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What's funny is that people who don't live on social security believe that social security entitlements have us all living on 'easy street.' The only easy item social security benefits bring to me each and every month is the knowledge of exactly how far the funds will actually stretch to support me over a month. I worked all of those years for this??? Leave what little I get alone. I can't afford a bucket of balls at the local golf range. So much for the easy life!

August 28, 2011 at 10:33 a.m.

Darwin said it best. "Survival of the Fittest." Will we eventually evolve to include gays as part of humanity? I don't know. What did/has/ and still does work seems to include males and females of species being together. If I see two bulls in the pasture snuggling up during my lifetime I might reconsider my position. I don't believe in the Bible because it was written by people like me. Basically, someone else with an opinion!! Evolution has worked for millions upon millions of years. Gays and Lesbians want to change ancient geriatric biology in the blink of an evolutionary eye. It just ain't gonna happen. The last time I checked, it doesn't happen that quickly. You're going to have to give it a heck of a lot more time than you're (gays & lesbians) are asking for it to occur. I accept most tenants of evolution. I say "most" because we don't know everything yet. We are the only animals on the planet that practice male/male and female/female sexual behavior. Give this biological and mental practice another million years or so. Hopefully, it will have sorted itself out by then. Until then, quit pushing and shoving it into our faces. I won't and doesn't make you a hero. If you aren't will/can and probably will make you extinct.

August 28, 2011 at 9:56 a.m.

I have an illness that requires me to see my PCP every single month. I have watched my insurance premiums increase every year. Premiums, medical and prescription costs combined with the rising cost of living increases in Chattanooga are expected to grow almost exponentially during the next decade.

I have ignored chest pains because I knew that I couldn't afford a $100.00 dollar copay from the ER. It was cheaper to wait and pay a $30.00 copay to my cardiologist who was very upset at my decision. I was later admitted and received 2 cardiac stents.

Healthcare in America is hurting everyone. This includes the doctors who care for us. My doctor's office has become crowded. His office visit fee is high. He doesn't receive all of the money owed to him. The federal government should place caps on malpractice suits in an effort to lower the premiums doctors face.

I have friends who work FULL TIME and made the decision NOT to pay for insurance because the family premium offered by some companies is unaffordable. Dental insurance is a joke! It is a system that is more confusing than advanced physics! Somehow the health care industry doesn't include teeth as a critical issue.

Politicians need to step up to the plate, identify the obvious collusion among Drug Manufacturers, Hospital CEO's and insurance companies and force them to provide better services for us. They are at the root of this catastrophe.

A child should not die because a parent can't afford treatment for an infected cavity! Receiving 4 stitches for a cut should not take 8 months to pay off. Major surgery in America costs as much as brand new homes. A double bypass patient who works full time, lives in a rental home or apartment should not be forced to pay prices above his/her means that follows them for life.

I have the right to seek medical assistance that I pay for every month without having to balance needed care against monthly bills and living expenses. If my insurance company was a grocery store I would have to pay a copay for my grocery visit, a copay to the vegetable specialist, a copay to the meat specialist, a copay to the soda specialist then get prior approval before I could get the bakery to make a cake for my birthday!!! If I didn't have 'grocery' insurance then I would show up at a farm, steal what I needed, leave my name behind and walk out of the door. The farmer would just charge the covered patients more money!!!

And lastly, I am scared to death that my insurance company will decide that I am too expensive to care for as stated in an earlier comment. The price of my health care will continue to rise. I will be forced to opt out of a serious procedure or medical assistance because of what it will cost me.

I will continue to make hard medical choices. I knock on wood every month. My first mistake may very well be my last.

February 24, 2009 at 12:01 p.m.

I am employed by Orange Grove Center and arrived at this site as a follow up to learning about the accident with Mr. Mayo and one of our school buses. I was disconcerted and aggrieved to find that this particular 'comment forum' was being used to rationalize "justice served" and "what goes around comes around" beliefs from family, friends and acquaintances of Mr. Goins who lost his life following a sad incident involving Mr. Mayo. I'll get to my point here: I personally know nothing about the incident between Mr. Mayo and Mr. Goins. I should have been able to remain unaware. Mr. Mayo's past has nothing to do with the obviously distraught co-workers of Orange Grove or it's students. I believe sincerely that to disregard the emotions and feelings of the innocent accident participants is both repugnant and unnecessary. Clearly, the parties involved with Mr. Mayo and Mr. Goins are still suffering substantial grieving, anger and loss. With that said, those parties should and still can, exercise some ethical and moral restraint. There are others who are suffering no more or less than you are. Thank you.

February 14, 2009 at 8:37 a.m.

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