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ConcernedScot said...

I have been asking questions of the good people of Chattanooga, about their willingness to allow some angry Scots to come and live where they are, or from abroad prop up some wicked people who seek to destroy the area.

Last Sunday, having warned Scottish football, its clubs, its players, its fans and its sponsors, that they were serious about their promise to punish everyone, who force Glasgow Rangers to be punished for their shameful action of the past ten months. Bill Miller, who is seeking to buy the club, has also asked for a guarantee that no further penalties will be forthcoming for one century of shameful sectarianism, hatred and corruption.

This video was posted on You Tube by a young boy, who participated in the wrecking of a part of the opposition's stadium, and while it is illegal, the Strathclyde Police stood by, and are shown in the video, allowing the carnage and the sectarian filth to be left unchallenged.

This is not for the faint of heart. Please ask your selves, if you would want to see this company propped up, or closed down. I will say that the Orange Order, part of the Rangers backroom team, has been shamed for a very long time in the USA and has little support, but among the Ibrox Faithful, they street parades and hate filled marches are to be enjoyed every marching season (JUNE and JULY).

Ten plus minutes to consider whether WE THE PEOPLE would stand for this in the USA, and if we wont, why would Americans be propping it up in MY HOME NATION?

A further video has been removed from You Tube, which gave images of the same fans, and the same producer of this video, threatening and chanting their hatred on the STREETS, in full view of the POLICE and the MEDIA in Glasgow.

Under new legislation, these people face lifetime bans from football. That begs the question, How can Bill Miller make money from a massive group who are due lifetime bans for racial and sectarian abuse. FYI, the lovely lads think that it is great to racially abuse, IRISH CATHOLICS and red headed people, or people with Irish Sounding names. The also share NAZI SALUTES with the world and call their ship DIGNITY.

What say The Editor and the readers of the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Would YOU stand for this?

If so, when can we send these lovely people to your neighborhood for repatriation?

Robert Hutton, The Shadow of Yale Policy Center 329 Exchange Street, New Haven, CT., 06513-3836 USA

May 6, 2012 at 7:51 a.m.
ConcernedScot said...

While claiming to be a God fearing nation, America, my home for 11 years, and Britain, the "great nation" which destroyed my native Scotland, repealed a God given law, "He that sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed." God has never rescided this law, but the crime families, the gangs, the drug cartels, the dealers and the careless nations allow murderers and rapists to cause the decent people to be terrorised in their communities, and attorneys to make a fortune, stretching hope for people who gave no hope to the people they took from their families.

To the Police who taint the evidence, to catch a bad guy, for anything, they too must know that the penalty for false witness in a capital crime, is the same punishment, the witnesses sought for the accused. The same goes for false witnesses, took the time to lie about someone in their anger, pain, or even in their hatred.

How wonderful the world would be in the good people of the earth stopped hiding behind the skirts of their mummies and daddies and stood up for righteousness.

The death penalty has been crushed in Connecticut, which has been my U.S. home, but it is not long since a teenager was shot and killed within a few yards of my home, and the entire neighborhood, who were out on their stoops were too scared or too deeply enmeshed with the crimes on the region, would not speak to the police, as they knew their own children were either, illegal, criminal, immoral or all three.

For wickedness to thrive, good people simply sit by and say absolutely nothing.

May 6, 2012 at 7:22 a.m.
ConcernedScot said...

While owing almost $140 million in Taxes, Glasgow Rangers also have several footballers (Soccer Players) playing for their club, which have not been paid for. Earlier this season, Rangers sold on an Croatian Star having sought 10 million U.K. pounds for him, but failed to pay Rapid Vienna of Austria over one million U.K. pounds they owed on the players initial signing the season earlier.

Carlos Bocanegra, known by the fans as "Captain America" and Alejandro Bedoya another U.S. International footballer, have not been paid for,. and while Carlos Bocanegra and Maurice Edu, a third U.S. Internationalist are first team regulars, Alejandro Bedoya has just found his way into the team as Glasgow Rangers seek to attract American fans to bail them out of the corrupt hole, which was self dug over two decades.

These three Americans have had to take wage cuts of between 25% and 75% of their contracted salaries. Bocanegra and Bedoya only signed those contracts THIS SEASON and Rangers knew they could pay neither the transfer fees nor the wages when they sought the skills of these superb American talents as they sought to cause the American people to become enamoured by the Famous Glasgow Rangers F.C..

The backing of Glasgow Rangers comes from The Scottish Rights Freemasons and the Orange Order, who became part of Glasgow rangers when in 1912, The Rangers Chairman and Club Manager, John Ure Primrose and Bill Struth, respectively, pledged the cub to the Masonic Lodge and recruited on a specifically sectarian basis, as they went on a spree, winning almost everything with a degree of taint that proves that Bill Miller has not signed to take over a Sports Team.

I repeat. Can my friends and I come to Chattanooga or Georgia and despoil the integrity of all your sports and seek to woo, your sons and daughters to our cause?

May 5, 2012 at 6:23 p.m.
ConcernedScot said...

While delighted that Bill Miller has been chosen as the preferred bidder for football giant Glasgow Rangers, I wonder how the people of Chattanooga would feel if their greatest rival, guilty of corruption for 100 years had finally been caught owing $210 million in taxes, with the twenty years of of their existence protected by a beastly organisation which works in ways similar to The Mob?

Would Chattanooga want their 'Choo Choo' hauling this corrupt beast out of the quicksand, and would the good people of Chattanooga be happy that one of its sons, was demanding the no penalties be handed out to his new toy, when 96% of all spectators want his new toy, sent down four divisions, to the bottom of the Soccer pile, while trying to show a degree of repentance for their wicked past and present.

It is also astonishing that Mr. Miller's clients, the fans, are literally blackmailing the entire SPORT plus all the Sponsors if they do not get their way.

Can I come to your backyard and wreck your favorite sports?

May 5, 2012 at 5:59 p.m.

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