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castaiccitizen said...

BTW, AmbulanceChick, do you really think you would have waited in the same situation, if you knew you could get there in less time than waiting for an ambulance? How would you react if a police officer impeded your ability to perform a life saving act because he had a badge and a gun, say your child, as you were carrying the child into the emergency room?

June 20, 2010 at 10:31 p.m.
castaiccitizen said...

Ambulance Chick, you might be right with a couple of your comments but as you stated you don't know if it is a brain bleed or a clot. The time it would take an ambulance/paramedics to get there was probably longer than the time it took him to get to the hospital, which he and she worked at and knew the capabilities of the facility. I agree that the average person should probably wait unless they know their local hospital facility can handle it (we have a major trauma unit here that can handle everything up to organ transplants which are not emergencies anyway). You can believe if it were a policeman or this particular officers family member having the same symptoms he would not have waited for an ambulance - so what makes his judgement any better - because he has a badge and a gun. Actually, the fact that this man carries a gun scares me and his supervisors allow him to carry it and drive a car with lights and to have as little common sense as he displayed here is frightening. This man had battle emt experience which I would think qualifies him to make a judgement call regarding his wife's condition. This man is a real hero, not the bully cop who because he has a badge and a gun thinks he is the ultimate answer. Discretion was not used on the part of the police department - as stated somewhere in a previous post the expired tag ticket was probably the only legitimate complaint.

June 20, 2010 at 10:19 p.m.
castaiccitizen said...

I too read the story and viewed the news feed and am appalled at the conduct of this police officer and the department in general. I believe that this is a case of an ego driven/I am the law police officer that will not admit that maybe he might have approached this differently. I think they should have discussed this with their attorney general before filing an arrest warrant. Not being a police officer I am not sure how they can charge him with evading arrest when he was not arrested and even went to the department to turn himself in - doesn't sound like much of an evasion to me. The assault charge should actually be placed against the officer for impeding the actions of an emergency medical professional for doing his duty (would officer Daves had filed this charge if it were his wife/child/parent/fellow officer that was being carried into the hospital or would he have even gotten in the way.) In my experience with law enforcement I venture to say that 95% are good and compassionate officers that do an excellent job. It is unfortunate that the other 5% are what we read about. Most police departments have provisions for their officers to treat red lights as a stop sign during emergencies that do not require red lights and sirens and in fact they know that red lights and sirens can cause accidents. Even as private citizens we have some of the same rights as police officers. I hope the Chattanooga Police department does not allow this to be swept under the rug and let this officer continue without serious review of his actions and what they have brought to the entire department. I can only imagine what the civil suit will bring to the Wrights. I have seen where the Maricopa County Sheriff, Sheriff Joe has cost the county 10's of millions of dollars and more coming with his Gestapo, I am above the law attitude.

June 20, 2010 at 7:40 p.m.

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