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HA! You think these kids were "standing up for their rights" & trying to strike out what is "illegal" is a total crock of crap! Not to mention I can BET those children break the law on a daily basis. Simple things as speeding.. or buying or selling drugs, which I know for a fact, is HIGH at Soddy daisy& Hixson high school. Again, these kids were my friends in high school too, but my point is they werent trying to make things "legal". Those kids didnt give a crap about "legal", They wanted things their way. The thing is, I went to school with Muslims, Christians, people who were agnostic, athiest, & Wiccan. & they were MY FRIENDS! We all RESPECTED each others decisions. When we prayed, we didnt say "Dear Lord baby Jesus Christ, Son of God" you just pray! To God. Your God. If those kids had respect for each other & were raised in a sense of tolerance living in this hell hole of an earth, they would look past that or pray to THEIR god during that time. Its high school.. come on now.

October 21, 2010 at 1:30 a.m.
miss_bossy said...

Why are non-christians so hell bent on being RiGHT? Im noticing most of the comments here, if they are for the religious side, theres lots of "no"s on "was this comment useful". I'm a Christian, but I do see it both ways in a sense. I just don't get why people have to be so closed minded. Its like they're saying "No.. no no no religion. Its 'right'". As BigRidgePatriot said, "a little posse of left winged extremists dominate here". This does not reflect that majority of Tennessee, & definitely not Chattanooga. My sister attends Soddy Daisy High School, & according to her & people's facebook's, Soddy Daisy alumni, graduates, & current students are embarrassed & ashamed. So just to maybe shine a little hope on the matter, I will say that the "majority" of Tennessee is not posting here. Period.

& as someone said previously, by taking God out of the courts, schools, everything.. Why would he want to protect us anymore? We dont protect his name, so he may just turn his back on this pitiful, pathetic earth as he did before with the flood. I mean this more than a comment, May God please..please, have mercy on this country.

This will only spawn MORE prayer. So thank you left wings :] And as someone else stated, you should DEFINITELY be more concerned with your child's test scores or the drugs they're selling or buying, than worrying about someone praying in their vicinity. Seems like if anything it might be helpful. But I guess you can't help those who don't seek help.

Oh & if your a football coach & your team wants to pray, I sawy PRAY! Thats YOUR business and if you all decide thats the route you want to go before games, and I agree with you firmly, GO FOR iT! You're the coach, and those are your kids. I think the students should refuse to play without the prayer & comfort THEY need to step onto the field. If its THEIR game, & THEIR bones & skin & body, let them pray.

October 20, 2010 at 9:43 p.m.
miss_bossy said...

Larry that was exactly what everyones trying to say, but it just doesnt seem to come out right or make sense to anyone. He was young, he was popular, he was a good guy, of course there were cars lined down his street. That was the place to be. Who wouldnt wanna hang out there. Screw them for trying to justify someone running up in HIS house & gunning him down in his own bed. There is no justification. I dont care if he called someone every name in the book & punched them in the face or something stupid, nothing will justify the fact that a life was taken. Chance was the victim here. The person with the gun in the house that WAS NOT HIS, was the bad guy. And heres my thing.. whatever they say they found in the house, doesnt make Chance deserving of being gunned down by someone who wanted that stuff. Think about it, it makes no sense. Whatever he had, okay. What is everyone trying to presume the robber was going after, an ice cold beverage? No.. money, or expensive items, or drug related items that were found. So some junkie with a gun gets to run up in someones house, take what they want, and take lives too? Yeah... I wanna see who thinks thats okay.

Wildman, Im sure you've got something better to do than keep up with the news about a guy you obviously knew nothing about, nor care about. I can tell you right now, that his friends wanna find the guy. & they ARE trying. But with the little information we got, theres not much to do but talk to other people to get leads. The police are only going to let certain information out. They dont exactly want any of Chance's friends to find the person before them for numerous reasons. Chance has an army right now. & they wont show the mercy that the police & pathetic judicial system will. So for the sake of this argument, you should be praying the police get to him first. All we can do is defend Chance's good name, we can go out & play investigator, so we keep in touch with everyone via facebook, keep up with the news & articles being posted, & show our support. Just as you would do if your friend was murdered.. that is, if you're a decent friend to anyone. Oh, & if you really think all these people are the same author, your an idiot. Period. Go to facebook & search up all these peoples names. Almost everyone who has posted has used their real first & last name, go find them & see what they have to say about their post. & like Jennifer said, the people posting here are in mourning. Way to be a cold hearted piece of s@*!. Go comment on the Red Bank fight or some other piece of useless news. This is a homicide case if you hadnt noticed.

Haha, & as Larry said, Chance would be laughing at you right now.

September 11, 2010 at 7:20 p.m.
miss_bossy said...

Susie your right. I agree with you. He was 21. He was a great guy and THATS a fact. Why would there not be cars lined down the road. If you saw the house in the picture you would realize the driveway wasnt much of a parking area. Ive never in all my times of being there, parked in their driveway. Everyone parks in the road. There was just no point in mentioning the "cars lined down the street" because no, they didnt say he was a drug crazed party boy, but come on now, it was semi-implied at the least. Theres nothing relevent whatsoever to putting that in the report of an innocent man being gunned down in his own home. Had it been left out, the article wouldnt have been so bad. Thats my only point. I understand they gave us the information that they could, but they also gave us information that was totally unneeded & possibly makes people who dont know him, read this article & jump to conclusions that were implied here.

Even had it been a drug deal gone bad, you dont leave assumptions like that on the front page of the newspaper when they have NO idea why it happened. In my opinion, the person could have been extremely intoxicated, & when he shot Chance, reality kind of set in, and they didnt want to kill another. It didnt have to be a drug deal gone bad nor a targeted killing. Im not saying it isnt either, cause it seems targeted, but theres also the chance that they just got scared & realized what they were doing, and got out before they got caught & killed another.

Another thing I'd like to say, "some sort of drugs" that they found, I can put money on it that it was not anything hardcore. If you went to Hixson High school or Soddy Daisy high school, you know how common some things are. & its not worth killing over.. thats all Im saying on that.

September 10, 2010 at 11:51 p.m.
miss_bossy said...

I dont know where Ridgemont is but Cambridge Park is in between Red Bank in the S Curves. If you know where the Taco Bell is in Red Bank, you turn onto the street directly across from it, Memorial Drive. You pass the duck pond on the left & the apartments are immediately after.

September 10, 2010 at 6:25 p.m.
miss_bossy said...

Chance we all miss you so much. And yes, hes "doing his job" but numerous people read the article & people who knew Chance, think the way it was written is just cold. Period. & thats the truth. This isnt the death of a dug lord or a mafia kingpin or something. This is a 21 year old guy who was greatly loved by everyone around him. GREATLY. The fact that the "line of cars" were even mentioned is ridiculous. My car was probably in those line of cars, and the whole time my car was there it was just people hanging out. He was a great guy, a lot of people loved him, and he was close to his friends. People came over daily to hang out for a while there. It was a hang out spot for his friends. Maybe the police was called once or twice, but I can tell you it wasnt cause there were guns & violence & naked girls running around or something out of control. It wasnt a PARTY place like the newspaper makes it sound. He had close friends, and they were welcome at his house welcome anytime. That makes him an AMAZING guy, NOT the drugie you portrayed him to be. I wish someone who knew him could have wrote the article. It would have been less about the stupid stuff & more about what mattered. Some pathetic person took the life of an amazing man, and that person is the bad guy, not Chance. So theres no reason to try to almost "justify" being murdered in cold blood in your own home.

September 10, 2010 at 6:20 p.m.
miss_bossy said...

I live in Cambridge Apartments. I just wanted to state that the picture of the trash is nothing like what it actually looks like. As you can see, the bins look burned. A few nights ago, the fire department had to come because the garbage cans were ablaze. I can only assume that someone intentionally burned it to get rid of the smell, considering the garbage cans are only a few feet away from some people doorsteps. & It is also on the ground because they rarely come to dump them. Ive actually only seen them empty 2 times in the past 6 months Ive lived here. They are always full. We throw our trash in the top, but it probably spills over with time, considering they never come to dump it.

Our water has been out 4 times, which if you look at that as "months" out of 6, its pretty pathetic. One morning we had water when I woke up to go to work, but apparently right after I left, my boyfriend got up & we had no water. Its completely random. So the water was out from about 7am-7pm or so. They had it turned back on apparently by the city we were told. But the payment from the owner never came through so they turned it back off the next morning.

There was a raccoon one day out wandering in broad daylight near the trash cans, and didnt seem the least bit worried about the people walking around. Someone from the city actually came today to take pictures at about 9am, we had water pressure that was not up to code, our fire extinguisher had not bee checked since 1997, & the smoke detectors do not work. Our kitchen light comes on somedays, & other days it wont. Apparently theres a weird short or something. Our door only stays shut when locked. If your walking around the apartment or someones coming up or down the stairs, our door opens. We believe we have rodents coming from under the oven. Theres feces in our pots almost everytime we get one from under the stove. & our air conditioning unit sparks when it turns off & on. When we first moved in it would wake me up in the middle of the night and I was scared it was going to catch on fire. Someone actually came to look at it & they said it just did that turning off & on & apparently it was okay. It hasnt started a fire or anything yet, but it sparks like 7 or 8 times jumping on & off everytime.

September 7, 2010 at 6:47 p.m.

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