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copeland04 said...

@inchhighprivateeye: I am Chandra's sister-in-law. I know first hand that the family is NOT giving up till the monster who took Chandra from us is found and punished to the fullest extent possible. Her brother will not let the killer go free and is staying on top of things as much as he can. We also have our opinion/feelings on who did this and WHEN it comes out, we will make sure they pay for what they did. I don't know who you are personally but I would like to talk to you, message me privately or email me. lilmomma200369 at yahoo.

March 29, 2011 at 1:53 p.m.
copeland04 said...

Everything you have said has been degrading to Chandra and the family. You need to keep you mouth shut about things you don't know about. Her family has always been there when she needed them. And yes, she kept her family together because she didn't need anyone else to do it for her. She was a very strong, independant woman who didn't need to rely on anyone else to take care of her or her children.

The article don't state where the family was, because they don't get all the information up front....DUH!! If you are following this story, you will see that another article states that family is coming from Indiana. As far as the why the children are in state custody, do you know nothing? Because no one thought this would ever happen, and these things can not be predicted, there is nothing we can do. The children did not have a LEGAL guardian when they lost their mother so the state has to take them into custody. And there are several family members that have requested custody of the children.

"Obviously, someone out there thought little of Powell...little enough to murder her."

Are you really that ignorant to think someone has to think little of someone else to murder them? Chandra was a great mother, friend, sister, aunt, a great person in general. I don't think anyone could have thought little of her for any reason. The person that did this is a monster, who has no soul. I agree with author_unknown, I think they should have found you instead.

Chandra did not have any enemies!!! She was a loving, caring person to everyone she met. There is NO reason anyone had to murder her. She cared about everyone she knew, including those she didn't know. She was not alone in Chattanooga. Not that it is your business, but she has one of her closest friends in Chattanooga with her. She was home alone at the time when she was attacked. Just because the article states that she was single, does not mean she was there alone. How in the heck do you get that she was there alone?

"Where were all you "family" in her time of need?"

YOU ARE A MORON FOR EVEN ASKING THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone knew what was going on, the family would have been there to stop it. No one could have known this was going to happen. No one could have predicted any of this. Chandra was taken from us by a monster who thought they had no other choice than to murder her. She was taken from this world, her children, and her family and friends before it was her time to go. She had so much more life inside her, more love to give, more lessons to teach her children.

And if you know anything about the news, you should know that they do not report everything, especially in a murder investigation.

November 5, 2010 at 11:25 a.m.
copeland04 said...

@NCbegood10: These children are loved by so many that are willing and wanting to take care of them and keep them safe. I really hope we find this monster that did this to Chandra. She was a great mother and friend, she did not deserve this. Justice will be served!

November 2, 2010 at 10:45 a.m.
copeland04 said...

@ Rolando: These children will not be in state's custody or "wards of the state" for long and they will not be growing up alone. I know for fact that there are several family members who love them very much and want nothing more than to take care of all of them. They have been through hell and the last thing they need right now is ignorant comments directed towards their mother or them. Chandra was a great mother and lived for her children. Those kids always came first no matter what. She gave everything for her kids. These kids are truely blessed to have such a wonderful mother who loved them as much as she did.

November 1, 2010 at 5:04 p.m.

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