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Tim Omarzu covers business for the Times Free Press. He's a longtime newspaper reporter who previously worked in Michigan, California and Nevada. Contact him at tomarzu@timesfreepress.com or www.facebook.com/tim.omarzu or twitter.com/TimOmarzu or 423-757-6651.

Paisano's Pizza opens near Hamilton Place

Published Sep. 19 2017

His mother was born and raised in Naples, Italy, so Fouad Qreitem grew up eating good Italian food.

WestRock celebrates 100th birthday

Published Sep. 16 2017

One of the South's first mills to recycle cardboard and paper marks its 100th birthday Sunday.

City and UTC chosen for advanced research network

Published Sep. 15 2017

How can Newark, N.J., prevent people from ripping off its light rail system by not paying the fare? The New...

Chattanooga State to sell Sequatchie Valley Campus

Published Sep. 14 2017

For $1 million, you can buy Chattanooga State Community College's Sequatchie Valley Campus, which consists of a 36,650-square-foot building 20...

Coyote Jack's beer sales suspended after two people leave incredibly drunk

Published Sep. 8 2017

Attorney Ronnie Berke, who is Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke's uncle and a partner in the family law firm Berke, Berke...

Sprout's Pest Control uses essential oils - not pesticides - to battle bugs

Published Sep. 6 2017

When Ethan Fortner worked as an exterminator to help pay his way through business school at Dalton State College, he...

Questions linger even as commission is poised to OK bonds for new sewage plant

Published Sep. 6 2017

Hamilton County Commissioner Tim Boyd issued a 57-page report last year that was critical of the Hamilton County Water and...

Gas outage, price jumps coincide with Labor Day - but don't panic

Published Sep. 2 2017

When Letitia Barber pulled up to the pump Friday morning at the Highway 153 Walmart Supercenter's gas station in Hixson,...

Hixson Walmart runs out of gas, but expert says plenty of stations still have gas

Published Sep. 1 2017

Gasoline ran out this morning at the Murphy USA station at the Walmart Supercenter on Highway 153 in Hixson.

The Big Chill: Cryotherapy comes to Chattanooga

Published Sep. 1 2017

Want to reduce muscle soreness, boost your mood and burn calories?

Gas prices rise after Harvey reduces flow from refineries, pipeline [photos, interactives]

Published Sep. 1 2017

Just in time for Labor Day weekend, U.S. gas prices have surged to their highest level all year after tropical...

'Tomorrow Building' is a playful take on historic building's past

Published Sep. 1 2017

Famed 18th Century orator and attorney William Jennings Bryan spent his last night in the building when it was the...

Officials: New Harrison sewage plant a better deal than upgrading North Ooltewah system

Published Aug. 30 2017

An estimated price tag of $45 million to $48 million might sound like a lot for a new sewage treatment...

Artist decorates Rossville Boulevard businesses with eye-catching murals [photos]

Published Aug. 30 2017

When Jackson Hendrickson drives home on Rossville Boulevard, he sees artwork he likes.

Harvey affects pipeline that carries most of Tennessee's gasoline, but no shortages expected

Published Aug. 30 2017

Tropical storm Harvey has put a hurt on the Colonial Pipeline, a massive, 5,500-mile-long system that delivers some 2.6 million...

Chick-fil-A plans to open in East Ridge

Published Aug. 26 2017

Chick-fil-A plans to open a new restaurant in East Ridge on Camp Jordan Parkway near Exit 1 in the Bass...

English Rose Tearoom ends 20-year run in downtown Chattanooga

Published Aug. 25 2017

Marilyn Strothers well remembers when the English Rose Tearoom opened in 1997 in downtown Chattanooga.

How should small businesses deal with a PR crisis?

Published Aug. 20 2017

What's a small business to do when it's dragged into the left-right ideological rift that has divided so many Americans?

Easily-made 'pinhole projector' always an option to view solar eclipse

Published Aug. 19 2017

Where in the Chattanooga area can you still get eclipse glasses to safely view Monday afternoon's Great American Eclipse?

Mojo Burrito fires employee who attended Charlottesville, Va., rally

Published Aug. 16 2017

Terrance Hightower was fired from his job at Mojo Burrito in St. Elmo on Monday when a co-worker sparked a...