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Tmbrwlfofga said...

Excellent choice on the movie brackets. Hard to beat Hoosiers though. That movie inspires and entertains as well. Even though I have seen it fifty times, each time I watch I still swell with anticipation as Ollie attempts his free throws.....

April 2, 2014 at 7:48 p.m.
Tmbrwlfofga said...

MountainLaurel, I again ask that someone defend the Troy Davis view of his innocence. As has been the case, his backers defend him with everything but facts. If you both read and understand the opinion of the Supreme Court, you realize that the appeal was based upon alleged violations of the constitutional process. The Supreme Court did not and was not asked to weigh in on the new claims by the Troy Davis attorneys. In fact they did exactly what they were told to do in addressing the constitutional challenges made by his attorneys.
In fact, let me remind you again that they gave him an "unheard of" hearing before a judge to present new evidence to prove his innocense. His lawyers at the time claimed this was all they needed. The only problem was, they never presented evidence. They simply made baseless claims and did not present one single person under oath, under cross examination, that could provide verification of their claims.
Then on Wednesday, they pulled a stunt saying that Troy Davis wanted to take a polygraph to prove his innocense. First, they knew that they would not be allowed to just "show up" unannounced and administer a polygraph. Second, if Troy Davis so believed in the polygraph, why didn't he take one twenty years ago when asked repeatedly. Even a first year lawyer knows they cannot use them in court, that in fact they are only an investigative tool. Why didn't he offer to take one a year ago? Smoke and mirrors my friend.
And it does sicken me when a cop kills unlawfully as well. That is not the issue here though. It is a sad commentary on our society when a cop-killing murderous thug has people swooning over him like he is a folk hero. The U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals, the Georgia State Supreme Court, the Georgia Board of Pardon and Paroles, and every Superior Court that dealt with this case got it right. Pray for the dead officer's Mother. Troy Davis had the chance, but since he was a "reformed and born again Christian," he turned down an offer of a final prayer. Its ok though, we are here today and he is roasting in hell.

September 23, 2011 at 1:28 p.m.
Tmbrwlfofga said...

As someone who has worked in the Georgia Criminal Justice system for over twenty years, allow me to provide some fodder for the Troy Davis case. You hear that 7 of 9 witnesses either recanted their testimony or changed their testimony. However, the media has NEVER reported that none of these 7 people, have ever recanted or changed their testimony under oath, in a courtroom, or under any type of cross examination. In fact, these "7" have only offered these changes to the Troy Davis attorneys. Not a SINGLE one has changed their testimony under oath, in a court of law, or even pressed the D.A.'s office to allow them to change their testimony. This is simply the work of the Troy Davis attorneys incessantly pressuring these people on a constant basis. I challenge you to call into one of these talk shows that features this and challenge them on this fact. Next, there are three jurors that have reportedly have asked that their verdicts either be changed or the sentence converted to life. We have a trial and twenty years later, after relentless browbeating, a juror can change their mind. If that is the case, then do we apply that same logic to ALL cases in the courts? I don't think so. Next, there is the whole issue of the "other" gunman. In this case, there were over ten people that identified Troy Davis through police lineups (picture ID lineups), descriptions, and eyewitness accounts of those who knew who he was at the time. The "other" shooter was also an eyewitness that identified Troy Davis. Remember also, Troy Davis was initially suspected only because he was tied to an earlier shooting in which he knowingly fired a gun in the air, and shot a man in the face. (Of course they say that one was accidental.) Folks, there is a reason this man lost his appeals. Troy Davis lost his appeals to the U.S. Supreme court on several occasions. They even gave him an "unheard" of opportunity to present "new" evidence. The problem was, there was not any evidence. The testimony was only "smoke and mirrors" as the judge indicated. They offered no evidence, and provided no witnesses under oath or cross-examination. Their only recantations and testimony changes occurred in their office, without proper investigation.
Bare in mind also, the Parole Board gave Troy Davis several hearings. They reviewed all the evidence, but more importantly challenged Troy Davis' lawyers to prove their claims. There is a difference between reasonable doubt, and just throwing anything out there to manufacture doubt.
Finally, it sickens me to see celebrities embrace a cop killing waste of human like Troy Davis. If you are against the death penalty, fine. But do not dishonor the memory of the fallen police officer, discredit the ENTIRE criminal justice system, and attempt to support a cause that you know nothing about. Georgia executed a cop killer last night, and it did deter crime. Troy Davis will NEVER be able to kill another police officer again. AMEN!

September 22, 2011 at 7:46 p.m.
Tmbrwlfofga said...

As President Clinton said, "That Rick Perry is a good looking rascal..." He governs a state that has a legislature that only meets every other year....Under Rick Perry, Texas was near the top in job growth. However, it should be noted that there was a sizable reduction in average wages. A super majority of the jobs created were minimum wage jobs, that were created by new Wal-marts, McDonalds, and summer farmhand jobs. If he gets elected, I can't wait to get a second job! The Sarah Palin nuts will flee Perry when she gets into the race next month. I can't wait for the Hippocrates to begin!

August 28, 2011 at 6:57 p.m.
Tmbrwlfofga said...

L4F, you hit on something in your defense of this posting that I would like to explore. You seemed to imply that "majority rules" and that since the majority of people in this area are Christians then that is why The Ten Commandments should be displayed at a taxpayer funded unbiased courthouse. The important thing to remember about enacted rules based on majority is that your group may not always be in the majority. If we go around and insist that everything in our government is to be blended with Christianity because it is the majority, then what if Islam is the majority in 25 years? Does that mean that we have to adopt Sharia Law in our courts because "majority rules". L4F, a little history lesson for you. Do you know the primary reason our early settlers fled England? Religious persecution my friend. Now of course posting the Commandments is not persecuting by any means, but in Colonial times, The Church of England was brutal in persecuting its citizens. We are not a "Christian Nation". We are a faith based and faith-influenced nation. You have the right to pray and worship anytime you want to my friend. We all do. When we have our government though directing, leading, displaying, or embracing one sect of religion, then that is where the controversy comes into play. Do you want to be a good Christian? Live your life in a "Christ-like" manner and inspire others to do so also. Republicans always talk a big game about "government intrusion" into our lives, and then intrude into our lives under the veil of religion. Unbiasedly yours, Tmbrwlfofga

April 19, 2011 at 10:31 p.m.
Tmbrwlfofga said...

Incidentally SeaMonkey, is "campassion" as you called it, when a camp counselor feels pity for you? Just one more nail in your coffin of ignorance.

April 15, 2011 at 3:30 p.m.
Tmbrwlfofga said...

SeaMonkey, perhaps one of the only true forms of evidence to prove intelligence is Academia. Obviously you do not know that because you couldn't have more than a GED. Otherwise, your grammar, spelling and punctuation would be respectable. President Obama was Editor and President of the Harvard Law Review. This, while he was a student at Harvard. Regardless of age, race, creed, or religion, you cannot get into Harvard Law School without being intelligent and well above standard in comparison to other students.
Incidentally, it is funny how you keep trying to beat up on Michelle Obama for RECOMMENDING kids eat healthier. She is not an office holder. She has no authority to change law. However, she is igniting debate on a major problem in this nation. You should check into the diabetes rates and obesity rates in this nation. What is even more hypocritical (typical Tea Partier) is how you claim you want local control in government and that the Federal Government should have no say so in Education. This is why we try to have minimal Federal standards, because when you return full control to the local governments, you get into crap like the Chicago system, or schools that start banning books. If you believe that because Obama is from Chicago, that then it is his fault, well I once had a cup of Coffee in New Orleans, but I am not responsible for the corruption there either. You are so glib. I will continue to pray for you and you prejudicial ways you hypocritical make believe Christian liar.

April 15, 2011 at 2:26 p.m.
Tmbrwlfofga said...

Harp, your post summed it up in a nutshell. Dude_abides, you insight is raising my eyebrows of suspicion as well. Chet, the big deal about capitalization, spelling, and punctuation is so that people read your post as an intelligent point. Seriously, it is hard to even read your post, when after two sentences even the reader feels as if they are proofreading a five year old's essay about their summer vacation. Take a little time to proofread and clean things up. Otherwise, you sound like the opposite image of the dreaded Sea Monkey.

April 15, 2011 at 10:06 a.m.
Tmbrwlfofga said...

JSGood, lets talk about two points you have made. First, earlier when talking about the inheritance tax, you said, "tmbrwlfofga,the people you pointed out as having "worked hard for their money" may not have "earned" this money but their parents or other ancestors did.That is what a person usually works so hard for,so their children don't have to" My friend, that is what I mean about Republican hypocrisy. Do you really believe that people, even rich people, should raise their children so that they should never have to work hard in their life? Do you believe that a parent has a responsibility to ensure their child has a steady income as an adult? I want my girls to have a better life than me. But I want them to earn every penny of it. I owe student loans out the yin yang to ensure this, but I want them to avoid the mistakes I made in my youth that have made me had to work harder. I did not get my MBA until my mid-thirties because I wanted to raise a little hell in my twenties. LOL. One thing I have always admired about Donald Trump, is how he made all of his kids go to college, get good grades, work hard, and make their own money. Sure, they have lived the privileged life, but he has worked tirelessly to ensure they have a hard work ethic. Moreover, when he dies his fixed assets will be divided equally, (if he is unmarried) but all of his money (billions) will go to charity. You have to admire at least that fact about him. Again, ANY income you and I receive, we pay taxes on no matter where it comes from.

Secondly, I will give you the benefit of the doubt on misquoting the tax rate earlier, but what you also must not realize is that that 55% rate is the exception rather than the rule. The rate starts at 37% and can be up to 55%. There are numerous deductions that can take effect, and a surviving spouse pays ZERO inheritance tax. Most importantly though, the ceiling right now is 3.5 million. Even after the roll back in 2012, you still only have to pay the tax on what is over one million dollars. Again, you and I pay taxes on every dime of income. Lemonade stands, yard sales, lottery winnings, anything we do yields income. The progress tax was embraced by the great Theodore Roosevelt to help working families. Remember, I love the Steve Forbes flat tax. I promise you, unless something big happens for me in the next twenty years, my kids will not pay a dime of inheritance tax. LOL. And I live very comfortably with an upper management job. Anyway, on a personal note, I do enjoy this discussion with you. You seem to have a good sense of humor with the banter and really seem to care about the issue. Inheritance taxlessly yours, Tmbrwlfofga

April 14, 2011 at 6:46 p.m.
Tmbrwlfofga said...

Tderng, first off no one, not even someone who inherits a fortune pays a tax rate of 50%. The marginal rate in this nation is 33%, not 50%, regardless of how you receive the income. So to say that rich people pay 50% is either ignorant or lying. Of course if you withdraw a 401-k plan too early, there are penalties, primarily because of the tax savings you receive to motivate you to use the 401-k as a means of saving for retirement. Lets not work fast and loose with the facts here. Again, read my post. Only a third of the wealthy are self-made. I do not believe that Paris Hilton should not have to pay towards the defense of this nation. Any income I receive, whether it is from selling my home for a large profit (even though I worked hard to buy it) or even a gift (even though no one reports these) I have to pay income taxes on. Would you propose just eliminating all taxes unless it comes from an employer? Well in that case, I will just go out and start my own business and we can all just buy and sell and trade and never have to pay taxes. Because in your world, only rich people work hard for their money. The guy down the street that works 12-hour days at Shaw doesn't work hard. It has always amazed me how those that moan about the tax code are often its biggest benefactors. There is that good old Country Club Republican doublespeak. Keep on fighting the fight for people that you will never become. Begrudgingly, Tmbrwlfofga

April 14, 2011 at 3:51 p.m.

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