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Tyrone_Weather said...

And Todd Smith you need a new job, you suck as a writer.

March 6, 2011 at 11:09 p.m.
Tyrone_Weather said...

Like I said Before they are grasping at every and anything possible Kendrick will commit perjury, lay needless heart ache on those still living, he is obviously short tempered, and he is selfish, and is making a FOOL out of himself.

How dare you to do this to your own kids and your X wifes family. Do you not have any morals, obviously not, because if you did you would stop hurting your self and your still living family members.

Next case, justice has been served, your guilty as charged Kendrick, your family name ruined, your family brought to disgrace and misery brought upon by you to your own blood.

You know what I feel for victims still living mom and dad, I think there name was lisa I do not know, have you ever wrote the victims still living parents and grieved at how sorry you were? That is what I am wondering,if you didn't that would show you as heartless as you already seem to be. But either way, it wont bring the person you shot back.


March 6, 2011 at 11:06 p.m.
Tyrone_Weather said...

Perjury I'm sure is happening, this guy will say anyhing to get out of jail.

This guy went to a store, pulled his wife outside the store while she was working, and shot her point blank, witness's heard him say "I told you so" (6 times) He then did not bother to tend to his bleeding wife but instead runs like a coward and tries to dispose of the gun by throwing it out the window, if you read the article above this guy is a killer and is grabbing at everything, but the point is he pulled his wife out of her place of work and killed her on purpose. Moving a loaded gun while your mad at your wife with kids in the car.

And about the gun in the court room no one wants a gun pointed towards them especially one that was already used to KILL someone. The gun did not move itself to point its muzzle at the woman, this guy pointed a loaded gun at his wife, that is a fact, he shot her that is a fact, he said "I told you so" that is another fact, he tried to dispose of the weapon by throwing it out the window, ( a innocent person would help his wife, he was only worried about his own self )

This man deserves every minute he is in jail, HE POINTED THE GUN at his wife, and shot her.

This is a waste of time and money to tax payers, perjury there is nothing to gain from perjury here, So Mr advocate your trying to say some random guy who just happened to be at the store when this Kendrick shot his wife and over heard him say "i told you so (6 times)) is commiting perjury that is crazy in itself.

It clearly shows if you read all about this case this man showed no remorse over killing his wife, he drove away from the BP station while his bleeding dieing wife was dieing or dead to dispose of the murder weapon, that is the instinct of a guilty man, he was afraid im sure (of going to jail) because he shot his wife on purpose, went to the store she worked at on purpose, pulled her out of the store where he could introduce a loaded 30 odd 6 to her chest, then he drove away like a coward. I say give this man the death penalty a eye for an eye, we cant bring back his dead wife. this is repulsive, he has the nerve to pull all this back in court, he was already convicted by 12 jurors. Waste of time and money.

If this man wants to do the right thing, he needs to drop it, he is again punishing his x wife's family, his own kids who as it says above

She has little sympathy for her father.

"It's just sick. When they pulled the gun out for evidence, he cried," she said. "You're not crying because a gun accidentally killed your wife, you're crying because you're guilty and you know you did it."

Even his now 21 year old daughter knows just like i said he is not sorry he killed his wife, he is only crying because he is in prison basically.

It was no accident that he moved a loaded gun and it was pointed with a loaded round of ammunition at his wife.

His last words to his bleeding wife was "I told you so "

February 10, 2011 at 8:18 a.m.
Tyrone_Weather said...

From the witness's own account this guy is guilty of first degree manslaughter

" One witness said he saw Kendrick lean over his wife's body and say "I told you so" about six times.

Keep him in jail where he belongs. Protect the public.

February 8, 2011 at 12:25 p.m.

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