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flyonapile said...

No, the carriage horses are all abused. Especially by the owner, Mark Neal - Chattanooga Horse Trams. Anyone with a clue about horses can just observe the way he "uses" his horses. Look at the horses. Check the horses out. Check out their hooves, eyes, teeth. This is simply a "money maker" for Mark Neal and David and all they care about. They should be shut down. Just hang out downtown one day and observe for some video, the horses on that hot pavement. Watch the dogs that have gone "brain crazy" that ride on the carriages - especially David's dog. His dog is worse than a leopard..pacing back and forth in a cage. Watch them work those same horses for over 10 to 12 hours on any given HOT Saturday or Sunday.
Do your homework. Check it out. You will see

May 17, 2011 at 11:02 a.m.
flyonapile said...

P.S. Ask Mark Neal about his "past" horses. Are they finally enjoying some "down time" in the pasture or are they dead from being over worked and bad health?
He still has 2 horses, a white horse named Desi and a blonde Belgium named Sugar. These horses are at least 20 years old. (again, if you "know" horses - check em out - you can tell their age - from their teeth)....But ask him Sugar and Desi's age? Or ask one of his drivers, David...Well, then again...Maybe not. Its also nothing but a money maker to David. He will lie for Mark. He will lie about the horses.
On a good weekend......David probably pockets $300 to $500 for the weekend. As long as those horses are walking, walking, walking.....regardless of the heat or hot pavement.....its money in Mark and David's pockets.
Its nothing about "tourism" to them. Just money.......

September 1, 2010 at 8:24 a.m.
flyonapile said...

MARK NEAL doesn't tell the truth. This is another one of his money making pity schemes BESIDES the one he uses while he abuses these horses.
Just ask him to visit his facility located near the Choo Choo. Why can't you see where these horses are stabled? Why does he pick up and drop off at the Choo Choo and Aquarium? Why is the facility where he keeps his horses and dogs "all gated"? For safety purposes. NO! Absolutely not. Its because you would be disgusted to see the small confined, chained areas that these horses live in. And the small nasty kennels where his dogs are kept. His dalmations are also confined 24/7 to a kennel. They are given no "run time/free time". They come out of their cage to go straight to the carriage. They use to work a 10 to 12 hour day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (when tourist season was at its highest) to go straight back into the pen.
They are dumped dry dog food into balls that are nasty and have ants and bugs and maggot infestation in them from not being cleaned. Oh, I have so much to tell. And some awesome (no really, they are extremely sad) pictures to share.. Just ask Mark Neal to visit his facility. Ask him why he has been in business all these years and not once has opened his facility for "public viewing". If you have any "horse knowledge" at all......check out Mark's horses when you see them. Check out their hooves? Are they cracked? Are they clean? Check out the horses teeth. Mark will tell you a horse is "oh, about 4 to 10 years old" when they are 20 years old.
Mark will tell you how these horses are given hourly breaks and rotated to "his farm in Apison". Really? Spend a few hours hanging out at the Choo Choo or Aquarium and "see for yourself". If business is good...these horses will trod the heated/hot streets of Chattanooga nonstop.
Watch the dogs. Watch the poor dogs. In the boiling, blazing heat all day? How many hours on that carriage seat? 8 to 10 hours with no breaks. No food and very little water. Some of these dogs have been beaten if they have an accident on the carriage so they have "learned" to hold it. Instead of enjoying your scenic ride and view of the beautiful City of close attention....Check out the horses and dogs for yourself.
And Mark, you want to deny all of this? You want me to see if the Free Press will "run the pictures" that I have of the horse stalls and dog pens? You want me to give names of past drivers and wives and ex-wives of your's? I've tried to involve PETA. I've tried to involve several Humane Societies. Now, I will get the public involved..... Mark, its all about money to you..You just proved it "again" with your "pity article".....What about the horses? What about the dogs? What about public viewing of the 14th street facility........? An unexpected visit when your gates aren't locked......

August 31, 2010 at 6:32 p.m.

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