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chriskarr58 said...

Wow what a testimony... I feel like you were there at the scene lady. If you remember Beason was the only one there. He was the only one being put in the situation at the time. He acted and no I don't think the dog deserved it but as a husband and father he was protecting himself from this animal. This was not a pet. You talk about the animal was 35 feet away where you there again. Mr. Beason stated that the animal was the trucks distance away. If that is 35 feet I don't know what to say to you. The McKamey officer said maybe from me (in the stand) to that chair which was about 20. How did the McKamey officer know? Mr. Beason left then came back, how did this man know a distance? You talk about a hunter killing a deer in the kill zone. Ok first of all the dog was never sighted in with the bow which determined there was an inaccurate shot. Next this man was scared of the dog. What would have happened if he would have waited one more second and the dog attacked and killed this man. He would be leaving a family behind. All I have to say if your so worried about these animals why were you and your group along with McKamey employees sitting in a court room for two days when you could be out saving these animals you so dearly care about for the two days instead of worrying about hoping to watch a man's life ruined. It's people like you that always have something to say about something but we see no action from you. If McKamey or yourself would have picked up this dog after the several calls made to McKamey ended up unanswered this man would have never been put in this situation. Also the lady that worked at Greenlife, if she was so wonderful with strays how come she didn't help this animal. Maybe next time you bring an argument to the table you need to know the facts of the trial because I'm starting to believe you were sleeping during the trial. People like you and the media get on hereband try to destroy peoples life because your unhappy with you own life you have to bring the man even down further. You bring up his past and call yourself someone that cares. You are cold hearted and it people like you that ruin this world. How do you not know this man has changed since his past? What a great American you are...

May 12, 2011 at 7:21 p.m.
chriskarr58 said...

I just think it ridiculous this man is tried when protecting himself. He did not sight the animal in. At the range he was in with a broadheaded arrow and a full draw the arrow would have went completely through the dog. But this man was put in this situation because simply McKamey did not do its job to protect these peoplw when called upon multiple times. Where is their trial? If this guy was seriously attack by this stray do you think he would be able to press charges against McKamey? Ya right. I know women that have been physically abused and cops just say whatever but now it a dog an an organization is involved its a big deal. What is wrong with human beings today. A bunch of people that care more for dogs and the well being of this man.

May 11, 2011 at 9:14 p.m.
chriskarr58 said...

As a member of the jury I believe this man was truthful. How do any of us know how we would act if a stray dog that had been growling and showing its teeth would act. Not the first time this stray had put someone in danger. This man was protecting his well being for his families sake. He has pets of his own. If McKamey was so worried bout it they should have picked up the dog when the multiple calls came in the dog was frightening people and not letting them out of their cars. McKamey is here to protect us from animals like this and instead of taking care this man had to. McKamey told us they were under staffed. If that's they case how come around ten of their employees and followers where sitting in the court room for two days. They don't care about people and when someone harms an animal they go after them and its ridiculous they would choose this animal over a man's life that was approached by this dog. He is a husband and father that was protecting his well being for his family. Who is to say I would have not done the same thing when in a fight or flight situation? Or even you?

May 11, 2011 at 8:29 p.m.

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