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Apparently my comment was too long, here's the other half:

Every time we have guests they comment on how pretty and hotel-esque the building is, they say we're so lucky to live here. I've gotten to the point over the last year where I begin to disagree with them. Sure, we have a fancy lobby and a gym, but that's about it. The units themselves are cramped, parking is a mess and storage space in the units is almost non-existent. Ever heard of the phrase "putting lipstick on a pig"? Well, that's precisely what The Pinnacle has done. I've done social work in state housing that has better amenities than this place.

Summit, what brings you to claim that The Pinnacle is the "best value in Chattanooga"??? I'm pretty sure you could buy a nice big new house for the price of a condo, and not have to worry about half of the crap that we do. What can we do, though? We chose to buy the place, so we're stuck now, right? Is that why our complaints are never addressed, because the management know we are stuck with our decision?

I could carry on, but I already feel like my words are falling upon deaf ears, so I really hope that someone can step up help and change things. I get the impression that this is what Mr. Zema is attempting to do, but there seems to be a mixed response with regards to his actions. Maybe I'll bump into him one day in the elevator and can find out what the real story here is.

October 8, 2011 at 8:35 p.m.
Mel6429 said...

After hearing about this article from other residents, and reading a statement from Mr. Zema I decided to come see what the article really said. I am also a resident at The Pinnacle and the deafening noise, mysterious water leaking through the ceiling and rain water and dirt coming through the sliding glass door have all been a concern for me. I have also noticed that when I spend a few days away from my condo my terrible cough seems to disappear and come back full force after being home for a few hours. I am not claiming to have any sort of mold in my unit, as I have not even opened up the vents to look, but reading this makes me suspicious. Shouldn't it be the property management’s job to inspect for mold? Why should I have to pay for that? Sure, it's MY home, but it's not my building!

I often look after my young nephews during the day while their mother is at work, and now I am beginning to wonder if maybe I have been keeping them in an unsafe environment. Before, my only concern was that naptime is made impossible by the "wall shaking" construction noise, as ThatGuy so perfectly described it. I once went to one of the workers (which I assumed was right above my unit, but was actually 3 floors up and STILL deafened me!) and asked him if he could just stop for a while so I could get the boys to sleep. He kindly agreed and apologized, telling me that he was tearing up the hardwood floors alone. We have what, 30-40 units left to unoccupied? No wonder construction has taken so long, if you just have the one guy working on everything!

The hot water runs brown for about 3 minutes, so every time I want to wash the dishes or take a shower I have to waste a few gallons of water beforehand. The sheetrock next to my shower is falling in due to the mysterious water leak that I mentioned. No cause could be found, but a week after it happened an email went around saying there was a leak on the 11th floor, so maybe that was what happened? I was never informed one way or the other.

I also like what NoleMole said. We split our electricity and other utilities 137 ways on top of the EXORBITANT HOA fees. $400 a month! For what?! To never get a chance to sleep in, have brown water, an elevator that is often held up by workers for so long that I eventually have to struggle down the stairs, and to have all of my concerns thrown to the side by management? Then on top of that, if there is anything that good old Jim, the maintenance man can do, we get charged an extra $15 just for him to come check things out?? Why isn't that $400 going towards his salary? NoleMole said there are 137, correct? So say 40 are still vacant, I don’t know if all units pay $400, but say they do. That's a good $37,000 a month just in HOA fees (440,000/year). What is all this money going towards?! Upkeep of the pool??? I highly doubt that!

October 8, 2011 at 8:34 p.m.

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