Tabi Upton (Reporter)

Tabi Upton, MA-LPC is a therapist at New Beginnings Counseling Center.

Discovering Dubai: An intoxicating blend of the Middle East and the West

Published Apr. 10 2016

As excited as I was to visit the famed tourist haven of Dubai, I barely knew where it was on...

A quick jaunt to Spain: Barcelona serves up a weekend of eating, drinking, shopping and dancing

Published Jun. 21 2015

The first time someone invited me to a tapas bar a few years ago, I was intrigued. Actually I thought...

Thanksgiving on Ischia: American living in Italy appreciates quiet calm of the island

Published Jan. 25 2015

Southern Italy is known for its sunny skies and gorgeous terrain, but on this day, the sun won't even get...


Upton: Light for the darkness

Published Dec. 5 2013

Lights are twinkling in my fireplace, across its mantel and atop my kitchen cabinets. Lights are blinking outside on houses,...

Tabi Upton: Of mice and (kinda scared) woman

Published Nov. 21 2013

I like to think of myself as brave.

Upton: Finding acceptance, power, healing in groups

Published Nov. 7 2013

Imagine being left on an island all alone. Think Tom Hanks in the movie "Castaway." Think of how desperate he...

Upton: Courage to stand, speak out

Published Aug. 29 2013

I was facing a snarling dog who barked ferociously at me. It was exceptionally evil-looking with black fur and red...

Upton: Manliness an art form

Published Jul. 18 2013

I stumbled across a blog the other day called the Art of Manliness. The posts give tangible weight to the...

Upton: Manliness an art form

Published Jul. 18 2013

I stumbled across a blog the other day called the Art of Manliness. The posts give tangible weight to the...

Upton: Dealing with animal realities

Published Jun. 20 2013

Animals are wonderful. Some can fly, others change colors, run fast or go months without eating. It's as if they...

Upton: Tips for building confidence

Published Apr. 11 2013

Self-confidence. If it could be reduced to a potion and drunk from a bottle, many of us would buy it....

Upton: Getting back on the bike

Published Mar. 28 2013

I have scars on each knee that I've sported most of my life. Here's the back story:

Upton: Horses make great counselors

Published Mar. 14 2013

A few years ago I took a personal retreat for the weekend to rest and write. I spent it in...

Upton: Will you be my Valentine?

Published Feb. 14 2013

Happy Love Day. I know, I know. Some people quietly endure this day of hearts. It makes them mad or...

Upton: Storms a metaphor for life

Published Jan. 31 2013

My maternal grandmother, whom we affectionately and fearfully called "Big Mama," used to make us grandchildren turn off all the...

Upton: Personal appeal of 'Downton Abbey'

Published Jan. 17 2013

I must say, I'm a die-hard "Downton Abbey" fan.

Upton: Past regret, future hope

Published Jan. 3 2013

As we enter this brand-new year, holiday cookies have grown stale, the festive party lights have faded and we are...

Upton: Handling big grief, fighting evil

Published Dec. 20 2012

We have come to a place where words falter. Hope stands on a precipice, uncertain. Our nation has been through...

Tabi Upton: Surviving a narcissistic relationship

Published Dec. 6 2012

Ever been around someone who thinks they are generally superior to you and most people they know? Or wants you...

Tabi Upton: Being alive, no regrets

Published Nov. 22 2012

My parents are at it again.