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Shawn Ryan is the features editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Mind Coffee: What are some truly scary films I can check out?

Published Sep. 21 2017

I saw "It" over the weekend. I liked it very much. It's one of the best film adaptations of a...

Mind Coffee: Horror fiction reaches beyond Stephen King

Published Sep. 14 2017

Reviews for last weekend's release of "It," Stephen King's doorstop of a movie about kids, a clown and killings, have...

Dale Chihuly glass exhibit is mind-blowing [photos]

Published Aug. 13 2017

The 20 mind-blowing works — some overwhelmingly massive, some delicately small — are dotted throughout the 178-acre garden, all showcasing...

Mind Coffee: Cooling off with a handful of songs about rain

Published Jul. 27 2017

Don't know if anyone has noticed, but it's hot outside.

Mind Coffee: Is the third film of a movie trilogy always bad?

Published Jul. 20 2017

Just how long can something go before it wears out?

Mind Coffee: Is music's middle-class in a coma or just plain dying?

Published Jul. 13 2017

Back in the day, say between 1970 and 2000, having a Top 10 single on any of the charts —...

Mind Coffee: Dealing with DVR bloat is bringing me down

Published Jul. 6 2017

How many TV shows do you have sitting unwatched on your DVR? How many movies?

Mind Coffee: Readers offer lists of favorite live albums

Published Jun. 29 2017

So you go to concerts all the time? That's good. Live music can make you glad to be alive.

Mind Coffee: No time for concerts? Then grab a live album

Published Jun. 22 2017

For anyone who loves music, going to concerts is a given when you're growing up. In fact, you go to...

With some films, no need to think too much

Published Jun. 15 2017

"Wonder Woman" opens, crushes the competition in an Amazonian embrace and adds another brick in the small wall of the...

Mind Coffee: If I could fix one thing about Riverbend ...

Published Jun. 8 2017

I like Riverbend. I can't stand the Coke Stage.

Mind Coffee: Remembering Gregg Allman, the man, the music

Published Jun. 1 2017

It was 1994 and Gregg Allman sat on a bench in front of a baby grand piano in Birmingham, Ala.

Mind Coffee: Portable music scratches listener's itch

Published May. 25 2017

When you think about it, a smartphone is just a fancy version of a transistor radio.

Mind Coffee: How far is too far to travel for a concert?

Published May. 18 2017

How far would you go to see a concert?

Mind Coffee: Fame can be a heavy load to bear

Published May. 11 2017

Bands and musicians who quit after landing their biggest hit are out there in healthy numbers; seems like fame can...

Mind Coffee: Cable TV testing the limits on ratings

Published Apr. 27 2017

I doubt that I'm the only one who has noticed, but has anyone observed the drift toward R ratings on...

Mind Coffee: Will Starz shoot new miniseries at Rock City?

Published Apr. 20 2017

In 2001, "American Gods" won the Hugo and Nebula awards as the best science-fiction novel of the year, as well...

Mind Coffee: 'Logan' is grim, raunchy, bloody ... and quite good [trailer]

Published Mar. 30 2017

The last time I saw Charles Xavier, he was being blown into his individual atoms. Literally.

Mind Coffee: Avoid regrets later -- don't pass on a favorite band now

Published Mar. 23 2017

I read a list the other day that ran down the Top 10 things you'll regret when you get older.

Mind Coffee: Too much attention deficit for binge-watching

Published Mar. 16 2017

About once a week, some of my Facebook friends will post that they've just binge-watched (insert a TV show name...