Sunny Montgomery (Reporter)

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Sunny Montgomery writes for several Chattanooga Times Free Press publications including Chatter, Dining Out, Get Out Chattanooga, Live Well and Tennessee Valley Parents. She hails from Central Kentucky where she began her writing career as an alternative sports writer and where she first developed her love for the outdoors. Sunny is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and a certified Tennessee State Naturalist.

Dari Dip's Cold Confections Shine This Season

Published Jun. 17 2018

Summer has arrived early to the Scenic City. For Dari Dip, that's meant diners trading their cobbler and brownie sundae...

Riverside Catfish's Frog Legs Might Surprise You

Published Jun. 17 2018

Taking a Southern approach to a traditional French delicacy, Riverside Catfish House's fried frog legs are a tender treat. The...

Forbidden City Is the Star of Summer

Published Jun. 17 2018

Throughout the summer, Forbidden City feeds a lot of families — which makes sense, considering the all-you-can-eat Asian-American buffet offers...

Incredible, Edible Wildflowers

Published Jun. 17 2018

I am a big outdoors person — with an even bigger collection of field guides. When it comes identifying the...

How baseball helped one international student stay at the top of his game [photos]

Published Jun. 13 2018

From an early age, Shikhar Baheti, 17, has tried to balance his drive to succeed at school with his love...

Acropolis Introduces Two Specials for Dad's Day

Published Jun. 10 2018

Riverbend season is approaching in Chattanooga, and we all know what that means: pandemonium in downtown Chattanooga. Traffic is a...

Soho Helps Simplify Your Summer

Published Jun. 10 2018

School is out and family life just got a lot more hectic. Thankfully, Soho Hibachi helps make mealtime easy.

FEED Co. Preps for a Big Summer

Published Jun. 10 2018

On Aug. 2, FEED Co. Table & Tavern is celebrating four big years — with an even bigger party.

You're Saying It Wrong

Published Jun. 10 2018

Recently, my colleague and Dining Out's editor, Emily Crisman, shared a book with me.

Fazoli's Serves Up New Summer Specials

Published Jun. 3 2018

For years, Fazoli's has been synonymous with free breadsticks. In fact, those warm, buttery breadsticks may just be the restaurant's...

Brewhaus Prepares for an Epic Summer

Published Jun. 3 2018

It is officially unofficial summer, and that means three things: sun, water sports and ice cold adult libations.

No Soup for You

Published Jun. 3 2018

The mock strawberries are in bloom. And every yard I pass dotted with the tiny red fruit takes me back...

The Chef and His Wife Offers Fresh Meals In-Store

Published Jun. 3 2018

Timothy Mulderink, owner and executive chef of The Chef and His Wife, an innovative meals-to-go business, says the question he...

Naturalist's Note: My first swim on a Class IV creek

Published Jun. 1 2018

The Big Laurel in Western North Carolina is a steep, boulder-strewn creek. I was nervous from the moment I put...

A new perspective on whitewater

Published Jun. 1 2018

Whitewater paddlers are always scouting a fresh challenge: the next class rapid; the next big drop; a new watercraft altogether.

Tennessee's Hardly, Strictly Musky festival celebrates sport of fly fishing for muskellunge

Published Jun. 1 2018

The muskellunge fish, or the "musky," is a large, toothy, freshwater member of the pike family. Growing up to 6...

Local dads' double lives as musicians have positives for family

Published Jun. 1 2018

The life of a touring musician can be intense. The long drives; the crowded clubs; the screaming girls — who...

No kayak, canoes or rafts: An introduction to whitewater paddleboarding

Published Jun. 1 2018

Whitewater paddlers are always scouting a fresh challenge: the next class rapid; the next big drop; a new watercraft altogether....

Summertime's colorful songbirds

Published Jun. 1 2018

While spring migration in the Southeast always provides a rich, colorful experience for bird-watchers, some of the most spectacular species...

Savoring the experience: The Scenic City's culinary diversity can satiate any appetite

Published May. 30 2018

From fried frog legs to inspiring ethnic infusions, Chattanooga's food scene is as well rounded as it is progressive. Indeed,...