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EverydayDrake said...

The TFP really gets into it with 3 sound bites from each candidate. Whew! Now that is campaign reporting. Enthralling stuff.

I agree with you, dpall738, that tracking the money is important - and yes, it matters big picture. But so much less than the issues. Every politician has probably sold their soul a few times at this point - which is why we need to hear the issues, and more importantly hear them directly from the candidates' mouths.

If a candidate's best defense mechanism per the TFP is "declining to comment" (through a spokesperson, no less), really what type of leader or official is that?

Maybe I am naive, to think that the American political system is better than this, when likely voters as yourself get fired up to defend candidates with little apparent backbone. Like I said, I haven't heard enough about either yet, which is why real debates and public discussions are necessary.

I suppose it is naive to think that a candidate should run on actual beliefs and not Press Releases and "middle of the road", non-inflammatory language. This isn't a PTA meeting, it's an election for our political representative in Washington, and I think we deserve better than someone who's top goal isn't to piss anyone off.

To quote a previous commenter, "I continually find it ridiculous that time-and-again these elections are never about issues, ideas, and solutions."

Good point.

December 5, 2011 at 3:32 p.m.
EverydayDrake said...

First of all, after reading what could have been a very interesting article on issues - differences or similarities - readers should see this for bottom level reporting about nonsense, useless words about campaign donations and pseudo influencers. Typical irrelevant local reporting with no regard for actual campaign issues or stances from the candidates.

Is this what serves for political reporting today? Well, this guy has raised X money - I suppose its time to write a story about him. Rubbish.

The comments are less than fulfilling as well. Let's get into issues and what matters here - how our elected official plans to impact our community and what positions and points he or she stands behind. I really don't care who is writing the checks, I care what our elected representatives plan to do.

What’s most disgusting and disturbing is taking a tour of Fleischmann’s “campaign website” – if it can even be described as that. The people, especially my generation (late 20’s), demand a candidate who can take action and stand behind real beliefs. After searching for 5 minutes on Chuck’s site – you may be able to find his “Issues” section. Two tabs from the home page. It’s beyond disappointing and the people of District 3 need to realize it. Links to PR garbage releases that tip toe around actual issues and deliver meaningless marketing speak? Is that who we want representing us? God help us.

I don’t know enough about Weston yet, but at least from his site I can immediately find the issues tab, with content (albeit in third person) that pertains to the issues facing America today. Thankfully he addresses key problems. Is it too much to ask for a politician to say what he or she actually thinks, without worry that they will upset the other 50% or the “upset their base”? We should elect them because of their core principles and commitment to improving our Nation, end of story. The system is broken when our representatives can no longer say what they believe, for fear a shift in the polls next week will cause them to be quoted and drive away voters. We deserve better.

Instead of lukewarm articles about campaign fundraising, let’s focus on the issues ahead of us, and demand these politicians put marketing speak aside and debate the points. That is what our forefathers believed over 200 years ago and it is more relevant than ever today. These commentators and our community should demand more from each candidate and hopefully find the strength to vote for someone who truly believes in something. Not just another J.D. in his 40’s.

As “frontrowgentleman” states – we should be demanding debates, town hall meetings, and real stances on issues that these candidates stand behind. “I’m for the Second Amendment” doesn't cut it - I want to know how a candidate plans to drive economic development, improve education, and defend our Nation. We deserve better. Let’s demand it.

December 5, 2011 at 2:17 p.m.

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