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VoiceOfTruth said...

The Obituaries at near the bottom of the home screen on the right-hand side - it's a picture of a dove in flight. I don't like the new obit format - instead of seeing their photo you get a link. Think it is rather rude to refer to their photo as 'obitmugshot.' Really 'mugshot' - could you have referred to the picture simply as 'obitphoto.' A mug shot is usually what we refer to when it a picture of someone who has been arrested and a criminal.

February 25, 2011 at 8:50 a.m.
VoiceOfTruth said...

I agree with cgshot. I have known Mr. Bajestani for a very long time and have never known him to be anything but kind, dedicated, hardworking, and respectful. He is a man that I admire, not only for his leadership and management skills, but also for his integrity. He made a mistake - something all of us have made and will continue to make as long as we live. I do not believe money sent to his family was for any terrorist activity or meant for any type of ill-will. Mr. Bajestani is a very generous man - he contributed thousands of dollars every year to the Combined Federal Campaign, any fundraising/charitable event being held at one of the plants he was one of the first ones to donate (and it wasn't a mere token - it was a considerable amount), and if he knew you needed help he was always willing to lend a hand. I've seen Mr. Bajestani at the plant on weekends, late at night, and even on occassion spending the night there when the operation of the unit(s) were threatened. He was passionate about his work, proud of all the accomplishments the sites made, and was always the first one to compliment and thank the worker bees in the field. He does not deserve to be discussed in such a negative way, have his character smeared in the public media, or for individuals to make assumptions concerning his loyalty to the United States. There are no secrets within TVA's nuclear program that he could use against this country - operating a nuclear plant is pretty much the same whatever country you are in and I'm sure Middle Eastern countries know how to operate a nuclear station. Unfortunately, Mr. Bajestani made a mistake - one that not only cost him his job, but resulted in the media providing a link to a private divorce settlement for all their readers to view and allowing people to bash someone they don't even know. I am proud to say Mr. Bajestani is a friend of mine and I will continue to fully offer my support to him. Next time you tell a lie, falsify a document, commit an unethical or immoral act - remember how a simple mistake can turn into character assassination for some.

February 3, 2011 at 2:37 p.m.
VoiceOfTruth said...

Work Hard - You're a craft person - that tells me all I need to know. Well it took you long enough to get Unit 1 commerical - how long was it 20+ years? Guess you were the only one W O R K I N G up there. I'm sure in all your years with TVA you have never committed fraud, thief, done anything unethical, or anything immoral. I've read the divorce documents - the only thing he showed me was what a mistake he made by marrying someone so greedy. I'm sure if you had $600,000 and could send it to your family to help them, you'd get it to them regardless of what means it took. Mr. Bajestani made a mistake - people need to stop assassinating him. He is one of the most generous, caring managers that has ever worked for TVA. He doesn't deserve to have his name dragged through the mud. I'm through responding to your perfidious comments - they are rather moronic.

February 3, 2011 at 1:38 p.m.
VoiceOfTruth said...

WorkHard - I have learned in over 30 years with TVA, if an employee did not appreciate the leadership qualities and dedication of a senior/executive manager, it was primarily because said manager was requiring the workforce to W O R K. The manager did not tolerate horse play, laziness, incompetent workers, or foolishness. Mr. Bajestani was such a manager - he wanted everyone to live up to their own potential, he was always raising the bar so employees would better themselves, and he wanted the workers to not only take pride in their work performance, but to accept ownership for it as well. Any one who is glad to see him leave TVA, probably doesn't deserve to work for TVA. Mr. Bajestani was an example of what leadership, management, and concern for your fellow man is all about. He financially contributed generously to the CFC and any other fundraising activity being conducted at the work site. Regardless of the fact the divorce court files are 'public knowledge' it is a gross invasion of privacy for the contents to be subjected to unknowing, uncaring, thoughtless people to read and turn the information around to imply 'wrong doing' was done. I am glad to be able to call Mr. Bajestani a friend and is a far better person than what the media and people like you are trying to paint him to be. He deserves all the respect and dignity one can offer another human being. How this entire situation has been handled is nothing short of character assassination.

February 1, 2011 at 2:22 p.m.
VoiceOfTruth said...

Mr. Bajestani is a wonderful manager and has helped TVA's nuclear program tremendously. Without his knowledge, expertise and dedication to the agency, TVA's nuclear program would still be struggling to regain prominence within the industry. He is someone who not only cared about the job-at-hand, but he was deeply concerned about the individuals who were performing the work. Mr. Bajestani was a great leader and because of his relationship with the employees, it made the work force to want to do their best. I felt Mr. Flessner had no business including in the article that Mr. Bajestani was of Iranian ancestory, nor that he had gone through a divorce last year. This is information that, from the information provided by TVA, was not relevent to the news article. This type of unnecessary reporting could lead someone to develop opinions or conjure assumptions that are not true.

January 31, 2011 at 10:33 a.m.

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