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NoTyranny said...

So the FREE PRESS fired the author of this opinion piece... hmmm doesn't seem like 'Free Press' to me... seems like censorship.. I'm sure they have some excuse but... it won't be a good one.

Now... to all you genius Liberals on this thread who are straining to find some positive results to encourage yourselves in your worship of Lord Obama. 6 years to achieve an unemployment rate that is still over 7% is a failure. Constantly spouting divisive rhetoric when you promised to be a 'Purple' President... is a failure. Lying through your teeth, changing stories, making up stories... is a failure. Letting 4 men die in Benghazi so that you can continue your reign as Dictator in Chief... is a failure. Forcing a Health Care plan that is now causing even your supporters, the Unions, to condemn it.. is a failure. Having and defending a lying attorney general who uses his office to attack your political opponents, violating every ethical principle of the office... is a failure. Using the IRS to attack your political opponents.. is a failure. Rehashing the same economic stimulus plan that is rejected by both Democrats and a failure. Producing budgets that are rejected in wholesale by both Republicans and Democrats.. is a failure. And lying to your brainwashed kool-aid drinking supporters just because you can get away with it because they're either too ignorant or too emotionally bought into your failed Presidency.. is a failure. And the blinders you Liberals wear... and the hypocrisies you tolerate in yourselves... and the willingness to sacrifice America for the sake of your self-worship in your deluded and idiotic notions of self-righteousness makes you all bigger failures than Obama is. Because you re-elected this Charlatan and swallow his BS like it was Ovaltine!

August 2, 2013 at 12:43 a.m.
NoTyranny said...

Well I see that this is another periodical that has become a State Run media misinformation and disinformation tool. And comrade jjmez is the Obama puppet on staff. Every comment made by comrade jjmez is the typical dishonest rhetoric of the Intelligentsia of the Left and he believes that by quoting the lies of Leftist rags like the Huff post that he's established his legitimacy. Well listen young Bolshevik... you are either completely misinformed or you're a liar.. or both. And here's the illustration of just how brainwashed you are. Read this article by the Washington Post about the truth about Embassy budgets.

You're good at spouting rhetoric Comrade puppet jjmez... but you're completely full of crap... good old Obama poo.... goes down smooth for you I'm sure.

This newspaper has failed its duty to the American People to provide legitimate information. A Government By The People can not function with no Free Press.. and by Free Press I mean a Press that is Free of political bias and that will fire its employees for expressing an opinion that the Leftist editors don't like. Shame on all of you. You are traitors to America and have no quality that is admirable.

August 2, 2013 at 12:02 a.m.

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