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papa54 said...

A mr. cook pointed out there are more ways than one to get killed or die in any kind of accident but what seems to fly over everyones heads except for a few is that in this Nation we as Americans have a right in the constitution for to a pursuit of happiness and are not to be judged by race, creed or religeous beliefs.Bt some where along the line> Tenn In its all knowing knowledge seems very reluctant to allow everyone to practice their relationship with God.

to the ignorant persns above who made their statements, one of whom was not even a tennessean (whom should hve no voice in this issue at all) and especially Mr. RShultzwho posted his quote from the Bible should also know that >>> Jas 1:13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:<<<

That verse should hush his concerns. but you see each has a right to express their opinions because the Constitution gives them that right. Speaking from the serpents handler point of view should also be accepted. But being the poor uneducated people that everyone thinks we are, the state feels it should guide us in what to believe. what next, will they stop the Babtist from submerging people under the water in fear they might "Drown" someone.

or maybe tell the holiness churches to stop speaking in an unknown tongue , as it might be a code to an enemy. Or tell the churches their music is to loud and causing deafness in its members.

I Declare that the state fears the serpent handling practice in churches that believe in all the signs and offices of the ministry along with the works of miracles. The healing of the sick..

The state fear it so much so that they pass a law that was appealed in 1943 again in 1973 and the state will not leave us to practice our faith in the freedoms given to all other Faiths.

Where is our freedom ? From a man made persecution. and yes I have believed in absolute Church Freedom in this land of the free.

October 14, 2013 at 1:04 p.m.
papa54 said...

excuse me for being so blunt, but if you or I were to spill anything into the Tenn river, we would probably serve some time in jail along with heavy fines that we could never see daylight. Now we have all the coal ash supposedly accidentaly escaped from storage in oak ridge area. Now the news is, the cost will be passed on to electric users stuck in a monopoly to use TVA for electricity. tva's promises in the begining was to help manage water in the river from floods and at the same time produce electricty.They have worked wonders with floodings but for them to make a mistake , dileberate or accident and then pass the cleanup and their losses on to us the users is wrong. We'd be in jail right now. They walk freely.They raised our rates 20%. Why did they not once think that most people in this Tn Valley area would have loved to had those burnt cinders on our dirt driveways. once packed in , it would be as hard as a rock. when we were children we placed all coal cinders on our driveways.As a citizen, i wish some other responsible company would relieve TVA from its burdens that we the tn Valley people have to pay for. I did not dump the ash, nor did my neighbors. I for one am tired of paying for everyone elses mistakes. I am solidily in my mind sure that TVA caused the sludge problem. After all, they can pay out all cost and not lose one red dime. If they are a business, and they make the wrong discisions, it should be their lose and not mine. But no, since they are TVA they do as they darn well please without any loses.Once again. they could have set up a minor asphalt plant and used the cinders and made a special mix suitable for anyones driveways. The world hollers green,TVA hollers greenbacks. I resent paying for any businesses loses. If anyone starts a business, Ford, Gm, Chry, etc,and they can not stay in business, shut it down. I as many are, am on a fixed income, does TVA care? not one bit, no sweat off their backs, make the people pay for the blunders.This is not what the govt expected when they allowed a company such as TVA have absolute control over our power rates andcThe rivers of Tn Valley. Let them suffer the loses, maybe next time they will make a effort to have quality control take care of the problems before they continue to be a part of the polutions of the tn river. Crap they were supposed to offer free access to the lakes and rivers. But No!!they charge for all access to that river, Which was supposed to be free forever, set in place from the begining.I for one am fed up with their thoughtless, invasivness,and lack of commitment to the people and families who live in the Tn Valley area and feel like they should be responsible for all monies for damages etc. not me nor my neighbors

January 9, 2009 at 12:02 a.m.

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