen during a movie's final credits.

Forty years after its release, Stephen King's novel 'The Shining' still elicits frightening memories

Published Jan. 27 2017

When Chris Dortch was an adolescent, he snuck a copy of Stephen King's 'The Shining' into the house.

Mind Coffee: 'The Shining' book vs. the film -- book wins hands down

Published Jan. 26 2017

I have only seen the movie version of 'The Shining' once, when it first hit movie theaters in 1980.

Culinary hugs: Comfort foods bring out memories of love

Published Jan. 25 2017

A few days after Matt Skudlarek moved down here from Connecticut in 1998, his Uncle Harold gathered him up and...

From big to small -- or vice versa: 'Double Take' exhibition turns macro into micro

Published Jan. 22 2017

Having grown up on a farm in North Alabama, Janice Kennedy often is drawn back to her memories when she...

Life is a tad different for Chattanooga minister who moved to Alaska [photos]

Published Jan. 21 2017

She moved to Sitka in September to take the job as interim minister at the town's Methodist church and was...