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deboman said...

Oops I failed on the better point of clarity when referring to the Thursday nite game. I was referencing your idea that it might suit you better to burn up your entertainment with a match instead of applying it to the UVA v UNC game. Old ACC rivals. Guess I did just list National Football League rivals. Lesson learned.

November 15, 2012 at 2:14 p.m.
deboman said...

Yes, I miss hockey, much to the missus’ chagrin. At least I’ve been able to parlay the lack of hockey games into more tailgating and football games. With a lack of games to discuss, I’ve taken to using hockey terminology in meetings at work, which has most wondering ‘what’s up with the new guy’. Gary Bettman is the devil. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Either of those names are clear winners. I always get a laugh when I think about D’Brickashaw Ferguson and how well he really fit in with the wine and cheese crowd at UVA. Which brings me to the Thursday night game and another entertainment mantra that I have learned over the years- Don’t mess with rivalries. Packers v Bears, Jets v Dolphins, Cowboys v Indians. Just run away b/c all bets are off!

May be late on the word of the day game, but we had one back in the old university days that was thrown around a lot. Schlonkered. As in “Did you see Todd last night, that kid was schlonkered.” Even had ole Van Earl Wright throw it out during one of his Headline News updates.

November 15, 2012 at 1:38 p.m.
deboman said...

Spy- Mario was a joy to watch as a hockey fan, even though he played for the stinkin' penguins. A lot is made about Lance Armstrong coming back from cancer, but so did Super Mario. His 92-93 season was one of the most impressive by any athlete in any sport. Missing two months of the season for chemo treatments and still winning the league scoring title, putting up points at a pace only eclipsed by 99. He had some moves and made lots of very good players look bush league. Not to mention the fact he was linebacker sized at 6'4" 225.
Guess memories of the ice is all we have for now. Stupid Bettman.

November 13, 2012 at 5:49 p.m.
deboman said...

5er- Emmitt's game was for homefield advantage, which included what proved to be a very valuable bye week. They don't win the Super Bowl if he doesn't get a week off.

With this whole Dooley thing, why do I keep getting images of Kevin Bacon's character at the end of Animal House trying to calm uncontrollable chaos. Now wait a minute...Bluto rode off into the sunset with a cheerleader at the end of that chaos...Gruden's wife was a cheerleader...

November 13, 2012 at 3:43 p.m.
deboman said...

Quick drop into the 5@10 Zone...

12/31/1988...Mario Lemieux scores 5 goals in a game, 5 different ways- Even strength, power play, short handed, penalty shot, and empty net. 5 goals has been done before, but never like this.

Wayne Gretzky's 81-82 season where he scored 92 goals. In 80 games. Phenomenal.

Jordan's 63 in the playoffs against Boston. Really, Jordon from about 1986-1993.

Emmitt Smith goes for 168 yds + 10 catches for 61 yards against the giants in the last game of the 1993 season. With a separated shoulder. Not sure what kind of zone kept him going that day.

Some all-timers that showed a little somethin' somethin'.

Seein that I threw some hockey in there...I would have to give some honorable mention to Brian Boucher and his shutout streak of 332 minutes, or 5 1/2 games. Talk about seeing the puck like a beach ball.

November 13, 2012 at 1:11 p.m.
deboman said...

Wanted to drop off a quick contest entry. Think the UT Bama game could appear interesting for a bit with the passing of Bray, it'll be interesting to see how long he holds up in this game. See a finish along the lines of 34-13 Bama.

Mocs have the want to be in the playoffs, but they have to prove it to the committee with a win over a GSU or Wofford to even be in the conversation. The way the SoCon has shaken out so far, not out of the question.

Good reads this week. Liked the Rushmores of rappers and linebackers. Speaking of the latter, better run before Terry Tate catches me dropping off a post....

October 19, 2012 at 12:13 p.m.
deboman said...

Yes 5er a keeper indeed, and patient to say the least, which is probably why I am still around. Bleep! The football stadium picture over the fireplace is from HER alma mater. Fall only comes around once a year so we tend to make the most of every weekend. Looks like only going to be one weekend off from gameday travel in November, which is nice, and hopefully some bonus football afterwards. We do miss some big games here and there, but that’s what TiVo and highlights are for. Plus, we have those meetings that ole ‘962 was alluding to, they just take place on Saturdays and everyone brings their own food and beverage. Folks even tend to wear color coordinated attire…’cept for the ones with the REAL problems. As for the across the pond shenanigans, I am relegated to FoxSoccer channel reruns, but its pretty easy to avoid the results here in the states and watch unbeknownst of the outcome.

JMC- Hofstra pulled the plug a few years back, right out of nowhere. They now have a really nice stadium…for lacrosse. They do have a few alums in the NFL though, think M Colston in New Orleans played for the Pride.

September 14, 2012 at 3:38 p.m.
deboman said...

Happy Friday Oh 5 the Lionhearted. I have to say that Mr. Cook you had me…really had me until the point where you mentioned Hofstra as an high ranking FCS program. I believe said Pride went extinct about 3 years ago and no longer play tackle football. However, you are spot on with your assessment of the scheduling of UTC games. A program needs to schedule their own games, for their own fans, and do such in their own best interest. FCS fans get the luxury of knowing when their games are going to be well ahead of time, good stuff. They certainly do not consider their program matinee material and will approach scheduling accordingly. The loyal fans will continue to come and incentives help, but nothing puts butts in the seats at a better rate than winning football games, and that seems to be where the Mocs are headed.

And Todd, I am deeply disappointed that you are not doing more to better prepare yourself for the Nooners. An 8:00 start should be in the cards for a young buck like yourself. Heck, Saturdays my alarm clock consists of a fired up blond yelling “Get the bleep out of bed, its Gameday for bleep’s sake. Get a move on, that coolers not gonna fill itself” and so another Saturday begins.

Oh, and I will go with the fighting Dooleys over the future footwear- 24-13.

September 14, 2012 at 1:19 p.m.
deboman said...

Some quick thoughts on the weekend, few winners and losers that come to mind.

Winners- The Citadel- nice win over a tough Ga. Southern squad. The new SEC schools, A&M and Mizzou, both held tough and didn’t embarrass themselves their first time in the ring. The Beer Vendors at Richmond International Raceway- with a race extended that long, no cooler in the world is gonna hold enough beverages to last that long into the morning.

Losers- The poor kicker from Penn State. Misses four plus a PAT to lose by one. How long ‘til they are talking about the Curse of JoPa. Sexy Rexy- Shanny decides to dress two rookies and leave Grossman’s experience in street clothes (must seem like forever and a day since he was starting in the Super Bowl). The NHL fans- really another lock out on the horizon this week after finally shaking off the last one. Stupid, just stupid.

Best QB stat... Hard to pick just one b/c none really tell the whole story. QB rating really tries, but I can’t put much merit into a measure that maybe 10% of people know what the best rating is, plus you can reach it while throwing incomplete passes. Think ESPN has tried to come up with some new QB stat, again, yet unknown and not making much of a mark. SB rings…icing to say the least. Can you really say Eli is better than Peyton and not giggle a little?

September 10, 2012 at 2:41 p.m.
deboman said...

As for the over/unders… Alabama- Over. Too much depth to not overwhelm the bulk of the schedule, even with potential injuries.

Georgia- Definitely over…could be 5-0 going into the South Cackalacky game without breaking a sweat. Looking at their schedule, could be the only FBS team that faces the triple option two weeks in the row playing back to back games with GaSouthern and GaTech.

Volz- Should be over. Wildcard games are: NCSU out of the gate, season openers always seem to have that ‘Holy Smokes’ factor that can set the tone for the season. Mizzou is also an unknown and could pose unexpected problems.

Mocs- It’ll be a tough over, but they look to go 7-4. If they can pull off a win against Appy, GSU, or Wofford, they may get to 8 and the playoffs.

August 8, 2012 at 4:37 p.m.

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