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GrouchyJohn said...

Privacy issues be damned.... people have rights, including the rights to privacy. A person also has the right to swing his/her arm and fist at my nose. But that person's right to do ends at the moment that fist impacts my nose. The HCDE needs to understand this and to quit hiding behind "privacy act" and using it as an excuse to not explain things.

I'm more and more becoming an advocate of "an eye or an eye" kind of justice, these bullies need a dose of their own medicine. At the very least they need to be stripped and flogged, preferably in front of those same kids that they inflicted the same treatment to. I'm sure someone would claim this to be "cruel and unusual punishment", but not one @#$% bit more cruel than the 5 on 1 beatings they administered. Unfortunately, it will never happen, someone would holler I'M GONNA SUE YOU!! It would be no more a cruel act than the beating I would administer to the person stupid enough to punch me in the nose....

November 27, 2011 at 3:15 p.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

Yeah, well, those of us with diesel engines aren't doing as well, diesel is up to almost $3.70 in many places. it was dropping like gas a few weeks ago, down into the lower $3.50 range...then it went up to $3.70 in less than a week. This time of year, the home heating oil industry is slammed, trying to supply heating oil and diesel is very much like heating oil, so diesel goes up. With my business, I buy close to $400 a week of diesel at these prices.

November 8, 2011 at 5:30 a.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

Pizza guy, you failed to exercise proper gun control... you only hit the thief with 3 out of the 5 rounds you shot at him. Further, you shot him with a wimpy .38 revolver. On the other hand, you did stop an armed gunman from robbing and possibly shooting/killing yourself. Big time KUDOS, Pizza Guy. But get a bigger caliper weapon!!! Something with a .4x on the front end that has more bullets in it. That way he won't run away and won't be robbing anyone else... ever.

November 4, 2011 at 5:37 p.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

they are gonna make the speakers better? you mean no more URMUMPH RARMAHARDAG HAGNELENWESS from the speakers at the drive thru? I just hope they remember their old creed: hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us, have it your way......

October 31, 2011 at 9:46 p.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

Macropetala8, your idea is wonderful! Yes, Gentrification is the only way.... run a bunch of bulldozers through the inner-city slums, doze them to the ground and scatter all the trouble makers to the wind. This same thing happened in Chattanooga about a decade ago, and it actually helped in that it broke up some of the gangs that roamed the housing projects. However the trouble makers then went out into the rest of the city and trouble started all over town, every where the section 8 housing was taken over by gangs, ect. I'd sooner keep the trouble limited to certain small areas of town than have it spread all over... so no, your idea REALLY SUCKS in the long run.

Personally, I vote for the 6:00 executions. Find the people doing the shootings, put them on trial, if found guilty of shooting people on a random basis (or even not randomly but intentionally) you then stand them up against a concrete wall and blow holes in them with a bunch of BIG caliber rifles. It would be a punishment that fits the crime. Make sure you broadcast it on television... the 6pm executions. That way you get 2 GOOD results... the rectums doing the shooting are ended, and the example of what happens to you for random shootings is seen by all.

October 31, 2011 at 10:11 a.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

Tonight Signal Mountain sent a message to Sequatchie County: YOU BOYS DON'T BELONG IN THE PLAYOFFS. What a butt kicking.... Even with Bill Price's somewhat arrogant attitude about going for it (at least 3 times) on 4th down (one of them was 4th and about 14 on the VERY first series of downs!) the Mountain boys scored almost at will. All 3 of those 4th down attempts resulted in Indian scores.

Of course, Price may have simply been trying to make sure the score did not reflect a major runaway, which without these 3 scores it would have been. Sequatchie County only had one legit score where they managed to punch it in without SM help. Considering the cries of FOUL coming from all the boo-birds and Signal Bashers every time the score gets run up sky high he might have done a good thing.

Nah..... not really.

BTW, Kudos to the Ref crew at this game. It was a well called game, with no apparent bias towards either team. Much better calling than I came to the game expecting to see.

October 29, 2011 at 12:27 a.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

let me note that while I believe this question to be a definite yes for allowing full carry in public, I think carry in public needs careful consideration. In larger urban areas such as within a city limit carrying in public will and has resulted in a bunch of people doing the panic/freak out thing and hollering for the police to come get this guy carrying a gun away from me. I have seen this happen, the police told the guy to please conceal as people were freaking out. The permitted carrier simply put a coat over the weapon and went on his way.

Concealed carry is much more appropriate in urban areas. My Tennessee permit does not say "concealed carry", it says "permit to carry" but even then I always carry concealed. I can still pull my concealed weapon from my holster within 2 seconds of how fast I can pull from a non-concealed holster but I don't risk someone deciding they want to be a hero and disarm me or a thief trying to steal my weapon from me.

October 22, 2011 at 2:18 p.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

inquiringmind, you are not entirely as "inquiring" as you think you may be.... the last time I checked, there is NO gun registration in the state of Tennessee. Shocked and horrified now, are you? The only people in Tennessee that keep records of gun ownership are those licensed dealers themselves and the companies that manufacture the weapons, and those companies (if and only if) you fill out the warranty paperwork (on-line or paper)and send it in.

My weapons (and that is exactly what they are) are mostly kept in my bolted down gun safe, but there is at least one with a round up the pipe, cocked and locked, where I can get to it quickly. A gun in a gun safe is not a gun, its a locked down piece of steel that is useless, not even a good club. At the same time, that gun safe can be ripped up, picked up and walked away with.... would you in your infinite wisdom consider that to be worth a $20,000 fine? If you do, I will be at the point of considering the old saying about not arguing with a fool because soon the people around you can't tell the difference to be in effect.

The debate re: the condition of the country now vs the latter half of the 1700's... the differences between now and then IMHO are disappearing. The modern stuff isn't disappearing, but the governmental attitude is getting more and more the same. The government will own you if it continues on this path.

hcirehttae, the next time you walk into a McDonalds, or a subway (train, not the eatery), or into (fill in the blank), please consider the REAL nutcases that are NOT permit holders that have walked in these same places and simply began blazing away. Whole rooms full of people shot dead because the so-called nutcases you think permit carriers are were not there and no one was armed to shoot back.

Go back and re-read the stats given you earlier in these comments, of 339,000 people given permits in Tennessee over the last 15 years, only 5 have been convicted of a gun crime within the last 3 years. Your wrong headedness and fear show you to be a flaming liberal IMHO. Hopefully it won't be your own home where you find one of these REAL nutcases waiting on you.

October 22, 2011 at 2 p.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

inquiringmind, it is perhaps you that is living in different century if you think that "The problem is we let any crazy that wants to buy a gun do it.". Letting them is not the problem, keeping the crazys from getting one is much more difficult than you seem to to think.

Want a gun? There are many ways to get one, from stealing it to buying it off the street to actually (and legally) doing so at a licensed gun dealer. There are many more ways of getting one illegally than there are legally. Those of us that want to do it legally go to the licensed dealer, we are also the majority of people that get permits. At the same time I have inherited some 6-8 handguns from members of my family that have died. I usually trade these in to legal firearms dealers for newer firearms.

My point? There is no stopping the sale/transfer/acquisition of firearms, short of going Gestapo on US citizens. Are you willing to do that? Be aware that the 2nd amendment, IMHO, was written to stop the government from doing just that.

October 22, 2011 at 9:45 a.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

The state of Tennessee has 6.3 million people in it. According to the website, "Since October 1996, the Department of Safety has issued more than 339,000 handgun carry permits." That's not a high ratio of permits to people so maybe Tennessee isn't as full of gun nuts as the world thinks we are.

These Violence Policy Center twits found only 10 incidents ( within almost 3 years) of a permit carrier involved in a shooting??? Only 5 of them were convicted. I'm no math major, but I'd say that's a very very low percentage of people with permits that have been involved in an illegal handgun crime.

At the same time, there have been (per a TFP article dated Oct 10th), "As of Oct. 7, there have been 55 shooting incidents with injuries and 23 shooting deaths reported in Chattanooga this year." The vast majority of these shooting events were drive-by shootings in inner city areas. I'd bet the farm that there were exactly no permit carriers within the number of shooters involved in these events.

I have an excellent suggestion for The Violence Policy Center people.... I'd suggest they go stand on a few certain corners of Chattanooga's inner-city for a few nights with signs that say "I'm unarmed". No takers? Why am I not surprised? They aren't even good for "bait"...

October 22, 2011 at 8:52 a.m.

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