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ArmedBonehead said...

Libertarians4Freedom, thanks again for the comments, but you must be in Tennessee. Here in Georgia, which this concealed carry article is about, there is no test to get a concealed carry permit. You likely have a better class of permit holders in TN, if they have to pass a test. Georgia laws are so poorly worded our lawmen and DAs don't even understand them, as the article suggests.

As to revocations, here in Georgia, we have to pay for the same background check every five years when we renew our carry license, so we probably aren't as good as TN in revoking permits. How many newly-looney or convicted felons have permits, who knows? With a new felony conviction, apparently we can carry and hold a permit till renewal time.

I didn't follow the connection with drinking and driving, unless it is to say that CCW holders are as likely to ignore good judgment and the law, as they are no better screened than library card holders and less than driving license holders, who have a test on the law and a performance test--but wasn't that my point?

We do have about 300,000 drivers in Georgia that have revoked DLs in their possession at any time, so some point you were putting forth about illegal drivers may have meri. They need more still testing, like Georgia CCW applicants.

Just because I'm bothered by boneheads doesn't mean I want to take mine out and unload on 'em, though. I'm trying to set a higher example for carry permit holders, but if I did, in Georgia, I'd be turned back out on the streets.

Off to the range--the Zombies are coming, soon...and I need to practice. As to the lead exposure and it's effect on my impulse control, read Poisonous Pastime, at:>

ArmedBonehead said...

Thanks for your comments, Libertarians4Freedom. Maybe my point was lost: I'm not afraid of my guns or yours, or gangs in California. My point is that a concealed carry permit should have more credibility and status behind it than a library card. That everyone can get one, except for the "0.02%" rejected in Tennessee--presumably felons and those documented in court records on file with the NCIC as being mentally unstable--doesn't add much to the "shall issue to dues-payers" seeking a "license".

We'd be better served and safer if CC permit holders had to pass a test about gun law, and rights--and wrongs, of "exercising" our gun "rights".

Having a CCW doesn't give you any more right to respond with force to someone pulling a gun on you in traffic than not having a permit. If it had some credibility, it might say you have better training and judgment, but it doesn't. It just says you paid a tax...voluntarily. Permits with training would be better. We have enough boneheads with guns. I'm not anti-gun, I'm anti-bonehead. They bother me, not their weapons. Why do we have to give them permits, too, without a little more screening?

May 16, 2011 at 10:35 a.m.
ArmedBonehead said...

Are we locals, living in Georgia? I was born here, and I know the low level of literacy, education, and poor judgment around me. I want mandatory training for concealed carry permits, like smart states have.

As a native, I have more guns that teeth, like many Georgians. I know we're a "shall issue" [carry permits] state, unless you're one of the known felons, or government-listed as mentally defective or psychologically challenged. I've head a permit all my adult life, and had guns since I could hold up one end.

The issue is that giving anybody a CC permit, without requiring a class that assures they know the legal- and moral consequences of gun use--more important than gun safety or operation, or is it the same question?--is inviting problems for all. Some people don't have good sense, and think their carry permit means they can flash their gun at drivers that cut them off in traffic, or kill over simple trespass or insult. And the cop wannabes that have to carry openly, what are they hoping for? A chance to get off a shot?

Education--Georgia's greatest failing...even in gunplay...make everyone have to sing-off that they've been told the law, and let's hope they have good sense.

May 16, 2011 at 9:10 a.m.

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