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opinionated1 said...

LR103 you are an idiot. You have no clue what you are talking about. You and Yolanda Putman need to get together and create more bull to write about in the news. Just about all of the residents in the public housing comunity are great people with a lot to share, it is the baby daddys, cousins, and grandkids that are doing wrong while trying to visit selling dope out of their unit. They suppliment the income of baby momma and grandmom with illegal drug sales and when the bad guy gets arrested and put on the trespass list is when lyes are created about officers to incompitant writers that creat stories about bull dropping stuff and not report the facts. Yolanda is a poor excuse for a reporter and has it out for CHA because she had family kicked out for illegal drug sales. Let her report about that, family tradition of corruptness?

December 13, 2011 at 6:28 p.m.
opinionated1 said...

Dear FM_3 thank you for your comment. One of the greatest things in this world is freedom. We all have some rights and we have have some ability to speak as we wish and we all have the ability to live where we want. If I dont like where I live I move. I understand that there are people that do not have the ability to move and need Public Housing but 80% of the people in public housing are lazy. I work three jobs to make sure my family has what they need. Not very many people can say they do that. When you have people sitting on their porches and walking up and down the street doing nothing being nonproductive citizens then tough. They deserve what they get. I would love nothing more then having the ability to sit on my porch and drink beer or better yet spend more time with my 2 year old son. I work my tale off for my wife and my son just like God wants. I know for a fact that Officer White is a great cop and CHA doesnt want Ms. Henry gone but they are forced but the contract of Federal government for funding people who are violant criminals. I too would like to see people gone for sponge off the poeple of the United States of America. FM-3 it looks like public housing did what it was designed to do for you. Give yoou assistance for the period of time needed to get you on your feet and move on. Officer White is upstanding and more then fair. I was Officer Whites partner years ago and I can personally attest and put my life on her integrity. If you dont like a situation get out. Yolonda Putman is truley a person I would love to see gone from the staff of the free press. I am asking for her resignation again.

July 16, 2010 at 11:27 a.m.
opinionated1 said...

Dear Ms. Putman. I am saddened to read such and article. No sorrow for the resident but for the Officer. In todays world it is hard enough to be a Police Officer but what is really bad is to be a Police Officer and have fabricated stories such as this being posted around the community in the newspaper. Number one, nobody cares that a person of ten years in public housing is being evicted for assualting a Police Officer. CHA is absolutly correct in taking the action of eviction. Anybody that is being subsidized by the Federal Government should be evicited. The government should not fund criminals. The Police officer is an upstanding Officer and has been for a number of years. What interest does the Police Officer have in fabricating a story? Why would CHA want to make sombodies life bad? There are more caring people at CHA and do their jobs for the very little money and recognition. Do they do the job for kicks? No,they do the job because they care about people. I personally think you may have a vendeta with CHA and the employees and always write such rediculous stories of fabrication with out research. You should be asked to step down as a writer because of your lies. I personally know about you lies becuase I too am a victim of your key stroke lashings of lies and fabrications. Officer White is a great Officer and would never lie about an incident. CHA would never ask an Officer or employee to delibratly cause harm to a CHA resident. I am asking for your resignation Ms. Putman.

July 15, 2010 at 11:02 a.m.

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