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USA4ever said...

@FoodDude Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. You are right about breaking bread and and the kids really did like the whitewater, but Florida is the choice this year. Maybe we will change our mind next year. If we do, we'll bring lots of pizza and hard rolls :-)

@L4F I didn't know this was the place for your debate, I thought it was for public opinion. It's the triggers of using "Yankee" and "wigger" and the political droll "shock value" that rubs me the wrong way about you personally.

Besides flipping the script. You may re-read my post stating "some' as opposed to you stating "all" and where I specifically included the statement "now it seems some want to promote the KKK agenda (or those who would pose as such)".

You hate Yankees and agree with segregation and want guns in every hand, I get it. I've read your political blog, very enlightening... I can accept you for who you are. I don't hate you and this is simply one of those times when it's best to just "steer clear" of each other. Maybe if we communicated better we could find something good we have in common and build on that. But until that day comes...

Peace to all.

June 16, 2011 at 2:36 p.m.
USA4ever said...

---Oh please, one incident and you think you're living in the movie "Mississippi Burning."

Cold and callous, nice! This is NOT just one incident, as you are so willing to put off... we DO read the lovely Rants sections folks post on Craigslist, city-data and elsewhere. Disgusting and far from "hospitable". We've been doing our homework as educated "Yankees" do. There used to be a sign in Polk County that said "If you're Black, you'd better turn back", so I guess that is a warning these folks missed.

Your "Southern Hospitality" is lacking terribly in most of your posts. Plenty offensive to others tho. Got all the answers, do you? No "threats" or "yuppies" here, just good old NY country folk who were raised colorblind. Huff Post, lmao, you assume alot for someone who knows nothing about me. We are NOT New York City or New Jersey or Philly, we don't live in any of those cities where some are obviously willing to accept and even expect issues in highly populated areas. We just aren't used to it where we were raised.

We are NOT your enemy, but seems you want us to be! We can still take you there in a NY minute when it comes to "pissing us off". How about stepping off the uppity, high horse and stand up to racism, maybe you will see things a bit differently if you do. Or clench tight on to it, matters not to me, it's your soul pal. Still not gonna get our cash and as for respect... you get what you give..

Just one more thing... if you don't think things like this get attention outside your town, guess again. It is shocking to those of us in the world who aren't desensitized to racism and hatred. Tourists included.

June 16, 2011 at 11:18 a.m.
USA4ever said...

Wow! I had no idea that Polk County,TN was still in the trenches of such racism! It looked like such a nice county when we "Yankees" were spending so much of our hard-earned cash while on vacation there last year. While the area is beautiful and full of history, this news has been a deciding factor for us. We won't be back. EVER! Our Church travel group is quite large, we plan ahead and it was nice to visit Tennessee and especially the Hiwassee area after such a harsh winter up North. That being said, there are plenty of other beautiful areas in America that will be more than happy to welcome us and our tourist "Yankee" dollars.

After all this country has been through... terrorism from the crazies, devastation from storms, economic hardship.... now it seems some want to promote the KKK agenda (or those who would pose as such) to put your county and even the state of TN into further decline.

Keep your violence and hate, we'll take our love of our neighbors and a FREE America and yes, our money... where it is appreciated, without hidden or blatant racism, claiming to be loving Christians, too. How sad to see these reports in 2011.

June 16, 2011 at 10:22 a.m.

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