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elag said...

Unfortunately it is Mr. Moon4kat who is misinformed and who is unquestionably drinking the liberal koolaid. Every single response of his blames the other side for the problems of the country and never takes into consideration the phrase "the buck stops here". He gives Mr. Obama credit for everything positive and then gives credit to Republicans and Fox News (liberal scapegoat) for everything negative.

Bottom line: no one party is responsible for all the ills of the country. They both have their MANY faults (which is why I'm an independent)

And to rebut each point of mine he responded to:

  1. While there is a recovery and no one denies that...it is about as weak as it can be. If Mr. Obama thinks he deserves my vote for that kind of job he is seriously misguided.

  2. I never said that the job numbers were better or worse than they were under Bush...I just said they are still terrible...and they are no matter how you spin it. Could they be worse? Sure, but that kind of thinking is not good enough

  3. Every poll researched has shown that Americans as a whole feel more hopeless and pessimistic than they did four years ago. Now, that can be contributed to the amount of time our country has been downtrodden as opposed to four years ago when the problems just began, but the point remains that Americans as a whole feel pretty bad and he has been in charge four 3.5 years. So, it is not only his fault but he definitely hasn't made it better.

  4. Though it is true that there are many on the far right who divide us Mr. Obama and his fellow liberals have definitely contributed their fair share to the problem and he as the president has done little to nothing to try and halt that division. To try and blame the division SOLELY on conservatives demonstrates how radically out of touch with reality you must be.

  5. I reiterate, he has not been a champion for America...I guess that is just a matter of opinion but many of his speeches and many of our foreign policies have shown that he is content with America being a doormat to other nations and the world.

  6. You did not directly address this point. Maybe it's because there is no liberal talking point for it. It's simple: he blames and divides and he came into office saying he was going to be better than that and above petty politics...he has not done this at all.

  7. You didn't address this point either and once again it is because it is true. He has done little to nothing to help out impoverished black people unless you count making them more dependent on outside sources and more helpless and unable to move onward and upward. It's just shameful.

Bottom line: he has failed overall as a president, while I do not think he is a terrible person nor do I think that every thing he has done is a failure, he overall has not done a good job by us...thus, he doesn't deserve to run this country for another term...it's as simple as that.

May 2, 2012 at 10:53 p.m.

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