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I will defend (as I have) the rights of a U.S. Citizen to practice these rights under the U.S. Constitution. But . . . Occupying a public area creating unsafe and unsanitary conditions in this public area is not a good thing. Peaceful Assembly does not mean to homestead on public land. Why these people were ever allowed to stay the first night is beyond me. If it were up to me I would say -- if they all were not up and moving, speech-a-fying, chanting, whatever then they must move along. Absolutely no camping on public land without a permit, no fires, no consumption of alcohol, or loitering, etc. etc. etc. Anyone caught sleeping would be considered a vagrant and processed accordingly. Were permits granted for these people to Occupy public land, or for Assembly on this public land? I do not know but if they were granted a permit I doubt that it would have allowed them to assemble this long or erect structures without a break. I have been watching these assemblies popup all over the country and still have not been able to understand a clear message other than they are disgruntled. They speak in generalities with no direction other than disruption and some kind of frustration with someone or something.

Rally and protest all you want BUT go home when everyone else does and take a bath, get some good food, and make your plans there. Be sure to clean up after yourselves, as the city has their own mess to clean up.

Thank you.

USSA is one day closer.

November 1, 2011 at 2:56 p.m.
My2centsworth said...

WOW a public official making sense? I might just faint. But I still see others saying not to touch anything. I like the part about "Fewer commissioners in a growing population could mean more work for each commissioner and maybe calls for more compensation later". They want to get additional compensation for the added (or same) duties. Sounds a little one sided or just a typical governmental attitude. How many companies have -compensated- their employees for all their additional duties caused by cutbacks or layoffs?? Like the company (boss) says - do you want the job or not. I guess I could look at it from their side but I have no experience working for the public. In that way my only dealings with a public employee is the rudeness I usually receive from them because of where or with whom they work.

But in short - Keep up the good work, my hat is off to you.

August 2, 2011 at 11:35 a.m.
My2centsworth said...

OOOOPS I forgot about the gun issue. Gun found but no Ammo.

"they also found an unloaded .22-caliber rifle inside the vehicle, Dodd said. The gun belonged to one of the occupants, and there was no indication that the gun was used that evening."

Shame shame - Ashamed - for trying to insinuate something that was not there to begin with. Are You Trying to INSIGHT something? Perhaps cause more unfounded animosity or Ill Will??

July 16, 2011 at 5:33 p.m.
My2centsworth said...

01centare - Why would anyone in their right mind want the FBI involved in a local issue. Are you perhaps trying to instigate something, perhaps blow it out of proportion, maybe stir the pot for personal reasons or gain? Perhaps you are right - call in the FBI and investigate 3 morons doing something stupid in the early morning hours, I am sure they have nothing better to do and the expense of this little game would fall as always - to the taxpayers. AND maybe those who heard those words would need counseling for mental trauma, it might have lowered their self esteem.

Capiscan - Article states "reportedly threw the fireworks toward East Lake Courts", no where in this article does it state "Firing fireworks into someone's home ". I guess you missed that part. AND as far as "these guys didn't go into a white neighborhood and do this crap" would have made them look dumber than they already were.

AND poor ashamed - You had better listen to or attend one of Jeremiah Wright (you mispelled Jeremiah) sermons. He is a supreme racist, a hater of all that is White, and American. I research my facts long before ever speaking or in this case typing. Be thankful you live in America because if Jeremiah and others like him have there way the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and many other laws that we enjoy will be a thing of the past. You can also check out many of Jeremiah's sermons on Youtube if you care to. Also you can go to his church's web page - it really is a nice web page, or just google him.

While you are at it you might want to check out Sheila Jackson Lee's record and speeches, very interesting.

As far as the fireworks being set off, that too was not a smart thing to do, someone could have been injured. Fact: In 2009, U.S. hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 8,800 people for fireworks related injuries; - excerpt from NFPA’s Fireworks report, by John R. Hall, Jr., June 2011.

Enough said here I have spent more time on this than I had intended but I had to clarify and perhaps enlighten some. Have a great day and remember, education before pontification (To express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way).

USSA is one day closer, be warned.

July 16, 2011 at 5:27 p.m.
My2centsworth said...

Well ashamed - Talk about blind rhetoric from the uninformed or just plain ignorant. Where is all the outrage against people like Jeremiah Wright and his racist and Anti American preachings?? or Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) and her jump to using the race card yet again?? Why would a couple of morons shooting off fireworks, yelling racial slurs be a Federal case??? What is the difference if one was a paramedic with Hamilton County, is that supposed to be something special?? Was he a Good paramedic?? It is people like you, Wright, Lee and others who continually push and yell the same agenda. There are more important things to worry about and should have more of your attention than these simple minded morons. Besides if you and others like you want to stop the use of the 1st amendment then you are also hurting yourselves in the process. It works both ways, you want to protest, to say certain words are not to be uttered or spoken then start with yourself. Till my dying breath I will defend yours and their right to Free Speech, in any form. I may not like or agree with what you or they might say but everyone has the right to say it. Political correctness be damned along with any unlawful law restricting our right to Free Speech.

USSA is one day closer, beware.

July 16, 2011 at 11:16 a.m.
My2centsworth said...

HELLO, Illegal is Illegal is Illegal. Arrest them, deport them, take all they have accumulated and sell it to pay for the cost of deportation, check the parents status, and any others who might be living with them. Take all that they have to pay for their deportation. Dream Act my A$$, just another attempt to encourage more dishonesty and theft and crime by these types of individuals. DEPORT THEM.

USSA is one day closer.

June 29, 2011 at 8:41 a.m.
My2centsworth said...

You have to be kidding, this is one of the stupidest thing I have ever heard or seen. Restricting this bill to the 3rd grade only? Because it "restricted its effect to third grade, which analysts said doesn’t have a significant cost".

OMG - 'Social Promotion', next they will want 'Social Justice' (oh wait, the Demoncrats -Obama- preach that, perhaps Social Faith, or Social Homes, or Social Cities, or Social States, OR a Social Country.

Wow - Promoting school children just to move them along, what happened to teaching??? What happened to Education? What kind of education are you trying to give our future generations? YOU send kids to High School who cannot read, write, spell, or do math and expect them to do well? Then you expect these uneducated children to muddle through and get Socially Promoted onto College? I will just be you also want them to be Socially Promoted into the REAL WORLD to Socially Promotable things?

WELL Sen. Charlotte Burks, D-Monterey, you can make DAM* sure that you will have all of these Socially Promoted children on your door step trying to get you to Socially Take Care Of Them because not one will be able to take care of themselves. I hope you have enough money set aside for this and a big enough house, cause you are going to need it.

This is just another example of the American Politician at work. If you cannot do Something RIGHT then throw Something out and show that you did Something. Like Nancy Polosie says, "Pass the Bill and we will figure it out later". OH wait, I SEE, Sen. Charlotte Burk must be a product of this Social Promotion, that explains a lot.

I apologize, I cannot continue with this as I am really starting to get mad about STUPID politicians and their lack of any real thought of the American Peoples true needs. If I was the Senator I would hang my head in SHAME.

USSA is one day closer.

May 18, 2011 at 3:11 p.m.
My2centsworth said...

These people and others like them are as bad as the Prohibitionists were. Always blaming something/someone for the end result but never blaming the cause. Their misguided concepts are almost laughable but for their sincerity. If we follow their logic (or lack of) then we must also ban cars, knives, many insects, boats, reptiles, and mammals because they also kill 1,000s of humans each year. AND while we are banning things that kill humans why do we not ban the number 1 killer of humans -- WAR. Or ban Cancer and other diseases, they definitely kill humans. Let us averageguns these deaths over the last 10 years. Car: 40023 Guns: 8237 Knives: 2573 Animals:
Bee/Wasp 53 Dogs 31 Spider 6.5 Rattlesnake 5.5 Mountain lion 1 Shark 1 Alligator 0.3 Bear 0.5 Scorpion 0.5 Centipede 0.5 Elephant 0.25 Wolf 0.1 Horse 20 Bull 3
Hurricanes: 233 War: 9545

Shall I go on? It seems that Cars and car manufactrurers should be number 1 on your list not guns and secondly should be WARS. Why do you not turn your money and energies towards something more constructive, like eliminating gangs or ignorance and bias being taught in the school system, or American Pride in OUR history.

But alas you take the easy way out.

Shame on you and those like you.

USSA is one day closer.

May 18, 2011 at 12:27 p.m.
My2centsworth said...

My only concern (at this time) is what will be taught in their class rooms? I have other concerns but will wait till there is an answer to this first.

May 1, 2011 at 2:16 p.m.
My2centsworth said...

Yes -- yes. Everyone knows how bad things are and how the poor government and business are just barely scraping by. We all know that they just want to help out the public and protect us. AND we all know how much they all need more money to do that because for years it just was not done right. AND is is for our benefit.

I just have one question???

Will this increase really benefit the PEOPLE or just pay for salary increases?

I mean - will ANY of these monies be used to replace ANY of the old pipes and valves, you know, Infrastructure????

I personally use a device called Big Berkey to filter all my city water. With the amount of chemicals you put into our drinking water - to make it safe - is way more than I want to put into my body.

And my last comment is "I sure wish my pay would get a 30% increase" you know, just to cover all the other increases".

USSA is one day closer.

February 28, 2011 at 7:54 a.m.

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