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GrouchyJohn said...

LS43, the incident that taytay (the name should give you some indication of this person's mentality) is referencing did indeed happen, although not exactly as taytay says. There was 1 parent that was involved in the incident, and he has been permanently banned from the campus... not even allowed to come onto the road leading to the school much less ever set foot there again. Some people think this is a slap on the wrist, but consider never seeing any of your sons play a home game again, never being able to pick one up, never again being able to (fill in the blank). The act was despicable.

I am a mountain resident and I'd say that half of the kids in the school know me at least by sight as I am involved there daily. I know your son does. No guesses, please.

The level of jealousy from non mountain residents is amazing, I sometimes get dirty looks when I come off the mountain and someone realizes where I'm from. I see people turn their noses up daily. At the same time, I can leave a bicycle in my front yard for a week and I know no one is gonna touch it. My front door can stay unlocked 24/7 and I don't worry about getting mugged or panhandled walking down the street. To the best of my knowledge, and I have lived here a LONG time, there has never been a drive by shooting in the Town of Signal Mountain. Let 'em be jealous.

Bearhunter, you don't count... you are neither a mountain resident nor a TSSAA official. So go hunt a bear somewhere. Hopefully the bear will win this time.

pp37343, the diversity of the LOCAL student population would surprise you. It likely would not match up with the diversity of the valley, but it is surprising even to me. There are a large number of non-white kids living on the mountain. Quite a few of them are adopted or live in foster homes. There are many more non-white families living on the mountain that you would believe without setting foot in the school, which I'd say has a 98% chance that you haven't done so.

October 11, 2011 at 6:14 p.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

XGSBoss, please post in this forum the date and time you will be disposing of your personal firearms, and also the date that you pick up your check from the bank or out of the mailbox.... kindly include your home address and when you will be home. I'm sure there are some people reading this that would love to come visit you...

In actuality, the permit in my pocket does NOT say permit to carry concealed... it says permit to carry. If I wanted, I could strap my favorite hogleg (I said favorite, I have more than one) to my hip and go walking down the street. It would be silly to do so as there would be hundreds of people making thousands of phone calls to LEOs about an armed man. I have never shot anyone. Yes, I have pulled a gun on someone, actually 2 someones at the same time. I was in my own house at the time. They came in the front door, split up and tried to "surround" me. Their reaction to seeing a .44 stuck in their face was very gratifying. I could have legally killed them... but didn't. I guess I was not included in that years stats on gun violence.

My point? Guns in the hands of people with non-violent intentions stop the annoyance of being bothered by those WITH violent intentions.

Gun control: Hitting what you aim at.

May you never be required to practice Gun Control, but thank God that Tennessee gives you the right to do so.

October 10, 2011 at 5:46 p.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

"and is brutally punitive and discriminatory."

I consider it to be brutally punitive and discriminatory to require me to follow the law when they can flout it by being here illegally. Paying them under the table robs the tax rolls of income and increases my taxes. Why should I have to pay for these people and their kids to get free medical and education when 40% of my pay goes to pay taxes, but the majority of their pay goes back to Mexico, Central or South America.

Pull the troops home from the Sand Box, and use them to round up the illegals then have them build and guard the border wall that needs to be built. No, wait, that would also be illegal... you can't deploy US troops within their own country without a declaration of emergency. Our wonderful Muslim and Socialist President isn't going to do that even though the situation is entirely out of hand.... hundreds of thousands of illegals in this country is not an emergency????? We should also reduce the population of the prisons by simply doing what the Cubans did to us years ago. Load up the buses at the prison doors and dump the lowlifes 50 feet over the border and tell them to keep going or get shot.

Be glad I'm not the one writing the illegal immigrant laws. Now THAT would be brutal, punitive and definitely discriminatory. There would be no more "wetbacks", they would all become "wet going backs" and would like leave on their own before the laws went into effect.

October 9, 2011 at 9:18 a.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

I have wondered a couple of things since this mess started...

First, according to the letter the TSSAA sent Signal Mountain it was known some time back that this young man was ineligible to play but nothing was done about it at that time. WHY NOT? Why would the TSSAA wait until the season was almost over and then kick these kids in the teeth?

Second, I wondered who it was that raised enough of a stink to finally get the TSSAA moving on this.... and why?

The rumor mill has finally spit out the name of the person(s) that informed on Signal Mountain.... and it appears to be the coach at Sequatchie County.

Now, to me, if Sequatchie County had protested significantly at the start of the season and had gotten this taken care of back then, it would have been a situation of correcting a problem.

HOWEVER... the Sequatchie County coach found himself with a 3rd place team that would NOT be getting an invite to the playoffs and looks around to see what he can do to fix that problem. So he rats out Signal Mountain (who, btw, seriously kicked his team's arse) and now is the #2 school in rankings and will get a playoff spot invitation. A real weak sister team that will likely AGAIN loose in the first game of the playoffs.

Those of you claiming that this should be a learning experience for SMHS should consider what kind of learning experience it would be for the Sequatchie County kids to learn from their coach that you do whatever the hell it takes to advance yourself. That is EXACTLY what the man did. No 2 ways about it. Whatever it takes to win.

The same thing you are accusing Bill Price of doing.

October 9, 2011 at 8:40 a.m.
GrouchyJohn said...

All of you people claiming that the school built a program way to fast and in way to short a time are FAILING to consider just exactly where Signal Mountain is and where its athletes went to school before.

Signal Mountain for years and years sent its athletes to RED BANK. Red Bank won a state football championship in 5A just a few years ago with many many Signal Mountain athletes as star players. Add to that the basketball teams, the volleyball teams and others and you have a core of great athletes. When Signal Mountain started its own school, it did not start out as a rookie school, it had a massive core of players to build from. Red Bank is no longer the overwhelming powerhouse it was, simply because so many of Signal Mountain's fine athletes no longer go there. Don't simply take my word for it, look it up.

THEN you insert an excellent coach that played and coached under Red Bank's Finest (Tom Weathers) you wind up with a winning combination that simply picked up, moved, and continues the winning ways it was doing at the base of the mountain 2 years before.

Stop being fools and claiming it happened way to fast.... it didn't... It just elevated itself about 1000 feet and simply kept on kick butts and not worrying about taking names.

BSH514, if you go to BLACKMON (sic) (by the way, the correct spelling is Blackman) you shouldn't embarrass your school by opening your mouth. You simply show your ignorance.

October 7, 2011 at 3:20 p.m.

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