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@ashbec89. You are correct. @mtp965. It's apparent you could possibly be a facebook stalker knowing that young Cunningham's sister's name on facebook was becca smart pig. Additionally being familiar with the family and the community. My intuition is telling me that you could be the TP or associated with the TP living opposite Sitton Construction. If my feelings are correct then possible you should be thankful that young Cunningham put a stop to the meth components that he found in the woods so that your children didn't become a victim of a violent crime if perhaps they had walked upon such illegal activity. @sigmtn65. You obviously sound like a faithful reader of JUST BUSTED with you quote of the misdemeanor citation. Should we also investigate people that is addicted to speeding while driving vehicles or people cited for using their cellphones while driving? Additionally looking at residents living in the community that have excessive traffic citations? Maybe the elderly within the community with multiple accidents should be targeted resulting in suspending their license to operate a motor vehicle? For God knows such people could hit a child while riding a bike or walking to the school but stop. Lets not forget if you aren't happy with the people in your communities you have the right to move. I however haven't found a perfect heavenly community with street paved with gold. Where my family and I can reside in perfect harmony. Point is young Cunningham as well as all relatives living in that community have been quick to assist a neighbor in need. Also displaying such characteristic as peaceful, big hearted, kind natured, intelligent, and well educated. Young Cunningham has always been eager to help neighbors in need. Never turning down a hand shake of friendship. Lets all remember this was a violent crime. And I pray no one blogging here, whether negative or positive, has some one drive into your driveway, get out of the vehicle brandishing a weapon. And because you once committed a misdemeanor, or sped, or had multiple parking tickets,or failed to pay your auto insurance which are all illegal in the state of Tennessee that you would not permitted to protect yourself. I had and uncle that was killed by someone during a home invasion. Never judge until you have walked in a victims shoes.

December 14, 2011 at 3:01 a.m.
lawabingcitizen said...

@sigmtn65 This was a misdemeanor charge. Again he is not a convicted felon. Here is one for you. This is a witness involved on behalf of Frisbee.

SIVLEY, FARRYN BROOKE Age at Arrest: 21 Date of Birth: 05/27/1989 Arresting Agency: Hamilton County

Last Date of Arrest: 07/22/2010 Booked for Previous Charges or Other Reason(s)

December 13, 2011 at 11:38 p.m.
lawabingcitizen said...

Tennessee is a Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground State.( Young Cunningham is not a convicted felon. Nor has he ever been a charged with a felony. Nor does Cunningham own a handgun. The only time Cunningham has been known to have a firearm is when has been hiking on family property or tracking wild life on family property. He joined the military during war time and spent 3 three tours of duty on the front lines working closely with special forces. He was attained an honorable discharge from the United States Army. Fact, if he had fired a shot at Frisbee, Frisbee would be a dean man. Young Cunningham is a known marksman. Now onto false statements made by either the media or The Hamilton County Sheriff Department, spokes person Janice Atkins, whom is a former employee of the Chattanooga City Police Department. There was not a Meth Lab discovered in the woods near the crime seen by the Sheriff's Department. Young Cunningham volunteered this information to Deputies investigating the crime seen. Cunningham had discovered a suspicious back pack while hiking on family property on Friday and felt alarm for his neighboring relatives. It is a known fact that Willy D. Cunningham reported this to several family members in hopes they would be aware of what he discovered and of their surroundings in case they too were hiking on their property and run across illegal activity. The only "drugs" found at the crime scene was a small packet of white powder which the Sheriff's department failed to field test. At this point a slanderous/defamation of character statement was released by the Sheriff's department. To this day we don't know if the packet contains household flour, baking soda, or anthrax for that matter. None the less the packet of white powder was thrown down by Dustin Frisbee prior to firing multiple shots at Dewayne Cunningham. It is also apparent that Dewayne Cunningham and a witness were held pumped for information against their will and without being informed that they could possibly need an attorney present during questioning. After information was given to the authorities. Afterwards Dewayne Cunningham was taken into custody. We should all learn a lesson by this incident. Caution should be taken when talking to police. And do not believe everything we hear aired on the news. Thanks for reading and remember to stick to the facts, research information, and unless you know what you are talking about then keep to facebook and other social networks where you can discuss you relationship problems and your baby bumps among friends.

December 13, 2011 at 11:23 p.m.
lawabingcitizen said...

I refuse to lower myself to the level of some people such as Mandy Gray, daughter of "Gray Dog",whom is a known weed smoker and has been seen coming out of a porta potty at work brandishing pot paraphernalia. I refuse to make slanderous remarks about the people involved and only speak of true eyewitness accounts of what has happened. I however, wish to keep my identity private due to the fact that Dustin Frisbee has an extensive criminal record dating as far back as 2003. I am in fear of said Frisbee and his thug friends. I am a close friend of the Cunningham family and have been since the mid 1980's. In fact, the Cunninghams/Laymons are fine outstanding law abiding citizens. Signal Mountain should be honored to have such a family reside there. Now to the facts; Frisbee was a contract laborer of Willy L. Cunningham until he was no longer used on jobs. Willy D. Cunningham was a victim of Frisbee early on Saturday afternoon when he held young Cunningham at gun point. $40 dollars was stolen from Cunningham. Willy D. recognized Frisbee because he had worked for his father Willy L. Cunningham. Frisbee knew where the Cunninghams reside. Frisbee continued to make threats to young Cunningham again during the late evening hours of Saturday and early Sunday morning.(cont.)

December 13, 2011 at 11:22 p.m.

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