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lil_yoyo said...

i have known these two for over 15 years..and they have been trying to find homes for all the animals..they have been having a hard time but i know that they try...people bring them animals..or drop them off..he has wanted to clean his yard and make it better for the animals..but he has no help no vehicle..if i where there i would help..instead of driving by and passing judgement..i would stop and offer help..the only thing they might be guilty of is careing to much..i would stand as a witness that they dont neglect there animals i know that he feed and waters all the animals first thing in the morning and makes sure there is water all day..they dont beat there animals...they dont cage them up..he has kennels..if u drive by and where just so worried then why didnt u stop and ask about an animal or offer some help give me a break..u are just on here to pass judgement u cant judge a book by its cover u gotta stop and read it

July 11, 2011 at 10:51 a.m.
lil_yoyo said...

I have known these people for over Fifteen years...they hit a ruff spot...they try to give animals to good homes...people bring the animals to them..and they except them because they know that no one else will take them...they have been having bad luck..there trailer caught on fire and two campers..and there is no work..but i do know that they try there damndest to take care of all there animals...u know if maybe people gave them a little help...when times are ruff everything would be ok...all those animals know who they belong his dog rufeo...he has had him many years now i bet that when they went to seaize them that he growled and wasnt nice but if u only knew that he is like 18 years old and blind and that when u walk up u have to say his name..that he will wag his tail....and dancer the large male horse..i know that there is not grass but i do know that people would let him take dancer to there fields and eat..and he always had food and water for his pets..some how or another...they would cook for the animals in the winter so they would stay norished and would keep there body can u judge people u dont even know...why dont u blame the people that drop animals of because they are to lazy to take care of them...and these people would run there mouth about they cant take care of there animals then why are u putting more burden on these peoples sholders...if u gave a damn maybe you would have stoped and talked to them..and maybe asked if they needed a little help..but no u rather just judge a book by its cover...these people love there animals..and people know this and know that if they take animals their they wont turn them away..they can tell u everything about there animals...its not there fault that nobody will take a full grown dog because they want a puppy but u will drive by and pass judgement...maybe next time u should really care..they dont beat their animals..the only thing they are guilty of is caring to much

July 11, 2011 at 10:40 a.m.

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