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Jarhead1982 said...

Poor chet, guess with such an absolutist belief of yours, the following must surely be true.

Since one priest committed pedophilia, all priests are automatically pedophiles and should all be jailed and prosecuted eh?

Since "many" police officers have killed, raped, robbed, etc, etc all police are automatically felons and all should be jailed right?

Here is an even better one, since aid's was first noticed in the gay community, and aid's is such a scarey virus, all gay people should be forced to come out of the closet for the public safety. Gays should be made to wear a mark and be separated from the "normal" people all in the interest of public safety based on your unsubstantiated/irrelevant beliefs.

Maybe you should ask the surviving Jews in WW2 Europe how that turned out eh?

Hey chetnuts maybe you can actually show some real government data. That would make you the most unique anti in world history. The first to ever have real government data that showed people who carried concealed were not 12,000 to 25,000 times less likely than a doctor to kill you.

April 28, 2011 at 2:31 p.m.
Jarhead1982 said...

Hey, since doctors are 14,000 to 31,000 times more likely to kill you than a person carrying concealed, why aren't you crying to ban doctors, especially on campus?

JAMA 2001 report 700k doctors kill 44k-98k people a year or .065 to .14 per doctor.

Florida & Texas government CPL databases 2.7 million licensee's, 13 deaths a year or .00000445 per licensee.

.065 or .14/.00000445 = 14k to 31k, darn the numbers are right.

Oh my US government agencies USDOJ National Gang Threat Assessment annual report 2009 identifies 80% of violent crimes committed by career criminals/felons and multiple police studies (Chicago & NYC specifically) show that 76 to 80% of shootings, both shooter and injured were involved in a criminal activity (mostly drug deals) or had significant felony histories.

So again where is your data to support your inference that law abiding gun owners are responsible for all the violent crime in the US? Oh wait, you anti extremists never have any data.

Man real effective how them signs are for stopping violent crime, lol! Tell that to all the victims and relatives of the people at Va Tech, N Illinois, and all those other criminal entitlement zones you anti's love to have so your body count just goes higher and higher. After all, you believe criminals have more rights than a law abiding citizen and that a woman strangled and raped is morally superior to the same woman standing over the body of her dead attacker eh?

Insanity is repeating the same failure over and over again, and the insanity has been proven to be gun control as it has failed to reduce ANYTHING in regards to violent crime in ANY country or city it has been implemented, prove otherwise.

September 15, 2010 at 12:15 p.m.
Jarhead1982 said...

Lets see, VPC, who has been proven to consistently lie, cited as a source, posts a report, with out context or details to support whether the shootings were justifiable.

Whether the people involved ;

  • actually had a concealed carry permit
  • were permit holders were prosecuted just for carrying in a banned spot or other misdemeanor issue and not just felony murder as the VPC seems to infer. -were actually felons whose permit was issued by error by the state (geez gooberment employee's making a mistake, lol).

(see VPC 2009 report for 137 total over 3 yr time or 45 per year).

This number may be somewhat high when you review the actual data on concealed carry from the states own databases (ref see Florida & Texas for 2.7 million of these as a good example).

Per ATF there are 8 million CPL licensed individuals, that is an approximate average of .00000445 deaths per licensee (ref Florida & Texas data) and you will find this is consistent in all carry states, prove otherwise.

JAMA Journal of American Medical Association 2001 report shows 44k-98k people killed by the 700k doctors in the US due to medical malpractice or between .065 to .14 deaths per doctor.

This means a doctor is 14,000 to 31,000 times more likely to kill you than a person licensed to carry concealed. (.065 or .14/ .00000445)

So proving that doctors are such a public health risk, why isn't this article author crying out in that doctors should be banned eh?

Funny how review of actual shooting incidents, compiled on websites like Keep & Bear Arms show in the last 3 years during the same time as the VPC fantasy report, there were over 500 people saved by defensive gun uses.

Funny how the VPC or the red headed step children of gun control don't ever talk about that.

Funny how the laws of probability, government data on shootings, murders, and injuries, when reviewed with actual police study facts show that guns are indeed used over 3 million times a year in self defense.

Funny how an inanimate object whose only purpose per the VPC is to kill, fails to do so over 95% of the time, the remainder of the time stopping or preventing an attack. Man if I had a job or a purpose and failed to do it over 95% of the time, I would sure try to remedy that wouldn't you? So which of you anti's is going to talk to the Gun Union representatives and talk to all those guns and berate them for failing to kill all the time eh? After all guns have supernatural powers to load, aim and pull the trigger all by themselves right (mental illness belief - Fetishism). These inanimate objects also have the ability using telepathy or their voices so when they are near you, they can command you to commit a violent crime and you must obey right (mental illness belief-schizophrenia)?

You anti's let us know when you have talked to the guns and solved the problem of why they aren't killing everyone they encounter or are not the root cause of violence!

September 15, 2010 at 8:33 a.m.

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