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nowfedup said...

Yep the ole southern "wink nod" or southern justice as they know it.

June 10, 2013 at 1:42 p.m.
nowfedup said...

My how "hi tech educated" is this nation, if at all. News story a while back on NSA site in Utah. "Patriot Act" authorized this and more, yet a nation of fools howls and cries like little kiddies sent to bed early. Just a question, has anyone noted the gov is NOT taking the data, they OBTAIN the data from the huge files, growing daily of civilian companies, that is the danger as they are 100% unregulated. When they coordinate ALL the data on you they can track you 24/7 in ever detail. So lot's not get to upset about "gov and data" as it is actually "business and data", which as unregulated, can ruin your life, medical, spending, locations etc ALL on file, you name it, business can track it. Wake up fools, it is not the government we must worry about, you life 24/7 is for sale

June 10, 2013 at 1:39 p.m.
nowfedup said...

For those that never "attended" the military news flash, Senior folks are nearly always protected by good ole career boys network. The UCMJ, Uniform Code of Military Justice, is better known to lower ranks and non-career types as "Miiitary Code of INjustice for good reason, Military is run mostly by careerists and ring knockers who put their career and other senior members way ahead of their people. Not just in the rape thing, but incident after incident, remember how the story of "Rescued Army Spec, or how "former pro football player hero etc. Perhaps 10-20% actually do the jobs, carry the guns, fly the planes, etc, rest are simply overhead who knows how to get promoted, When draft ended so did the whistle blowers as career types know better.

May 20, 2013 at 2:28 p.m.
nowfedup said...

The prime issue in the big whine by Tea Potty-et al and all is NOT the IRS, the CORE issue is the 150% absurdity of "non profit 501 etc's established as NON political organizations whom will NOT state whose money they get. BOTH sides are up to neck in that horror. A huge insult to citizens to state "we are NOT political blah blah" whether it be lily white (skin and hair), Roves 501 or Sorso on the left. Can any sane literate person honestly buy into the BIG lie they are not money laundering machines for political groups?

So Congress, let's first ask why you shout, whine and yell about "integrity of government" when you feed at the trough of 501 NOT set up to be political? Integrity. honesty, etc, of the people are strange words to here form DC gang of 535 (perhaps 10% honest on best day)a and their supporters. The whole thing is one giant fraud and supported by world class hypocrites on both sides without the "integrity" to get "non profit, tax exempt, blah blah's removed. So big whine about IRS is small stuff is simply another bleating whines of self serving snake oil sales types to cover up their own lack of ethics,yea they are NOT politically, only social,educationally there for good of nation, and pigs fly south each fall.

May 16, 2013 at 11:14 a.m.
nowfedup said...

Now isn't the new push for "Privatizing Government" and moving to for profits (big ones but not discussed in article)) just grand? Seems an endless list of government the "should be privatized" and more on the way, which indicates more "for profit lobbyists visiting" our elected as more profits means more lobby "Contributions". or in IT talk, "Closed loop".

May 15, 2013 at 9:51 a.m.
nowfedup said...

The reality that NONE want to discuss in any civilized manner is the whole "Education" bit on the tax exempt is a huge scam, another good ole boys "wink nod, but we are just following the laws". There is NO "Educational" thing anywhere in these groups on BOTH sides. The core issue the hypocrites on both sides are getting huge amount of money to buy, electioneers, tea party is as bad as rest of extremes. REAL world is elected passed this garbage to hide huge amounts of money, who gave it, etc. The LAW is the real issue, and it needs to be repealed now. But that would require a lot more integrity then elected and supporters will ever have. So let's stop all the spin self righteous indignation,whines on "how terrible we were targeted blah blah. Supporters/elected KNOW the whole thing is phoney, meant to buy elections. Want "educational" concentrate on moving USA from near bottom of education lists, not this Bill that is as phoney as those who whine about it, integrity folks, remember that "quaint" value, then end the farce or shut up.

May 14, 2013 at 10:06 a.m.
nowfedup said...

It seems a lot of folks on this site are not overly well informed as to facts, and if any are presented they then dance about. I am out of here as the ignorance level and what appears to be imitation of intellectuals is so amusing as to be pathetic, so go play in your sand box of dumb and continue to uphold the image of "bumbed down good ole boys" being led about nose by nra talking points and selective editiing at about 3rd grade levels.

April 12, 2013 at 2:28 p.m.
nowfedup said...

Child have owned all types of guns for decades, NEVER worried about background checks and noted that FBI check is NOT same a the one advertised as a OK for some fool that fired maybe 10 shots to be "Qualified" or from GA that never fired one shot or took one class on gun laws. Not finger pointing, but the facts are facts and all the hot air you folks blow means nothing more then a bunch of paranoids running about trying to prove for once in miserable little lives they have some power, of a gun. Long time ago learned it takes more courage to simply walk away from dangerous situations then try to prove manly man. I also have a CCL, had one for years, long before nra used them to push guns sales as it their job. NEVER pack as see no need, CCL is just to transport and laws very from state to state. yep I sterotype as nra just push's "dumb button" and the lemmings for about 5th time rush down and empty gun stores via the ole worn out "they gunna take ur guns en ammo" spin, so it seems after five or so times only really dumbed down would bit again, but the fools do. So I judge by actions and this nonsense about "defending home, self, nation, world unverse ad nauseum, just getting more silly each year. So got to ask how come if more guns out there to make us safer, we need to be only nation in world that arms and makes fortress of schools as many want (PS sells more guns is one clue). Yep a ship of fools out there howling and baying about "thum revnuewss gunna tak mu guns en kunsttion is being run dun". Yep all it like I see it and from years of experience, but noted you dodge issues of type of gun checks needed by FL where even local papers demand more Same ole same old, you folk real shy on facts but big on hot air and more then a bit predictably boring.

April 11, 2013 at 3:45 p.m.
nowfedup said...

You might check reality as FL Dept of AG does not do background checks as they are NOT authorized by FL to do such things. NOTE "class and shooting" yet they fire ten rds, not that makes them super marksman no one need fear in public area shooting CCL is a farce as real handgun masters know, just another nra thing to sell more guns and if endangers public, so be it.10 Rds, what a joke.

April 11, 2013 at 2:53 p.m.

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