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As a "Damn Yankee" from I'll take Bob Prince at #1, the long time play-by-play announcer for the Pittsburgh Pirates. When they fired him in 1975 Pittsburghers held a parade to protest the action! I will give Vince Scully is an overall best since he did do golf and football on TV. A close 2nd has to be Jack Buck of the Cardinals. I know that the south is not a hotbed for ice hockey, but you will not find a better hockey announcer that Mike Lange of the Pittsburgh Penguins. If you have not heard him, he is special as are his post-Penguin goal sayings! Finally, for football radio, I will take Bill Hillgrove of (you guessed it) the Steelers and the Pitt Panthers, but he is a far better announcer for the Steelers. With all of that said I will tell you that the legend Larry Munson was well known and respected in the "rust belt" and what was known as the "Eastern Football Powers" of the 50's, 60's and 70's. RIP Mr. Munson!

November 23, 2011 at 8:42 a.m.
GoEagles said...

To ldurham: Are you really that mean and vindictive? Do you really hate Signal Mountain that much that you have to be so bitter in your thoughts and comments? Do you really have a dog in this hunt? Please do us all a favor and take your hatred elsewhere? Tim does not need it, the other players and students don’t need it and the rest of Signal Mountain does not need it!

October 14, 2011 at 7:19 a.m.
GoEagles said...

This is exactly what I thought it all went back to - the incident with Soddy Daisy from this summer. Was the act by the parent wrong? Absolutely! The parent came forward and to accountability for his actions. (It was a punch, not a kick taytay2011.) GrouchyJohn, I believe he is only prohibited to not attend SM events for 1 year. One other point about the incident that no one tells, Soddy Daisy's team was involved in fights/skirmishes all day long. The one with SM was not their 1st of the day. It was the 1st one of the day for SM. This still does not excuse the parent for what happened, but let me ask this: If a parent had hit my kid I would have filed a law suit. To the best of my knowledge no such suit has been filed. As for this incident, it is a shame that everyone is forgetting 1 key important person - the young man that is in the middle of this, that through no fault of his own has been made out to the bad guy. I'm sorry, but he did what he and his mother thought was right. Someone else screwed up and they should be held accountable for this terrible event.

October 11, 2011 at 7:03 p.m.
GoEagles said...

The true mission of any school is to educate, correct? After all, long before there were football teams/games there was education. And reading many of these posts it appears that many people believe the priorities on Signal Mountain are misplaced where football and Bill Price rule and governs all else. Well let’s look at the facts on education alone. (This information is coming from the “Right2Know” web site that was advertised at the top of my Free-Press web page today and compares schools in Hamilton County (HC) against each other. And since everyone wants to compare Signal Mountain to Soddy Daisy in there comments, I will do the same in my comparison. (http://www.timesfreepress.com/content/right2know/reportcards/).

  • Proficient or Advanced in Math (9-12) = Signal Mountain (SM) – 87% (4th in HC); SD 75% (HC – 67%; State 40%)
  • Proficient or Advanced in Reading/Language plus writing (9-12) = SM - 95% (2nd in HC); SD 77% (HC 68%; State 70%)
  • ACT Composite Scores (3 yr. average) = Soddy Daisy (SD) – 20.4 (4th in HC) *TCAP Writing Scores (0-6 scale; 3 yr. average) = SD – 4.2 (this is also the HC and state averages) {Note SM has not been opened long enough for either of these last 2 statistic.}
  • Graduation Rates = SM – 91.2% (3rd in HC); SD – 87.6%
  • Students suspended = SM - 39, SD – 136
  • Students expelled = SM - 0; SD – 17 Finally, let us not forget the “No Child Left Behind Act.” SM is rated as in “Good Standing”; SD is listed as “Corrective Action.” It has been well publicized by this paper and the media of the troubles that Howard HS has had. Because of this, the government allows students from a “failing school” (the government’s terminology not mine) to attend a school in good standing. Howard and SM are partnered, so that students from Howard that wish to attend SM may do so. (SM = 1.4% black; SD = 1.9%) As a resident of SM, I will confess that the majority of the 1.4% black students are not “residents” of the Mountain. Rather they are students that, by law, have a right to attend Signal Mountain coming from Howard HS. In summary, it appears where SM is supposed to be excelling, in the classroom, they are champions there. I know for a fact that SD has a lot of good people that want the best for their school as do all schools, so my goal here was not to “throw SD under the bus”, but rather to demonstrate that SM is doing what they are supposed to be doing – educating our kids. So the question is, is the animosity that is being directed at our highly successful football program just a way for those that do not care for SM (or for the sport of football for whatever reason) to cast their stones at us? We are not perfect. We never said we were. But “remove planks from your own eye before you try to remove the speck from our eye.” We are loud and proud for our school, our teachers, our students and our success! Deal with it!
August 4, 2011 at 9:07 a.m.
GoEagles said...

"Those without sin should cast the 1st stone." I didn't realize that so many people in Hamilton County and Tennessee lived without sin??? How many of you actually know what happens on a daily basis within the SM FB Program? All you know is the negative episodes and Bill Price's reputation. How do you know that the players were not punished by Coach Price? Just because the penalties were kept in house doesn't mean they did not happen. Was Bill Price penalized in some other way, privately? I do not know? Does Bill like to win, a lot? Yes! Has he tried to run the score up on teams at one time or another? I must admit that in my opinion he has. But as the "Ole' Ball Coach" once said, it is the defenses job to stop my offense. I guess then Bill should tell the players to stop playing hard??? That is not Bill nor is it the way the game should be played. Remember what your mother probably said, "if you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say it at all." I hope to see all of the sinless people on the Mountain on August 19th when Signal Mountain plays East Hamilton. Otherwise, please do yourself and us a favor and stay away.

August 3, 2011 at 7:39 p.m.
GoEagles said...

1 – Those who do not live on the Signal Mountain, leave your petty jealousies at the door. We have won at football since Day 1 and you can’t stand it. Deal with it!

2 – The Signal Mountain player who caught the pass on the play in question was jumped on by three Soddy Daisy players after the play was well over. The parent who was involved took responsibility for his actions and has accepted the consequences.

3 – The TSSAA states that they do not have jurisdiction over the summer-time 7-on-7 activities, so the ultimate blame lies at the feet of the TSSAA. Either sanction the activities or ban them. Stop burying your heads in the sand and only coming out when forced to do so.

4 – If the TSSAA really, truly cared about the health and welfare of the student-athlete only conditioning workouts would be permitted for all sports for the period after the 4th of July until 3 weeks before Labor Day weekend. Practice and playing football in the early Tennessee August heat and humidity is just asking for trouble. The 1st football game (and all athletic activity for that matter) should not be played until Labor Day weekend. Ooops, I forgot, that might decrease the money the TSSAA gets for athletic related events.

August 3, 2011 at 7:01 a.m.

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