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Yes, I did register a new name. I have read the TFP for years and finally decided to speak up - Enough is enough.

"I don't believe that Clay Bennett is attempting to ridicule high school students as much as he is trying to expose a trend on Signal Mountain."

And this "trend" is ONLY on Signal Mountain. . .?

"I doubt any other area in the surrounding counties has had that many underage drinking busts in the last three years."

You doubt, but you don't know, because it isn't deemed newsworthy in any other area.

I'm not saying I approve of underage drinking, only that coverage if/when warranted should be fair.

And it is fairly obvious that Bennett is trying to ridicule these students. And along the same line, was TFP covering the story not enough, did they really have to post the pictures? If anyone was THAT interested, they could have looked them up on Right to Know.

Alprova - I'm glad neither a younger you, nor your children, have ever shown bad judgment. But if you did or they did, I'm sure you would be ok with have pictures posted and having your bad decisions covered in detail in the press.

I have said all I have to say on the matter. I will leave the rest of the discussions to the perfect people with perfect children.

May 9, 2013 at 10:49 a.m.

Several things bother me about this cartoon and the coverage by TFP. 1)True, drinking under 21 is against the law - even though at 18 you are mature enough to elect city/state/national leaders and give your life for your country. 2)The students were AT A HOME, they were not on the road. Should they have been the priority on a Saturday night, instead of DUIs? 3)To arrest this many people, exactly how many Signal Mtn police and cars did it take? Was the rest of the city unpatrolled during this time that SMP were chasing these "hardened criminals"? 4)WHY does TFP give such ONGOING coverage to happenings on SM? Is there nothing else to write about? Is there no crime, unemployment, gang violence, etc anywhere else in the county? 5)Was this the ONLY party in the county Saturday night where there was underage drinking? Looking at the cartoon, you would think so. You would be led to believe that ONLY Baylor, McCallie, and GPS students were drinking Saturday night. If this had happened ANYWHERE else, to any students other than GPS, McCallie, Baylor, or God forbid, Signal Mountain Students, this would have been a non-issue, unworthy or news coverage, and probably not resulting in arrests. 6)Why focus on the negative? Will the TFP list all the scholarships these students are about to receive? 7)Alternative captions: No, it's not about a party at the Kennedy mansion/Kennedy beach house. Comparing these students to the Kennedy's - REALLY?! Wasn't the Kennedy family one of the most prestigious and well respected political families in the history of our country? Didn't two of them lose their lives while in service to this country? TFP - You are only hurting yourself. When you cover such inane "news events" in a city the size of Chattanooga, you show your pettiness. Clay Bennett - Even this is beneath you, and that is saying a lot. You try to be funny at the expense of others. Businesses and corporations can handle it, they aren't individuals. But when you use your high profile, public position to ridicule high school students, there is something fundamentally wrong with you and the people you work for. And no, I do not have children at Baylor, McCallie, or GPS. I am just a Chattanooga citizen who looks to the TFP for newsworthy material and sees this foolishness on a too regular basis.

May 9, 2013 at 8:57 a.m.

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