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klifnotes said...

Alp said:

In the meantime, I will always patiently wait my turn to pay, whenever a cashier takes 20 minutes to ring up an EBT or a WIC sale for the person who may or may not truly deserve such welfare.

Now, I know you've lost all sense of common sense,, decency and humanity, Alpi. I've been in the check-out line behind people using WIC and EBT cards too. And it takes lesser time to ring them up than it does me writing out a check to pay for my purchases. Shame on you, alpi.

And my mentioning SS/VA as a target was just to show you that the people you're listening to won't stop at welfare, foodtamps and WIC recipients. They're going to gut and cut across the board, and they're going to use people like you to boost their numbers of support to carry it all out. Like I said, Alpi, y'all always think it's the other guy and not yourselves who will be targeted.

I predicted the outcome and chaos from cutting TennCare years ago, and I'm predicting the same here. I was more than right about the outcome of gutting and cutting TennCare. The people most affected didn't see themselves in the cuts either.

November 11, 2013 at 7:08 p.m.
klifnotes said...

continued for Al:

Don't misunderstand me, I want anyone who needs assistance to receive it, but I am not convinced that everyone who is receiving assistance is truly in need.

But how would do deal with the aftermath of the collateral damage that will ensue? When they start to cut people off, as was done with TennCare years ago, they cut across the board. I can recall one rural white family whose daughter was bedridden and on a ventilator to help her breathe who was cut from TennCare, because people were screaming about their tax-dollars being wasted and abused by moochers* too lazy to work and get their own insurance. I can women with children afraid to apply for needed welfare assistance because they didn't want to put the childrens' father (who was most often just out of work) up for non-support. Which became automatic anytime the custodial parent applied for welfare assistance. Who did it harm? On the surface, the cuts appeared to work, but behind the scenes those cuts were a disaster, and mainly for the people who needed it the most. The children.

Personally, you give the impression that you naively believe that if these programs are cut the money will go into other programs for people like you (SS). That won't happen. Any savings from cuts of these programs always end up in the pockets of the wealthy, who don't really need it. Like Mitt Romney and that 15 million bailout he got and is said to have hidden in some offshore account, funneled through his church and wife.*

btw-When I use to post here, you use to make a lot of sense. Show a lot more compassion. What happened? Who got to you?

November 11, 2013 at 5:10 p.m.
klifnotes said...

alprova said...

Sure I can, to a degree anyway. If I can make it 55 years without assistance to purchase my food, so can anyone,

Many have said the same thing about people who become too sick to work and must apply for SS before retirement age. They're saying the same about veterans who apply for V.A. benefits. You sound like you've been listening to those libertarians who are nothing more than mostly right winger Republicans dressed up in libertarian drag. They've been jumping the GOP ship all over the place since they screwed that up and trying to clean up their image somewhat or hide.

We're on the same page when it comes to entitlement programs, but welfare is horribly abused these days, just as it was prior to 1996.

What proof do you have that welfare is horribly abused? Some are saying the same thing about SS. People like you will be on their SS hit list when they get through with the welfare recipients.

That's not me at all. I just occassionally wind up waiting in line behind such people.

And from that occasional encounter, you've determined and come to the conclusion what? You still don't know those individuals situations. You don't know if the person is military, spouse of a recent military person or even killed. Military benefits for disabled or even vets who die don't just happen over night. For some families it has taken months, even years before VA benefits are approved. In the meantime they still have to make ends meet. That surviving spouse, remaining working spouse must survive off one income until things are approved. They've gone from a two income household to a one. So who would you and your buddies give the shaft too? How would you go about gets the shaft? Peek through windows? Have neighbors spying on neighbors? That's already been tried. All it accomplished was a lot of hostilities and false accusations

November 11, 2013 at 5:09 p.m.
klifnotes said...

Alp said:

However, I have been as dirt poor as anyone can be, several times in my life, and have even had other mouths to feed as well, and never, not once, in my life, have I ever even thought of applying for EBT or WIC benefits.

But you can't measure everyone's situation by your own life experiences.

Alp said:

I do recognize why people rant and rave about such welfare, which is just a wee bit out of control at the moment.

Those same people rant and rave about social security and other programs. If you naively believe they're going to stop at foodstamps, WIC, welfare and not jump on SS, then you're horribly naïve. The same when, years ago, many were ranting and raving about TennCare. In their minds they saw inner-city poor as the only benefactors. They didn't see rural white Tennesseans as overwhelmingly dependent on TennCare. Even some of those rural Tennesseans didn't see themselves being critically affected by cuts in TennCare. Tragically, people always thinks it's the other guy, and not them, who will be affected.

It's too easy and to widely available at the moment.

Alpy said:

There is no shame in someone having to work ten jobs, if that is what it takes to feed their families, but there is a certain amount of shame in not doing whatever one can do, and instead taking a handout

There is no shame, Alpy, but is it reasonable and logic to expect someone to work 10 jobs just to put food on the table? And what happens when that individual physically breaks down from working 10 jobs just to make ends meet? His/her family will end right back @ square one where they'll become even more dependent on those dreaded and hated social programs. Not to mention, they'll get accused, and in some states maybe arrested, for not showing up their children's parent/teacher meetings.

Those social programs weren't created just for the poor. They were meant to create jobs. Look at all the jobs that would be affected without them. From the food industry to the people who decide if others are eligible or not, to the people who monitor those who decide who's eligible or not.

For me, I'm not going to nor will I ever follow anyone around in a store (I come across others who admit to doing just that) just to see if they're going to use foodstamps or WIC, and watch how they dress or how they arrived and what they leave in.

And do you feel the same way about military persons who receive public assistance in the way of foodstamps, WIC and even welfare? You do know a large portion of America's military qualify for and do receive public assistance of that kind, don't you?

November 11, 2013 at 1:39 p.m.
klifnotes said...

alprova said:

Two people working minimum wage jobs can clear $500 a week, which should be more than enough, spent wisely, to support a family of three.

I don't doubt your sincerity, al. However, I'm sadden by your lack of knowledge on the issue of social programs and how they work. Sure, two people working minimum wage jobs can clear 500 a week. First the key word even in your own statement is can. That doesn't mean two people working jobs in the same household will. Second, social programs such a foodstamps,welfare etc. aren't based alone on what families bring in, but what they have to spend out in the way of rent, utilities, expenses to get back and forth to work, medical bills etc. and other financial issues that may crop up without notice.

People whipping out an EBT card or WIC coupons, who are dressed in duds costing a hundred bucks, talking away on cell phones, and loading those groceries into a two year old vehicle, are not impoverished.

How a person is dressed is no indicator of what they can afford. How do you know that person didn't borrow clothing from someone else? Didn't obtain their clothing from a thrift store? I've donated good reusable clothing and furniture items to places like the community kitchen thrift store. Some with the tags still on them. A skirt I donated once with a $98.00 price tag on it was later sold for $1.00 at one of those charitable gift stores. I was so proud when volunteering at a local service that provides to families to see a woman wearing the skirt and she began to proudly talk about where she'd purchased the skirt and how much she'd payed for it and saying the price tag was still on it when she purchased it. I never let on that it was one of many items I'd donated to the very store she mentioned. I was just happy that such a small act of generosity could brighten another persons life so.

As for cellphones? They can now be had cheaper than landline (house) phones. For as little as 10 bucks or less and pay as you go. Meaning you buy the minutes and when they're all used up, you either buy some more or not. Minutes can be had on a cellphone for as little as 5 buck. So don't judge alphy, less you be judged, and don't buy into the rhetoric. These people who would take away the safety net of social programs, won't stop at foodstamp, welfare, or WIC, they'll go after the ones you've admitted you benefit from too.

November 11, 2013 at 9:04 a.m.
klifnotes said...

rick1 said:

I stood in line at my local Bi-Lo the other night for twenty minutes, behind a young man and a young woman, who had what appeared to be a 6 month old baby. They appeared to be almost athletic. Nice clothes, clean, etc. They were obviously making their monthly purchase of WIC voucher approved items. I heard a figure of $169.00 for what constituted a collection of baby food, formula, and other food items, which for some reason was a problem to ring up, for the cashier had to call for a manager five times during the transaction, which took literally three to five minutes for the manager to respond to, each time assistance was requested. I almost got ticked off enough to abandon my buggy of carefully selected items, by price, that I was attempting to purchase. I may be liberal, but I don't understand why a couple of people clearly able to work, are granted hundreds of dollars worth of free food each month, simply for popping out a kid.

!?Just because that couple was purchasing items on WIC vouchers doesn't mean they don't both have jobs. It could also indicate they have jobs, but their salaries, even combined, are considered below the poverty level. They're known as the working poor who often work more hours than you and I do, but their salaries meet federal standards for still being considered poor. Social programs such as WIC, foodstamps are also based on what a family spends (outcome) as well as what they earn (income). I've worked with individuals applying for assistance, and believe me when I say most would prefer not to have to use such programs. ?!

Your biggest leechers sucking the gov. tits are corporate America and the wealthy who will go out and buy acres of land, claim it farm land, and are paid by the government to produce nothing. Check out some of your wealthy politicians who claim to be farmers. Then investigate how much they're receiving in farm subsidies from the federal government. BILLIONS!! at last count. That $169.00 in milk, baby formula are peanuts in comparison to what those wealthy politician farmers are getting in kickbacks from the federal gov.

November 10, 2013 at 10:03 a.m.
klifnotes said...

Ranter number 1 is in need of some enlightenment. America has been spying on its citizens and allies, well, since like____4-EVAH!

In 1898 America occupied the Philippines fashioning the world’s first full-scale “surveillance state” in a colonial land. That 1898 gesture morphed and migrated into * the basis for constructing America’s earliest internal security and surveillance apparatus during World War I*

Then: "A half-century later, as protests mounted during the Vietnam War, the FBI, building on the foundations of that old security structure, launched large-scale illegal counterintelligence operations to harass antiwar activists, while President Richard Nixon’s White House created its own surveillance apparatus to target its domestic enemies." sln

November 7, 2013 at 5:25 p.m.
klifnotes said...

caddy said... "In the late 1950's and early 1960's, I began to notice a drift of men into perversions, and now women also. The men, for example, found that not only marital sex but also adulteries were no longer capable of exciting them. As a result, they were experimenting with anal sex, homosexuality, child molestation, incest, and like perversions as a means of reviving their flagging sexuality.

Those things have been going on for centuries. Technology just condensed them,made the world smaller and everyone's now more aware.

November 6, 2013 at 8:03 p.m.
klifnotes said...

PT said: And yes, of course he knew policies would be canceled. What's the matter with you?

Not true, PT. Those policies being cancelled by insurance companies were cheap, worthless policies anyway. They were like buying an accidental death police, but dying of natural causes. The accidental death policy pays nothing, and will only reimburse you for the premiums paid.

Read, educate yourself, stop listening to buying into right wingnut rhetoric and join the world of intellectuals who are enlightened:

Regarding that thing about various insurance companies canceling policies, what the concern trolls in the press and especially the tea party Republicans won't tell you is that insurance companies are now required by law to offer new policies to customers that comply with mandatory benefits in the ACA -- benefits that aren't included in cheap, pointless junk policies. Bargain-basement policies with practically nonexistent benefits will now be replaced with similarly affordable coverage that includes expanded benefits, including the well-known elimination of lifetime and annual limits, free preventative checkups and more. Now, due to the ACA, Americans buying or replacing insurance policies will easily qualify for affordable health exchange plans with considerably greater benefits and significantly lower deductibles.

Personally, I'd rather pay a $97 premium for a policy that covers everything, without limits, than for an existing $54 policy that covers nothing and which limits everything.

See Political writer Bob Cesca/Huffington Post

The reason the GOP wants to destroy the ACA, or delay it, is because the penalty part, which they insisted on before they would agree to sign on, can't be enforced. They're pis/sed that the writers pulled one over on them right before their eyes. See, they wanted Americans who continued to go without any coverage to have liens put on their property, arrested (like you now can be arrested for not having car insurance). But the law was written in such a way that the penalty phase of the law can not be enforced or carried out. No one can lose their home, car or freedom if they fail to buy medical insurance! 'nuf Said!!

November 6, 2013 at 7:57 p.m.
klifnotes said...

MarkB said... Klifnotes, I almost agree. All sin. I give references to back up my statements. Could you give me the statistic you read that says professing believers break the laws MOST OFTEN? I find that hard to believe and would love to know where you found this information

Who needs a study when all you have to do is a search at any given time?

example: Pastor accused of sexual misconduct with teen.

Deacon accused of shooting pastor during service.

Pastor accused of sexual abuse of 14 year old foster daughter.

Pastor accused of killing couple in front of their kids.

Parents sentenced in starving, beating death of adopted Ethiopian Daughters. ( all had ties to the biblical: spare the rod spoil the child/biblical).

adultery? fornication, lying, stealing from parishioners, dallying around with underage boys, girls, murder, child abuse.

November 6, 2013 at 9:06 a.m.

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