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BigCousin said...

After reading further posts, this will probably be my last one. Andy, I certainly see your point. It does hold intrigue, but as one affected by this incident I was not looking at it like that. Rolando, I agree with free speech. The reason why I originally looked into these comments was to find further information, as well as hear theories. That James101 had to keep responding with no data and jamming his point in that is HAS to be drugs or suicide is getting overdone. Everyone who has read these posts know his opinion, not the truth, but his opinion, which is his right. The fact that he doesn't want to stop is also his right, but just proves he is a tool. I was silly of me to invite James for a drink, I was just tired of his repeated statements and claims that he knows the family and such. As I believe, and as kb pointed out, the Hennen's stand by their friends, and would do anything they could to help, why does James101 claim that the Hennen's are covering it up, stupidity. I am also behind James102. You went from having theories, to trying to get a rise out of people with some ridiculous statements. If there was anything of substance to these statements they would hold meaning. In the end, they are circulating rumors again and again. We ALL want to know what happened. The fact that James tells people they can't handle The Truth is crap. You are continually speculating on 2 points - Drugs and suicide- everyone who gets this point. So far you have added nothing more of value. Noboddy knows. You have jammed those 2 points down everyone's throats. I am open to realistic ideas- but yours are drugs, suicide,pacts, over-partying, calling people out, issues with the family, conspiracy theories of evidence. Baseless ramblings of an idiot, speculation of speculation and wanting others to post "juicy" info. James101 knows he is causing pain. He is fine with it, and am done responding to it. Rol and Andy, I hope the truth does come out, and if this thread helps find it I am all for it. I am just tired of the conspiracy speculation of a lunatic. Yes the possibilities for many things are there, but compare the early posts to now, and nothing new or productive has been posted. Trust me, the statements made in this thread have surpassed this thread alone, which is why I came back and posted after the initial article. It is clear 101 will get the last word in, so be it.

August 26, 2011 at 7:05 p.m.
BigCousin said...

What is wrong is the fact that both andy and James seem to be enjoying seeing the responses that what they are saying upsets people. That is fact. Enough people have said this, that it might be true about your approach to this. Andy you have said you have been restrained, that is appreciated. The problem is YOU TWO are the aggressors. You have made your point, been informed it is being taken poorly, and continue to try and stick everyone's face in it. But the facts are this- No further information has come out and you continued response to drugs and suicide are old. I cannot speak about Hannah, but Michael was happy. What makes this a mystery is everything. People who actually give a $hit about this situation are looking into it, and your theories might as well be tied into catcher in the rye. Two loved people are dead. Honor their memories and let it be. You have not added anything informative, helpful, or useful since you made your original point. Just your glee that people are upset with what you have said. You had your 2 cents, and it isnt worth that. Drop it. I will happily talk to you if you want to tell me all of these theories over a coffee or drink this weekend if you feel like it, maybe we can get some truly meaninful rhetoric going. You have the right to say what you want, I just wish you had the empathy to understand what you are writing, and how the lack of information and fact does not help. People's panties in a wad. Two people are dead and you two keep speculating for fun. RESPECT.

August 26, 2011 at 3:55 p.m.
BigCousin said...

very willing to listen to your crap in person. How about this weekend? You are certainly not a friend of the family. Chattanooga is such a small town that all you have to do is brag about this crap talking of yours and word will circulate. The Hennens do not want friends like you. Ask a Hennen's friend- "How do they treat you?" The Hennens firmly believe in doing whatever they can for their friends and others. I guarantee! As for the age thing. I am 30. I have friends aged 20-60. Apparently you dont. Stay away from the Hennens, because they certainly dont want you as a friend. For friends and family of Hannah, our prayers our with you. Michael, we love you and miss you and will think of you fondly always.

August 26, 2011 at 12:27 p.m.
BigCousin said...

I would like to thank those of you with respectful and thoughtful comments. While James has touched on some important points. What about the tapes? and It is speculation are true. The rest is complete and utter crap, and he is an idiot. It is speculation. You are now overspeculating and coming up with crap. If you are really good at investigating then become a cop or a real reporter, not a hidden blog repeater who is muckraking the whole situation. Why would a family member read this blog?-Because they were unable to break away from work for one reason or another and tried to find out what they could from this newspaper's website. The respectful comments written are soothing and appreciated. Personal issues. I think everyone has personal issues. Honestly, Michael had become more level headed and more on top of it all than he had been in High School, but that is the same with most of us. I don't know what rumors you hear James, but they are that rumors and speculation. You have made your degraded points clear by now, and some of us are sick and tired of hearing them. If you would like to personally inform me of them, I would be

August 26, 2011 at 12:24 p.m.

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