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Galactus said...

Oh yeah, you did forget these rural neighbors pay property taxes for the land they own and still are the ones who feed the urban utopiates. Maybe, the city can invest in a bunch of 'Topsy Turvies' and the food shortage would no longer be an issue. I ask you to think before you buy into this plan. It will result in a bad end, but I feel many are just too brainwashed to see it. As to the unconsiousable agenda and plans of the city leadership, another time.

June 13, 2011 at 9:21 p.m.
Galactus said...

As to the taxes, the city, as typical of most 'urban' governments fritters away money on arts and other such agenda items while when you need ambulance service, that is not a city service, it's county. Interesting. Now as for costs of the roads, the city does nothing to care for the roads out in Harrison. Also, amazing how hungry the city was for money when it decided not to continue the tax sharing agreement. But it sure can continue to fund arts and tree planting, etc. I think folks who just aren't capable of making decisions for themselves and need government to tell them where to live, when to travel, what to drive and so forth should live in those communes. If only they could do so without needing the money from all those in suburbs to fund their bondage and bankroll their masters. With such thinking, this nation would still speak with a British accent and serve the crown. Unfortunately, this pipe dream they embrace would be dead without capitalist money. I can understand how some people can be fooled, but if they would do some honest searching, they may just be able to see what a coming tyranny they are pushing. Even sadder is so-called journalists who don't even tell the truth and are more culpable in fostering our demise. I'll keep liberty. All the socialists (every state ever who tried it has failed) who foolishly want the government and organizations like the UN to dictate their lives will just keep holding their hand out and wanting more. Hope and change indeed. Look at the former Eastern Bloc countries which I have seen many times - what you're planning is just a newer version.

June 13, 2011 at 9:14 p.m.
Galactus said...

Interesting perspectives from Hehe and Nananuk. I guess what it boils down to is what one wants and what believes are the principles of this country. Under the mantra of 'Sustainability', looks as if anything is a good idea. Like urban settlements and forcing mass transit. Looking closely at our great successes in urban developments (Detroit, Los Angeles, etc. ), not much to crow about there. Taking a close look at the Constitution (formerly understood by Americans as the law of the land and foundation of the nation), it appears as if individual rights are paramount. If a person or family chooses to live outside of the urban box city, perhaps for personal safety or quality of life, that is a personal choice not a burden on society. It just amazes me that people like Nananuck believe freedom should somehow cost more. We should charge those in rural areas more for electricity or police protection or whatever. That's what the free market economy can handle. We do not need so-called leaders who most often have made a mess of anything they ever tried to lead dictating policies that remove liberty or promote 'Save Our Earth' nonsense. But if you choose that, well maybe the rural folks shouldn't burden the highway system or use fuel by sending in food to all those urban utopia dwellers. Bottom line is that it's all about forcing change on people to further control what the do, where they live and where they go. The problem with those promoting these ideas is that they can never be truthful because if they are, they would be lose. So, they deceive their way into people's lives under false pretenses. It's now so fashionable for city mayors, politicos and 'sustainables' to care less for preserving liberty rather than fostering their own aims and further gaining control. Many, I suspect, have little real clue the cost of liberty or the ones who have helped provide it. Wake up!

June 13, 2011 at 3:08 p.m.
Galactus said...

I find it amazing, no appalling, the ends to which those hungry for power and control will go (including totally misleading people) to run every facet of life. Even after the unimaginable scandal of lying about climate change, they have no problem looking you in the eye and saying in effect 'yeah we lies about that, but it's real this fime'. There can be no trust in science run, validated and sanitized by the ones lusting for control. America - wake up and remember your founding before the chains of socialist bonding are forged fully. Wise stewardship is our responsibility but when animals and the like take precedence over humans, it is wrong! And are we so arrogant and prideful to think we are in control? I'm afraid that answer is yes. Climate change (by the environmentalists definition) is a hoax.

June 8, 2011 at 10:14 p.m.

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