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parkerfaroff said...

Choo Choo if you are new to this area then I would like to make a suggestion that you visit East Lake Academy. The homes in that area are rather inexpensive. They have several parks. I believe one may be shutting down soon. The older teenagers wear uniforms such as red, or blue. Perhaps the music they listen to is a bit loud but it keeps them down and it actually helps give them the courage to shoot their enemies. Those children are raised up in drug infested apartments and their playground is old blocks of pavement. They do not see many tree's or flowers. Perhaps you could buy a house and invite them over to learn a little on nature and its benevelent effects. Their parents do not mind them playing in gravel and parking lots but it would be great if they could grow up with a richer understanding of grass, planting flowers and even trees. They are desensitized by the gun shots heard most every night in that area. Some want to blame the police because its too hard to accept the fact that none of the adults want a better life for their children. So they stay in the cycle and learn that it is cool to steal the shoes off your feet and the musicians who are making a fortune are guiding and directing these group of gangs members straight to jail. Most Rap music is glamourizing a horrible lifestyle and again Chattanooga is blaming it on the police. So, check out that section of town before you decide to move to another City. Our Mayor Littlefield states that Chattanooga does not have a gang problem. So, there you go.

November 18, 2011 at 9:40 p.m.
parkerfaroff said...

Wow, The fertile population of illegals do not speak English and they are the ones who do not understand that our milk is running dry. They and all of their children recieve all the government services that were implemented for American citizens. while the elderly who lived through the depression and worked hard to build the country into America are now working part time jobs trying to pay for their groceries. Living on medicare which has been cut so thin they can put a slice of cheese on it. In the mean time the illegals are pushing forward. Now medical facilities prefer bilienguels because they refuse to speak English. So what if Alabama arrested a big shot because he did not have proper identification. He is fine now and I am sure he desires to communicate with all by using his skills to speaks English and he will pay taxes. Still, Alabama is not decriminating, however they are enforcing the laws. Keep up the good work Alabama.

November 18, 2011 at 8:38 p.m.
parkerfaroff said...

He is a brilliant man with horrendous judgement. There are no colleges that can teach good inherent judgement skills. He can read and wright very well. He is also a good speaker. If I were in politics and that many people wanted me out, I would go home and lick my wounds and run for the citys next dog catcher.

November 18, 2011 at 8:36 p.m.
parkerfaroff said...

So, this guy possibly came here to live in America and pay taxes. He is not really the ones depliting the system. My father and mother grew up in the depression and worked hard to provide for their children. Now, they are on medicare and working part time jobs in their seventies, just to pay for their groceries. Most of the illegals cannot speak English and require intrepreters at all medical facilities. That means we are not the best hire for those facilities. We come in second to the droves of hispanics who refuse to speak English. The majority of them recieve food stamps wic and other government programs that were implemented to help provide the Americans that were less fortunate. So, Alabama is doing their job even if they got a big shot who can prove himself to be a great American one day. Yes, He has to provide the proper identification just like the millions who feed off of our land. The ones who do not understand English well enough to know the milk is running dry. We must take care of those who built this country up and worked hard during the depression. The ones who served their country and those whose fathers died during wars long before our spoiled generation decided to cut the elderly every way possible and give to the fertile illegals who are truly taking advantage of every program available. It is our fathers and mothers who are going without and it is time for a change. Illegals are breaking our country every day. They have at least six or seven babies for the government to provide for and yet my parents work part time jobs at seventy just so they can buy groceries and if anyone deserves help from the goverment it is our elderly citizens. It is not right the way we treat our elderly because we have mismanaged our money. Yes check their I.D. and send them to jail, If they can prove they have the proper documentation then all is grand. Thank you Alabama for doing your job.

November 18, 2011 at 8:24 p.m.
parkerfaroff said...

Good Thoughts Mr.Roberts!

October 11, 2011 at 9:09 p.m.

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