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sangaree said...

zableedofisterix said... Yeah, sangree, you idiot, that's the only reason he was chosen.

I didn't make the comment. Nor did any "liberal" opened minded progressive. The quote came from your very own GOP-Republican Bushie Sr. when he was asked why he chose Thomas for the Supreme Court. For which Bushie Sr. replied, "We like the way he smmmiillllleessss." And what did Clarencie* do? He just stood there with that wide grin even wider like a little child getting a pat on the head. As if he didn't even catch the significance of the insult. LOL


Be honest, zabledolph. You only speak highly of blacks like Thomas because they hate their own race. AKA black on black racism. LMFAO!!

I guess you agree with that so-called quote, huh, Sangree? Ohhh them "darkies" they're lazy, but they sure gotta a nice smile, huh

**From your own words, more likely you agree with the quote. Just like GaussianInteger said, you only speak highly of Thomas because he speaks the language against fellow blacks your crew like to hear. You think it makes your own bigotry and hatred less poisonous and vile. And as GaussianInteger, if Thomas should ever do a General Colin Powell you'll turn on him just like your fellow GOP/Republicans turned on Powell when they realize he had opinions that didn't mesh with theirs and he was able to think outside that GOP box."

April 23, 2014 at 8:31 p.m.
sangaree said...

prairie_dog said... How horrible. They cannot discriminate based upon race anymore. Wasn't that the idea?

America has always discriminated based on race. Affirmative Action has always been in place. As white Americans, AA is our birthright. We were born into it for centuries. It's been our very own special socialist and entitlement program for centuries to insure we couldn't possibly fail or have to work hard to qualify.

  • zableedofisterix said... Translation: The only good negro is a liberal/Democrat negro. All others need not apply*

Blacks like Clarence Thomas are the conservatives/Republicans own special knee-groes. They dust'em off and use'en from time to time to go after other blacks then put them back in the cage. After they're done with them they tie them to the whipping post right alongside their other slaves.

April 23, 2014 at 5:32 p.m.
sangaree said...

Astropig said... Justice Thomas has served with dignity and distinction.He has done a good job. He's a very private, humble guy with great personal integrity. Justice

Justice Thomas is a recipient and benefactor of Affirmative Action.

Thomas loves America and embodies the very essence of what hard work and faith in one's self can accomplish

Not according to Bush Sr. Who once said, "We picked him (for the supreme court) because, and this is an exact quote, We like the way he smiles.

April 23, 2014 at 5:22 p.m.
sangaree said...

Maybe one day the message will finally sink in, enough to rouse from their slumber those working/middle class people who are too deaf, dumb, and blind to realize that they are voting against their own best interests when they vote Republican.

Most are so blinded by their dislike of that black dude in the White House they'll never GET IT!

April 22, 2014 at 1:56 p.m.
sangaree said...

I don't doubt they were left high and dry. It happens all the time when a town or city invests their whole livelihood around one plant or factory. It's devastating when that plant closes and there's nothing left to replace it. That's why it's important for Chattanooga to diversify and not put all of their eggs into one basket. However, in the short term, VW is good for Chattanooga's economic well-being. As long as the jobs are there, they pay the kind of wages one can support a family with and not have to subsidize their income with food stamps, etc. then the people who work there are lucky.

I don't disagree with you, ibshame. In fact, I totally and absolutely AGREE with you. I'm just advising that people shouldn't get too comfy and fail to prepare for a time that VW might possibly pull up stakes and move. They should try and save as much as possible. If two are working then try living as if only one is working and save the other paycheck, or as much of it as possible. When people make more they often spend more and end up living far beyond their means on their knew living standards as well. They should still continue to live modestly and save as much as possible. If time allows, take a college class or two in another field. The other problem that brought down Detroit is when revenue started to fall the city began to prey on its citizens to keep the city floating. By that I speak of creating laws and ordinances that lead to citizens paying out court fees and fines, which lead to citizens already struggling falling behind on mortgages, rents, being able to pay necessary bills and buy food. Those things too played a role in bringing down an entire city. If people can't afford to pay property taxes, mortgages or other necessaries that depletes a city or town's ability to function, which leads to its collapse.

Hopefully, VW will continue to do well in the marketplace and closing won't be a factor.

It's not just the market place that determines whether a company stays or pack up and leave, but being seduced with a cheaper, not necessarily a better, offer.

April 22, 2014 at 1:53 p.m.
sangaree said...

*It's why getting a VW production plant here in Chattanooga was so important. *

according to a few workers in other towns where VW put down stakes, they pulled up those stakes after about 14 years and the people who came to be so dependent upon the company for nice livable incomes were left high and dry.

April 22, 2014 at 11:56 a.m.
sangaree said...

Just like the barbarian you and your god profess to be, conservative. Thank the real GOD for true Christians like David Cook.

Betcha you'd really get your jollies from witnessing a public stoning. The only problem with that is not only the rapists, murderers, child molesters got stoned. Disobedient children, sassy wives. Innocent people not guilty of any crimes. No, making execution a public spectacle wouldn't do away with the rapists, murderers or child molesters, it would just become a public spectator's sport just like so many lynching that took place primarily in the south. Where those god fearing upstanding citizens actually paid train fairs and brought their picnic baskets and children along to watch another human being die. Often an innocent one at that. Did that make them any better than the accused? Or lesser of a human being?

April 22, 2014 at 11:54 a.m.
sangaree said...

re: tifosi said... In the end, the UAW showed its true colors. They are still the same divisive organization that destroyed Detroit.

It's not that simple, tifosi. See Forbes: The Unions Didn't Bankrupt Detroit; Great American Cars Did.

Also see: Mitt Romney Profited from GM Bailout 07/2013

Also see: Keystone Auto Parts purchased by Bain Capitol (Remember/Bain+Romney), where GM purchased parts from to build its cars, jacked up the price of the parts astronomically after purchased by Bain Capitol which heavily impacted GM auto industry.

The Union didn't destroy Detroit's auto industry. Greed did. And the fact the city didn't diversify itself, it became so heavily relied on its auto industry when it should have been diversifying in several businesses. The same brought down cities that once heavily relied on manufacturing and foundry jobs. When those jobs left, many cities dried up and became ghost towns.

April 22, 2014 at 8:26 a.m.
sangaree said...

I sometimes have to drive into town late at night and in the wee hours of early morning. Like 2-4 am to pick up a relative who works at a restaurant in town. I'm always amazed by the number of intoxicated patrons stumbling down the street who are not your typical homeless drunks sitting in a corner quietly sipping from a brown bag. These individuals are your yuppie types. Middleclass and up. There are police all over, but I guess they've been told to just observe and not arrest anyone. Yet that homeless or poor soul would be arrested and charged with public intoxication. I can recall one such Yuppie drunk in particular who nearly walked out in front of a car until his friends pulled him back. But he still kept stumbling closer and closer to the edge of the curb. The only reason he didn't get hit when he stumbled almost in front of that moving car was because traffic is so lite that time of the morning and the car was able to swerve and miss him. Some of them must be driving home while still intoxicated. Another tragedy waiting to happen before they flatten someone crossing the street or wrap themselves around a pole.

April 19, 2014 at 5:21 p.m.
sangaree said...

And while we're at it, let's also ignore the rapist and child molester too because there were two more shooting in the last 15 hours. Thanks for making yourself clear.

April 18, 2014 at 8:41 a.m.

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