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Continued from above...What of the Howard students parents who were not allowed access to a quality education because they needed to drop out to work and support their family who were not allowed access to the resources that other more well off peers had? Can we honestly still believe that as a society we begin each child off at the same starting line? That is simply intellectually dishonest at best and immoral at worst. This is referred to as the cycle of poverty vs. the cycle of affluence, though I do like the above's reference to "income tax penalties for low grades",but oh wait, rich parents who make sure their child's school is fully funded already understand the lesson plan because they are more educated, don't work the graveyard or double shifts to survive because they went to college and fully understand the academic expectations placed on their children because they were given the support to achieve them themselves, unlike those parents living in poverty who send their children to the school closest to the segregated community they can afford to live in. Lastly, if all else fails, which parents do you think have the extra income to provide tutors, S.A.T. prep. advisers and are taking their children on trips to look at colleges, as is the family tradition? Parents of poor children do not care any less or work any harder, often quite the contrary, they are merely up against obstacles the "successful schools" only glance at in the newspaper and quickly forget. This is a marathon, not a sprint; requiring courage and determination. No wonder the straw example of the "good friend" who quit after her first year is so common. Like many, she expected to "have fun because she likes kids" no doubt. Well, these issues are National and have little to do with the children or their parents and more to do with a country that deliberately under funds education in order to provide an undereducated work force who will believe that a job at Burger King is the best they can do. Given this fact it is no wonder they drop out or do the least to get by. Wouldn't you?

May 28, 2010 at 1:16 p.m.
nrector said...

What the above user doesn't seem to grasp, among many basic elements of race and class issues in this country, is the extent to which institutionalized racism and generational economic oppression have played into the reason why there is little parental support at a school like Howard. Unfortunately this is not merely the case in low socio economic areas, because as a long time public school teacher I can tell you that back to school night entertains a slim percentage of parents regardless of the site and even the most affluent parents take only a cursory interest in what is taught in their student's classes, regardless of the community. It is the level of affluence at home that defines the resources/social capital available to the student in question and therefore the extra obstacles they must overcome to succeed. The parents whose students attend "successful" schools got an uplifting and supportive education themselves from a properly resourced and funded school, went on to college, often payed for by their own college educated/entrepreneurial parents, ( i.e. access to generational wealth) and so have the time, education and resources to support their own children having had a positive educational experience themselves.

May 28, 2010 at 1:15 p.m.

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