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dedo77 said...

Oh, pardon me Scottym,

America will never elect a fat president in the era of modern day media and television.

Taft's face was not seen on TV's and nationally syndicated publishers & periodicals because (a) TV and internet did not exist; (b) national journals of the time did not have nearly the reach they do today

The fact you had to go back to Taft at the turn of the century makes the point for me. Sorry for omitting that point, I myself found it self evident. Nixon, Reagen, Obama, Clinton, Ford, Carter, Bush and Bush II, Truman, Eisenhower...Do you get the point ScottyM.

I could go on...but I won't.

The environmental difference between these former statesmen and Taft is the reach and prevalence of image based media during these presidents era and Taft's....when Television was non existent....the important FACE of a president for 'Joe Sixpack America' was a voice over a radio...not a carbon based image, and body stature.

A US President has to "look the part." I will no longer argue this point.

lol Taft...thats hilarious.

February 19, 2011 at 12:38 a.m.
dedo77 said...

Very important questions to consider when a doctor tells you about a "needed test." Physician owned and operated clinics invest in these diagnostics as a means of income....its an investment.

The institutional inertia behind the development of new diagnostic capabilities has far outpaced our medical ability to 1) identify and distinguish between anomalous results and actual early stage cancerous growth - a doctor with a stake in an ROI for a 1 million dollar piece of equipment would then be incentivized to recommend in house surgery and/or treatment for what they themselves can't diagnose.

Unnecessary surgeries result close to 100 billion of unnecessary spending every year in the US health care system.

But the ostensible free market is still the best in the world you say? Those people really make me think that health care or any market in the US is a "free market." too much to keep me from laughing at others

February 17, 2011 at 4:11 p.m.
dedo77 said...

tderng -

Hey bud, not sure if you realize this or not, but heres a bit of history for you. Perspective helps, so take a look at the figures of this report issued in 2007:

About $3.2 trillion of our $8.9 trillion (as of 2007) total national debt has been accumulated during the past six years of the current Administration (at the time was GW Bush....good thing we had all those tax cuts for the rich during a time of war, the way...there had never been tax cuts during war time until GW..maybe that will open your eyes? Not surprised if it doesn't here is more!!)

• $4.2 trillion, or 83 percent, of the total debt owed to the public was accumulated under the past three Republican administrations. - [Remember folks, this is 2007, BEFORE the massive bailout was passed by the outgoing Bush Administration including TARP and the discount borrowing window for banks and corporations.

Over One-Third of the Total National Debt Has Been Incurred Under the Current Administration (the then GW Bush admin) • About $3.2 trillion of our $8.9 trillion total national debt has been accumulated during the first six years of the GW Bush Administration. • Almost three-quarters of the total national debt has been accumulated under the past three Republican administrations – Reagan, George Bush Sr., and the current George Bush. [Remember, this is a 2007 report]

source: United States Joint Economic it and weep!

Furthermore....when Reagen (whose been risen to deity status - not sure why..) the United States was the #1 creditor nation in the World. When he left office after is successive administrations, the US was the #1 debtor nation in the world....don't figure eh...?

So....tderng and all the other talking point casualties...inform yourself or remain slave to propaganda.

The talking point of being "fiscally conservative" sounds good, right...thats why they use it, because history and documented fact tell a totally opposite story. is the link:

Oh yea...and Francis...Christie has no chance....America will never elect a fat president, as sad as that is true. He doesn't look the part.

February 17, 2011 at 3:54 p.m.

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