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jrb_dr said...

I suspect the Governor's teachers are glad student test scores were not used as part of their evaluation when he was in their classes.

January 16, 2010 at 12:44 a.m.
jrb_dr said...

I think the goal is good but the approach is awful. The Governor's approach is I believe well intentioned but the approach is far too simplistic. It simply goes to show that he has no clue as to all of the various factors that come into play in today's classrooms. I challenge him to spend two weeks in a classroom in a school in the inner city or a low income area and then stand before us and say this idea of using A SIMPLISTIC APPROACH TO EVALUATING TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS IS A GOOD AND DEFENSIBLE APPROACH. In point of fact, today's teachers have very little direct control over what is taught, how it is taught, and most importantly discipline which if you have unruly kids in a class it can TOTALLY disrupt the learning process for the kids who want to learn through no fault of the teacher. Teachers have limits placed on them as to how they can deal with disciplinary problems by our politicians, courts and school boards. Our politicians should look in a mirror. If they do, they will see who is really at fault for the majority of the problems facing our schools today. However, as usual, our politicians try to blame others in order to keep the spotlight off of themselves. They are accomplished at that. It is a practice that is referred to as "Blame Storming". It occurs everyday at both the state and federal government levels. Just look at what is happening in Washington right now regarding health care. Unfortunately, it seems to me that Governor Bredesen is no exception. Because of all of this, I believe that what the Governor is proposing will do much more harm to our schools than it will do good. If nothing else, I predict that it will cause many of our better teachers to look for a more supportive state in which to teach thereby causing more harm to our schools. By the way, I am not a teacher.

January 13, 2010 at 11 a.m.
jrb_dr said...

I think this whole idea is ridiculous. If the Governor thinks it is such a great idea, then it seems to me he would be fully supportive of a similar evaluative process to be instituted by the Federal Government to determine whether the governor of a state is sufficiently qualified to be the governor, as the basis on which federal money is awarded to the state and whether or not the governor is qualified to continue to serve as the governor of that state. Furthermore, I should point out that teachers have to pass 3 tests before they can be licensed as a teacher. Similarly, I believe each state should institute a licensing requirement for all elected officials which among other requirements would require the individual to pass a test covering their knowledge of both the State and U.S. Constitutions as well as such basic subjects as History, Grammar, Mathematics etc. Failure to pass this exam would result in the person not receiving a license to run for office. What do you think, Governor? Could you pass such a test? Governor Bredsen, you and all other politicians should be willing to submit yourself to the same level of evaluation that you seem to expect of teachers. I think it is interesting that most jobs and professions that affect the public’s well-being require licensing by the state. In my humble opinion, since in most cases it is unfortunate that politicians impact the public’s well being as much as any other job or profession, they should be held to a high set of standards as well or not be allowed to run or hold office. Why do I think you are not willing to do that? If you are, then I fully support what you are doing, otherwise, It seems to me you are two faced. What say you, Governor?

January 8, 2010 at 2 p.m.

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