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mldavis said...

To Mr. Karr,

I feel that I need to make some corrections to your statements addressed at me. First, I am not affiliated with McKamey Animal Shelter. My position in society has no bearing as to why I choose to be in court to observe this trial. You seem comfortable in judging me without any facts. Second, my reference to the 35 feet were Beason's words, not mine. Third, you have no way to know what I am or am not doing to reduce the unwanted number of animals roaming our city, county and state. Fourth, if you are concerned at all about avoiding a situation such as this in the future, maybe you could jump on the bandwagon and spread the news about the importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs in Hamilton County. This would have a dual purpose. Maybe eliminate the need for shelters and use that money for humans, ie: education, food stamps, etc. Fifth, I was alert at the trial and took pages of notes. I based my opinion on what facts I heard. I was not passing judgement on anyone, unlike you, passing judgment on me. Sixth, His past is public record, which everyone has access to at anytime. This is factual . Seventh, I am very happy, I have a wonderful, fulfilling life. One child in private school, GPS to be exact..( Check your notes and see where Beason's child goes to school) and one in college. I am college educated and try to make a difference in our community. These are facts that I am giving to you, Mr.Karr. I am proud to live in this country where your opinions and mine can be expressed and have no fear of consequences. You seem to have allowed your personal opinions to judge me, with no facts at all. Education regarding humane animal care is needed in our community. Just because society has allowed this sort of behavior for years, doesn't mean it is right.

May 12, 2011 at 9:16 p.m.
mldavis said...

One other comment. Beason, who lives in another county, could not afford legal counsel, so after months of attempting to find an attorney, he requested a public defender. So, in addition to Beason committing a crime in a county where he doesn't live, our PD's office footed the bill. So if one is upset with the cost of this trial, please thank Beason.

May 12, 2011 at 12:10 a.m.
mldavis said...

I and a small group have been at every hearing date for Mr Beason for the last year and a half. The last day and a half, I ( along with a small group of others) sat thru jury selection, the trial and waiting for the verdict. The state of TN has laws regarding animal cruelty , with appropriate charges for the act committed. This case was not about humans liking animals better humans, or McKameys actions. THis was about an act by an individual who violated a TN law. What is interesting is that other witnesses said they were uneasy around the dog, but took reasonable measures to avoid the dog. Other witnesses were able to feed and pet her. His words on the day of the shooting" I was high stepping because the dog was near him and afraid( 35 feet), but rather than jumping in the cab of his truck, he had time to remove the compound bow, knock it up and ( he has been hunting since elementary school) shoot the her. Obvioulsy, he didn't feel that threatened. As one potential juror stated during jury selection, you aim for the heart , so the animal doesn't suffer. If you miss, you find the animal ( deer) and don't let if suffer. Mr Beason, after such a heinous act, got in his truck to go home. In addition, during the trail, several times, jurors were napping. How they were able to gather all the facts , I don't know. Finally, the Judge was explaining the process for the deliberation, he read for about ten minutes explaining to the jurors what was expected of them. Again, napping juror. THey were given the written document to take with them. It would have taken them at least an hour to review and have a basic understanding of what was written. ONe interesting note per the instructions is that if a witness appeared to not be credible , one might not take their testimony as being truthful, and take that into consideration when deliberating. AT least one JIT current employee could not even remember that he had called McKamey, even when shown the phone log by the DA . Beason has had several DUI's and even charged with rape (as a minor) . All public record. He has learned how to play the system. This case was about laws, which he violated. I applaud the DA"s office, for charging Beason. Education for our community is the only way to change ignorance for those who believe that animal cruelty is acceptable.

May 12, 2011 at 12:03 a.m.

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