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darkgamble said...

I am black, was born here in Chattanooga and I am appalled by the desensitve approach by some of our leaders. How did we ever get to this state of such atrocious conditions? There are people who still exploit such conditions and now how are we going to slow down these problems we are faced with? As usual, we have people shifting responsiblity and placing blame where it shoudn't be placed. Look at the facts. Mr. Gilbert, we already have enough job training programs in place. How are we going make sure the "community" is aware of them and also, how are we going to implement some type of action plan? Pastor Kelvin Adams talked about a lack of opportunities. This is the same pastor who toured the VW plant last year with Jesse Jackson. What ever transpire out of that PR event? There are numerous opportunities in Chattanooga for blacks. We need those who have the resources in the black community to assist others and to also ensure they are on a level playing field of opportunity. How did we allow the gang problem to get of of hand with hypothetical strategy of Weed and Seed? After all, Weed and Seed recently hosted a Gang Summit at the Tivoli two weeks ago that cost the tax-payers thousands of dollars. They stated in the TNFP editiion of March 13, 2011, that they bwill hold a round table discussion six months from now to further talk about solutions toward gang problems. The very designated area of Weed and Seed has the highest rates of crime and lack of neighborhoood restoration whic is suppose to be part of their hypothetical strategy. Another leader talked about more mentoring programs. Last year while running for County Commissioner, Bernie Miller pastor of New Covenant Fellowship hosted and assisted in sponsoring the Mentoring Tour with national talk show host Micheal Baisden. Where are all the men who said they would be mentors in OUR community? Plus we already have the 100 Black Men of Chattanooga, where are they? I am tired of talk and very little action from the status-quo people supposedly in charge of so much but doing so little. Gotta get "busier"..."GOD help us, but we must first help ourselves!"

March 27, 2011 at 9:28 p.m.
darkgamble said...

As a black male born in Chattanooga, it is a shame we as blacks have allowed these issues to grow out of hand. First of all, their are some organiztions that are in the black community for their own personal gain and to obtain more and more grant funding. Weed and Seed has been around for how long now and instead of gang violence declining, it is mounting. What is the supposed strategy of Weed and Seed anyway??? Where are they now???? Why are we having to wait as they stated in a March 13th 2011 TNFP that they would hold a round table discussion in 6 months to come up with some more "talk." Now we have a gruop, and I applaud their intention but we need committmment, wisdom, people who are going be involved long-term and not just for a couple of weeks to help solve this dilemma. Last year, Micheal Baisden came to New Covenant on Brainerd Rd and over 300 black said they would be mentors to our community. It's showtime again, where are they? Rev. Bernie Miller, shouldn't you rally the community? After all, presumably you helped sponsored Micheal Baisden. It is pass time for us to stop blaming the mayor, white folk and others. We have allowed these problems to escalate and not it can only be slowed down. More importantly, we (black community) have left GOD out and this is what we are reaping. A group of well-intended ministers, politicians and concerned ppl, with mis-guided leadership and no structured strategies for any real success. We are m.a.d. (making a difference) Every one in the black community is not re-acting in a knee jerk manner. We don't need a crowd, only a few!!!! It is what it is because of a few pll who keep shifting responsiblity and blame and we allow it!!!!!!

March 26, 2011 at 10:46 p.m.

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