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hrtofluv said...

Great - let's tell the whole public that the swimming pools sometimes leave cash overnight! Scary for those working the closing now - everyone knows they have cash! Way to go TFP for putting it out for the criminals to know where to go now! Rob these children who are lifeguards! Wouldn't let mine work at one now for anything.

September 21, 2011 at 9:43 a.m.
hrtofluv said...

Why do you care so much? Unless a cover up is going to affect your life - why care so much?
Now, I will also say that it is your American right to question the why and do so in a public forum. But accusing the family and friends and now the media and the police over an accident just sounds a little coo-coo in my book. I agree that he was very uncomfortable in the spotlight being asked so many questions. Maybe it was because they don't have the answers yet. Maybe because the family has asked that certain things not be made public. But if so, that is their choice. And the rest of us have to live with no comment or little information and let it go. That is where you are obsessing - the why and not letting it go. You are taking this on like a personal project - "to get the answers". Maybe you do that alot on here, and being newer to the forums - I just don't know you yet. I just thought I would step in (as my American right) to let you know to take a step back and a chill pill. Something that doesn't affect you has happened and you are not going to change the outcome - so go live your life now. Even if something (like drugs or alcohol or sex) happened - it doesn't change the outcome. And it doesn't help anyone with a lesson learned. So, why take such a personal interest? I could play the crazy obsession card too - and ask why you want to know so bad? You must have an obsession with the Hennen family - maybe you are a stalker? Or they wouldn't hire you at the restaurant because you stink or have hair growing out of your collar or are overweight or are underweight? Or maybe you were in love with him and he rejected you? I could come up with alot more possible reasons, but there is absolutely no desire to push you any harder. So, what is your true intent in pushing the "why" so hard on the family and friends and us forum users? Maybe that is just your character on the forum. Alas, who will ever know why?

September 1, 2011 at 11:33 a.m.
hrtofluv said...

How does what happened affect your life? Will it change by knowing what happened? No. So - the only people who should care would be the family. And maybe they already know. Who cares that IF they do, than they don't want it released to the public. That is their choice. It does not mean that there is a dastardly cover-up! What happened that lead up to this accident doesn't matter - the loss of life does! And that is all that anyone should focus on. There is a woman in Roane county who happened to cross the yellow line and hit a tractor-trailer head-on killing her and her 3 children. And there are some people just like you wanting to know why she crossed the line. Why should anyone care outside family and friends? It won't affect your life. It doesn't make it more or less tragic to know the reason why an accident occurs! The loss of any life is tragic to whomever is left on this earth that loved them - and communities should only assist in helping those left behind - not turn it into something less than respectful sympathy. You must have some serious paranoia issues if you think that "something" is up. And more issues with obsession over it by constantly posting your paranoia. Brother - it appears you need some help. Mocassin Bend's number is (423) 265-2271.

September 1, 2011 at 10:56 a.m.
hrtofluv said...

If you have never met either person or any of their family - then why do you care so much what happened? Two young people were tragically killed by a train.
Why are some of you obsessing over trying to get "answers" when it doesn't affect you at all? Are you just obsessed to get "answers" to make one or both of them look bad? Sorry - nothing that comes out now will affect my life - whether it be they were being intimate or drugged or drunk or sound asleep or if they tried to move at the last second (3-5 seconds goes by pretty fast). They were tragically killed by a train - senseless deaths. It's just like when the tornadoes hit in April - people couldn't get out of the path fast enough and alot of people died tragically. Are you seeking "answers" from every person who died during the tornadoes for why they didn't get out of its path fast enough? Or the hurricanes? Or a housefire? Or a bullet? Sometimes tragic things happen and we will never know the "answer" as to why. Ultimate lesson learned - don't lie on train tracks or the asphalt between tracks at a crossing for ANY reason to avoid the same fate.
My sympathies to family and friends of both for losing someone you loved at such young ages!

September 1, 2011 at 9:19 a.m.
hrtofluv said...

Estimate: LONG TIME to clean up! Ruptured tractor-trailer's gas tank. Parts of both vehicles all over the road! Thanks for being so concerned about the drivers - luckily the van driver has survived! Still horrific to all those who witnessed it! Although I was shocked to see any press taking pictures before the man was "jaws-of-life" taken from the van!

August 3, 2011 at 12:52 p.m.
hrtofluv said...

YES!!!!!! I will go see her wherever she performs locally!

May 10, 2011 at 10:29 a.m.
hrtofluv said...

Why or why did he talk Coach K into staying?!! He should have replaced him without a second thought!
Coach K was such a Moore puppet - he should follow his master and leave our boys to the new coach! He doesn't know how to coach any position but guard - must have little man's syndrome cause that's all he taught was a short-man's game! Telling the post players "Don't block - take the charge!" Taking them out of the game if they blocked instead of taking the charge! What a joke! Coach K needs to go too! Hopefully he will or Redman will figure it out and do the right thing by our boys!

April 28, 2011 at noon
hrtofluv said...

annette - if it were so much easier on the murderers to get executed then sit in prison (cause "it's a hard life to live"); then why are they fighting the execution?! They don't wanna die - that's why they look for every loophole and technicality they can and it gets stayed over and over through every appeal possible. Some of them have been sitting there longer than I have been born!!! Yes - I do know that some people maybe innocent (but that is a very small number-you have to admit that). And yes - some have killed the rapist of their child - I believe that is justifiable homicide (which equates to no death penalty).
But the truth is that executions would happen more frequently if they weren't fighting it tooth and nail to stop it. So, tell me why? If prison life and their "supposed guilt" is bothering them so much - drop all appeals and take your punishment. I know there have been a few cases where the murderer has pled guilty and asked for the death penalty - and that has taken years before their execution! Why must it take so long?!
I do think the townhall hangings should make a comeback. Cheap and great deterrent!

April 26, 2011 at 10:28 a.m.
hrtofluv said...

Were the people they murdered sedated first? I doubt it! Get on with it? Why do laws insist they get something the people they murdered didn't get? I'm tied of paying taxes to support these criminals for life when they were sentenced to the death penalty. Good gracious - that one from Hamilton County was sentenced in 1992 - that's twenty years of my taxes?! Give me a break - if his lawyers haven't figured out how to get him off in twenty years - bet he's guilty! I would like to know how many sitting on death row are before the 1999 law? The ones convicted before that - need to line them up for the electric chair ride! And to see we have 86 waiting - how come none were excuted in 2010?! Why can't they just use what hospitals give everyone before surgery? Surely they can obtain that without worrying about getting it legally! TDOC - Please come up with solutions and fast! Another day just went by with nothing getting done!

April 25, 2011 at 9:37 a.m.
hrtofluv said...

So gatoralan - why don't you report those 5 meth houses to the police. Hopefully a narcotic sting is already in place. Or are you afraid they might catch you going to buy? That's the problem with people who complain all the time about this 'n that happening, but never pick up the phone to tell anyone about it - just complain in the newspapers or to your neighbors. Went to a neighborhood meeting and everyone's talking about something missing from their yards, and yet the refuse to call the police to report it! How is the police suppose to help if they don't know about it? If you know more than them - tell them! It's time for the citizens to take back their neighborhoods - report it! Yeah - the judge may let them come back home again, but report it again - 2 or 3 arrests and finally the judge will give them some jail time. Just quit whining on here and do something next time you see something that's illegal.

April 25, 2011 at 9:08 a.m.

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