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Barrett: 'Made in Taiwan' evolves from epithet to badge of honor

Published Mar. 25 2012

If you've never met anybody from Taiwan, you're missing out.

Barrett: I'll have some 'cheesy' grits with a side of condescension

Published Mar. 18 2012

Dear Mittens,

Barrett: Lottery scholarship spat reveals disregard for stewardship

Published Mar. 11 2012

If demonstrated, multimillion-dollar waste isn't cause to rethink a government program, what is?

Barrett: If Washington can do vouchers right, Nashville can, too

Published Mar. 4 2012

Rule No. 1: No matter how academically effective, anything viewed as a threat to the usual way of doing things...

Barrett: On the quiet despair of being consigned to a failing school

Published Feb. 26 2012

The lifeline is about to be cut.

Barrett: Peoria's, Pittsburgh's and Pensacola's gift to Chattanooga

Published Feb. 19 2012

Wanna know why America is $15.3 trillion in debt? Look no further than the Wilcox Tunnel.

Barrett: Romney takes teeth, sense of entitlement home in a glass

Published Feb. 12 2012

Conservatives just introduced the Republican establishment to the business end of a two-by-four, relegating Mitt Romney to bad second- and...

Barrett: Having torpedoed the housing market, D.C. eyes airlines

Published Feb. 5 2012

Gotta love it when the federal government blames everybody but itself for the misery casseroles it deposits on the nation's...

Barrett: Opponents of income tax amendment make the case for it

Published Jan. 29 2012

The best argument for an amendment making it plain that the Tennessee Constitution forbids an income tax is the all-over-the-board...

Barrett: Gingrich saying things America desperately needs to hear

Published Jan. 22 2012

South Carolina's primary is over, and for all I know at this writing, the GOP nomination could more or less...

Barrett: Quashing key source of GOP enthusiasm an iffy approach

Published Jan. 15 2012

I get it, I get it: Some people think Mitterrand Carrington Lavoix de Champlain Romney XIV is more electable than...

Barrett: Romney essential to media's Obama re-election campaign

Published Jan. 8 2012

Mittens Alistair Devereaux Bouillabaisse von Romney IV got almost exactly the same support in Iowa's caucuses that he has had...


Barrett: Media mistake North Koreans' tears of joy for mourning

Published Jan. 1 2012

Naiveté that would make the average toddler blush.

Barrett: The way that school boards can 'afford' to fund vouchers

Published Dec. 18 2011

Voicing opposition to vouchers, a Bradley County Board of Education member asks, "How can we afford to give any of...

Barrett: Sorry, 'fact checkers,' but Obama did label America lazy

Published Dec. 11 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has had some game-losing fumbles, but his campaign ad faulting Barack Obama's remark about "lazy" America...

Barrett: Huntsman-stein monster may turn on media flatterers

Published Dec. 4 2011

News media Democrats who have been falling all over one another trying to anoint "Republican" Jon Huntsman with hilariously undeserved...

Barrett: Occupy slackers want others to repay their student loans

Published Nov. 27 2011

Any lingering hope that the Occupy Wall Street set isn't infested with sloths and slackers can now be pitched without...

Barrett: Now back to the real world, where sales tax rates matter

Published Nov. 20 2011

We all have shortcuts on our mental keyboards -- things we see or hear that prompt a predetermined response.

Barrett: Tennessee's tougher teacher evaluations prompt hysteria

Published Nov. 13 2011

Something close to panic has seized opponents of new teacher standards in Tennessee.

Barrett: Herman Cain faced with the Clarence Thomas treatment

Published Nov. 6 2011

Clarence Thomas can't leap, two-by-four in hand, to the defense of fellow Georgian Herman Cain. As a sitting Supreme Court...