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REDneck07 said...

Here is a idea that I am sure that everyone here will enjoy, eliminate social security and medicare starting in 2040! I am saying 2040 so that it will not immediately affect anyone in the system now. The other reason, is because that would exclude me too. I will happily forgo mine for the better good of the country!

What did we ever do before the gov't came in to save us from ourselves?

Oh, I remember we depended on GOD, our families, churches, and communities!

Now America has turned to the gov't to save us. Sad, but it is so true. We need to turn back to God and serve him as a nation. Everything else will fix itself. This life is very, very, temporary. Let's spend it obeying him!

November 15, 2010 at 4:19 a.m.
REDneck07 said...

I appreciate all the academics that contributed to the story with their worldly views. The real story, however, should be that colleges are corporations and education is a for-profit business. I will concede the fact that there are many students that truly are behind the power curve as it pertains to education. Primarily, it is due to the socio-economic demographic group in which they find themselves, alongside the values that are, or are not, instilled in them inside the home. That is a societal problem, and that is only one piece of the problem.

The real issue is that schools (pre-school through secondary) make money off of misrepresenting the facts. Federal, state, and local funding all depend on the presentation of the situation. If educators and politicians cry enough and say that the American students are deficit enough the money will flow. It is never enough. Please don't get me wrong, everyone loves kids, as do I. However, the administrators and politicians use erroneous facts to lift more and more funding out of the taxpayer's pockets to help themselves under the guise of providing a decent education to little Johnny or Suzie.

Take that to the next level and you have the post-secondary educational institutions...colleges, my favorite. They are straight up corporations! They take it to a whole other level. They obtain taxpayer funding, public with the bulk of their funding, student loans, etc.; private with student loan funding, research grants, etc. It does not benefit them in any way to have a student come in and graduate in 3-4 years. They prefer to see them stay for an extended period of time, 4-6 years. So how do we keep them in school longer? They give them accelerated exams and tell them that they are not where they need to be. Then they can tell them that they need a laundry list of remedial classes. Then they revamp their textbooks with new language. They are the same concepts, problems, and solutions, just with a new name for the aforementioned items everytime a new text is produced. That generates revenue because then they have to get the new, and improved text. Colleges are now, and will always be corporations!

Please don't get me wrong, I believe in capitalism. I just do not like to see the facts misrepresented. Call it what it is if you want to make a buck. What I do not appreciate is when politicians, educational administrators, and media try to push the lies on the public and take excess from the common man to pay for their agendas. Agenda is this case is to make more money via the taxpayer.

College is about showing a future prospective employer that you are disciplined, and have the ability to learn new material. Take all this for what it is worth, dont mind me, I am just a redneck. Maybe I am wrong, perhaps 4th grade will change my views)))

November 15, 2010 at 4:03 a.m.

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