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schoolmom said...

Che123 I am also interested in a little more information on this :FARTHER MORE I THINK ROSEBUD IS RHONDA THURMAN...SHE IS A RATTLE-SNAKE....ROSEBUDS REVEALED SOME INFORMATION THAT ONLY A BOARD MEMBER WOULD KNOW....I CAN TELL ROSEBUD IS IN A PANIC....ALSO SHE HAS A NASTY DISPOSITION...JUST LIKE RHONDA(TRASHY) I THREW THE HOOK OUT THERE AND SHE COULDNT RESIST..Hmmmmmm...ONLY A BOARD MEMBER HAVE THAT INFORMATION LOL LOL LOL... if only a school board member would know the information how did you know it? I am thinking that you are not a school board member so somehow you found out the information? Maybe Rosebud found out the same way you did???

July 6, 2011 at 7:09 p.m.
schoolmom said...

Chet123 I am still unsure why you believe Rick Smith is unqualified. I do not think the board is devauling education by saying that the superintendent does not need a PHD. How many people actually get a PHD? Also a undergraduate program that is good will teach sometimes more than a doctorate program. I know that from personal experience my undergraduate program taught a curriculm that was similar to other colleges doctorate program. So Rick may just have an undergraduate degree but I did not go to college with him so I am not sure if his knowledge that he received is more like what others received in a doctorate program. Also he has experience of working in the schools. I have asked school teachers what they think of Rick and how he would do. Each have responded that they think he would do a good job. When they have met him in their schools he has actually listened to their concerns. Not sure if you actually read the editoral yesterday by Joe Smith from the Y but he said that he had worked with Rick Smith and supported Rick being the superintendent. Rick has an advantage also that his wife is a teacher. I believe she will keep him informed of what teachers need and want to be able to help all of Hamilton County students succeed that want to succeed. I believe the message the board sends to students when they say that the person does not have to have a PHD is you can succeed with time and work. Not everyone wants to go for their doctorate. We need all types of people to make up our society. A fast food worker, maintenance worker, hairdresser, doctor, vet, nurse, bill collector, office worker are all needed and should be valued. Just because a person is a fast food worker or a hairdresser does not mean that they are not able to reason or give to society. I was a fast food worker when I was in high school and college. i was getting my education but certain people that i would serve would talk down to me. Was this right? No!!! What are we telling our children when we say Rick Smith is unqualified because he does not have a PHD? i think we are telling our children if they are unable to get a PHD then their opinions do not matter.

July 6, 2011 at 7:05 p.m.
schoolmom said...

chet123 I do appreciate you taking the time to outline what you have against Rhonda and Rick. There are still some questions that I have but I will answer the question that you asked of me. Why do I defend Rhonda? I personally have neverheard her put down any child when she has spoken on talk radio 102.3. I listen to that station every morning on my way to work. I was fortunate to have to work extra on Tuesday and heard her call. Rhonda at that time explained that she was misquoted in the Sunday paper and expanded on that. I personally like as one person said that she is our "watchdog". I have been present to hear her question why would the school board send I believe it was 7 informational service people to a conference for training when we could send 2 people and they come back to train the others. I agree with that. If Hamilton County had a unlimited budget I woudl love to send all 7 however we don't. I have heard Rhonda ask "Why would Hamilton County pay someone for one full year to be a consultant to train a person that should already know how to do the job?" (Sorry that you was confused on a previous email that you thought it was my kindergarten daughter that asked that.)Rhonda has always been against that Everyday Math curriculum. I was against this curriculum also. This curriculum did not teach our children in my opinion how to do math that will benefit them. Such as being able to subtract, add, and divide in their heads. When they are in a store and trying to figure out how much an item is per ounce with this everyday math that goes in a long drawn out way there is no way a child could do figure out how much it is per unit. This math that Hamilton County just adopted will teach the children how to do math that can really be used in everyday society. Rhonda backed this idea. If Rhonda is asked a question or contacted Rhonda responds. It may not be the way you like it but she tells you the truth. I don't want someone to tell me what they think i want to hear when they know it is a lie. Not everyone is going to like the same people I know. As you said some people really hate her. However as a parent I like there is someone that will ask questions about different items. Those questions may help others think about different solutions.

July 6, 2011 at 6:39 p.m.
schoolmom said...

chet123 would you take the time to list SPECIFIC incidents that you have dealt with Rick Smith and Rhonda Thurman to have such hostility toward them? I as well as others that have read your posts realize that you are passionate about something they have done. Maybe it is the way that the rule was voted on and changed that you don't like them. However, it seems like it goes back to more than that. I think this is funny "Rosebud (Rhonda),Mountainjoe,Timbo,Schoolmom,eastridge, see I have you making family calls. Save your words for court...See how much sense you make there." I am not sure how any of us was able to make family calls since no one uses their real names. If Eastridge really lives in Eastridge each of us probably live in a seperate part of the county or city and we have no other contact with each other than reading each other's post. Rosebud and Timbo are not against you but are trying to make sure that the people that read these posts but never comment understand that Rick Smith and Rhonda Thurman may not have a PHD or a college degree but they should be given a chance to make improvements. Yes, every child should be encouraged to get as much education as possible. Be that a two, four or doctorate degree if they want it. Not everyone is going to want that no matter if they are smart enough.

Maybe if all of us that read and post on this site knew the specifics of why you think Rick Smith is dumb then we would understand why you or someone else would like to take them to court. Court would not benefit any of Hamilton County students but take time and money away from them. Rick Smith if he does get the job would then have to deal with lawyers instead of researching for himself where are schools are lacking. Who benefits from that?

July 6, 2011 at 6:14 a.m.
schoolmom said...

So am i correct that you are saying that the inner city schools do not get new textbooks when the school board approves it? Why are the parents not crying out about that? Wait, I am thinking maybe in March or April of 2010 there was an outcry. But the school year was almost over. Why was the parents not in an uproar in October of 2009 at the beginning of the year? The Hamilton County Children can access some or all of their textbooks online if they have a password. The problem is getting the password for each student. Some children may not have a computer but I see a lot of children that have cell phones that probably can be hooked up to wi-fi. How can Rick Smith improve our schools when he has been in our system over 20 years? That is how he can improve our schools. He has seen our shortcomings and now will have the power to hopefully change some of the shortcomings. He can go to those businesses and ask them what does a person need to succeed in your business? He may not be a PHD but that is ok. Maybe we will not need to have a consultant for 1 full year since he is a "good ole boy". That will be what at least $150,000 that we can save to purchase those textbooks or computers for Hamilton County Children.

July 5, 2011 at 12:33 a.m.
schoolmom said...

Also in computer etiquette all caps is yelling. When I first started my job after college I was not aware of this. I typed my first email in all caps because that is what our computer system was normally on because of the computer program that my company used. To type emails we had to change it to lower case. I usually don't get into shouting matches in person or on the computer. As far as Rhonda being my friend I thank you for the compliment. We are not friends but acquaintances. The reason we are acquaintances is that she is one of the two on the school board that will answer parent questions. I don't believe you should have to be friends to talk to anyone that is your representive or someone at Central Office that is being paid by mine and your tax money. Rick Smith is not a fool. I am not friends with him either. However, when I did contact him by email on the weekend 2 weeks ago on Monday morning he personally responded to my question with whom I should contact to find out the answer. That is more than I can say for Scales. I contacted him by email, a letter personally delivered to Central Office and by a phone call. I never got a direct response from him. If I want answers I go to the person that is in charge not to anyone else. Also if Rick Smith is appointed to the job did he not say that he was going to the principals to ask for their input? Howard High's Principal will be asked his input on how to improve his school. From the limited amount of observation that I have of Rick Smith he will listen and implement the changes that can be made.

Also Rhonda has not made it a black/white issue I believe that is Chet123 and some of Rhonda's fellow board members. Rhonda stands up for what she believes is right for the Hamilton County Children not a black or white child. Also at the last school board meeting it was not Rhonda that was doing most of the talking but the other board members. I was at that meeting. That is one of the reasons that I attend the school board meetings it to see what is actually said by whom. I recommend everyone to attend a school board meeting. That way you will see first hand who is standing up for our children.

July 5, 2011 at 12:30 a.m.
schoolmom said...

Thank you Chet123 for your comments on that you believe the only reason I would need to make excuses for Rhonda is that she went about it in the wrong way. No I don't think anyone needs to make excuses for Rhonda. She is a lady that needs no one to defend her. As it has been said before Rhonda is one out of nine. She has not been or has not brainwashed anyone. The first school board meeting that i went to when my oldest girl was in kindergarten I was in the audience listening to her say why does it take 1 year to train a superintendent? In my mind I said the exact same thing. At my job the person is lucky to get trained for 2 to 3 weeks. My job deals with make one mistake and the person may not be around or seriously injured. Thank you for saying that my children have little problems. Yes, I do agree. When my children go to school they don't have to worry about their fellow student's behavior problems. But instead of all of us worried about how Rick Smith may get the job should we as parents and tax payers not worry about what he can accomplish for our children. Not the suburb children or the inner city children but ALL of Hamilton County children? I am excited about that my 4th grader child is getting a new math curriculm this year. Not sure if any of the other parents tried to help their child do Everyday Math but I did as well as other parents. We had extreme difficulties due to there was very little if any examples of how the math was to be completed. This new textbook i was able to review before it was adopted. It is a regular textbook that has real examples and problems.

July 4, 2011 at 11:51 p.m.
schoolmom said...

I will go on record to say YES I am a Rhonda Thurman supporter. Yes I have 2 children that are in the public school system. I work three 12 hour days/week outside the home at one job, have a home business, and have another job that I do 2 hours/week but am at the school enough that a lot of parents and students think I work there. Am I telling you this for praise? No, I am telling you so you will know that I am aware of what goes on in my girls' school. I know that in my suburban school that toilets are not fixed throughout the school, some of the bathrooms do not have warm water, there are pests that the teachers do not bring in their bags because of fear that they will bring "unwanted guests" in their home. I believe Rick Smith will know this if he is appointed. He will be IN the schools to see for himself what is going on. Scales was at my girls' school one time that i know of for about 5 minutes.What could he see during 5 minutes? Don't worry that Rhonda or Rick will go into hiding. The parents that I speak with support Rhonda because she says what most are thinking. Yes she may not say it in the most pleasant way but you will know how you stand with her. I don't believe she is a racist person. I think her point was that the surburban schools may get a chance to have new computers or P. boards like the Title 1 schools get. Several of the out of date computers and the P. boards my girls' school have been purchased by the PTA. The parents and teachers of the PTA has worked hard fundraising after working their 40 hours or more at their jobs to get the equipment that I have heard Title 1 schools get freely. I as Rhonda and Rick Smith want every child that goes to a Hamilton County School to have the same equipment and teachers available to them. That is why Rhonda is vocal about any budget concerns she has. I am looking forward to seeing a full house at the special school board meeting this Thursday. I am sure that each of you that have commented have made arrangements to be there. I know I have rearranged my schedule to be there.

July 4, 2011 at 7:40 p.m.
schoolmom said...

I have a couple of questions: 1. Why is being led by a "hairdresser" bad? My "hairdresser" who is not Rhonda Thurman is an intelligent lady? I personally have 2 bachelor's degrees and an associate's degree. Because of that does that mean that my opinions are better? 2. Did anyone contact any of the school board members before the Scales buyout? I sent an email to all 9 asking for a response. I asked why they would not wait till next year when his contract was out. Two out of the nine responded to me. One was Rhonda Thurman and the other was Joe Galloway. I am only in one of their districts but the other one took the time. They told me that Hamilton county would come out cheaper if they bought him out before June 30, 2011. We would not have to pay $18000/year in retirement for him. Not sure if we were able to avoid this but I intend of finding out. I go to the source for answers to my questions.

July 4, 2011 at 7:39 p.m.

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